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    Heroine Tourney: Kaylee’s Round Two Match + Giveaway

    Well, Kaylee made it to the second round. I’m so proud of everyone who helped her make it through a very difficult and extremely close first round match against Aura. I had a crazy day at work and I know she couldn’t have done it without all of your help. I’m sad that she had to beat Aura to make it to round two, but unfortunately that’s the way the nomination votes lined up.

    Aura had an amazing army advocating on her behalf, so it wasn’t an easy or stress-free victory. And if the match had lasted even ten more minutes, I think Aura would have won. But, Kaylee had her own amazing group of supporters that kept on tweeting when I couldn’t, kept on spreading the word when I was too busy to do so and kept me from going completely crazy during the madness!

    Thank you

    So, thank you all so much. Especially Ina, Jessica, Maricar, Melinda and Alba who all went way beyond to support our girl Kaylee in the match.

    But, of course that means….

    It’s Not Over…

    While it’s great that Kaylee made it past round one, it just means that the battle will be that much tougher in round two. Why? Because she’s going up against Tessa of Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Prince. Yes, that Tessa. The one with the balcony scene. The one with those two hotties – Will and Jem. And the one with a ginormous fan base and an author who loves to support her characters.

    …Until It’s Over

    This does not mean that I will admit defeat. It’s not like Kaylee doesn’t stand a chance. And while her chances may not be the best, or that it won’t mean having to fight for every single vote versus sitting back and having the votes roll in by the hundreds, I will be fighting for her every step of the way.

    Even though the match begins at 9 p.m. on Christmas Day for me.

    Even though Monday is the only day off I have this week and I would have preferred to spend it with my family.

    Even though the likelihood of victory is slim.


    Because she deserves it. She has shown over the many books she’s been in that she has been heroic and brave and loyal and selfless and good.

    That’s not to say that Tessa isn’t awesome, or won’t continue to be awesome, but Kaylee has proved herself for just a bit longer, over a few more books.


    While I love all of Cassandra Clare’s characters, especially Clary, I’d hate to see this come down to an all Cassandra Clare tournament, as fun as a match between Clary and Tessa might be. But, having three characters by one author, especially one who’s so actively involved in the tournament, does weight the balance against all the other participants.

    Even Katniss, who apparently is quite the heavy favorite, without her author’s support, hasn’t had nearly the number of votes as any of the TMI or TID characters.


    While I love the fact that the wonderful advocates of Team Clary, Team Tessa and Team Izzy are working together to support one another, if Tessa does beat Kaylee, and Izzy does beat Karou, Tessa will be going up against Team Izzy and, well, I think I know the guaranteed outcome of that match.


    For anyone who’d love to see a final match other than Clary v. Tessa, or would love one of their favorite heroines – Katniss, Alex, or either Izzy or Karou – have a fighting chance at making the finals, help support Kaylee in her match, which starts at 12:01 a.m. Eastern on December 26 or at 9 p.m. Pacific on December 25th (today).

    Because if Tessa beats Kaylee, she will be going up against one of them next!

    How to help

    If you’d like to support Kaylee…

    VOTE for Kaylee when her match goes live HERE.

    SPREAD THE WORD on Twitter, Facebook, email friends and family.

    VOTE AGAIN. Find a different device, a different computer, a cell phone, an iPad, a Kindle Fire. As the politicians say, EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

    GRAB one of the four buttons above and change your avatar or profile picture.

    ADD a button to your blog – code can be grabbed in the sidebar.


    As much as this is a competition, KEEPING THINGS FRIENDLY is the best way to help. I love Tessa. I love Cassandra Clare’s writing and her books. They are among my favorites. And Tessa’s advocate Avery is an amazing blogger and reviewer that I adore.

    So, as much as I’d love for Kaylee to beat Tessa, I’d only like it to be because she’s a worthy heroine and her fans and supporters are just as awesome as she is.

    You may have read recently on Rachel Vincent’s BLOG, that Never to Sleep comes out in eBook format on January 1, 2012, but that it won’t be free.

    However, the amazing author has agreed that all royalties from sales of this eBook novella for the first six months will go to a wonderful charity.

    So, to help out the charity and to pass along this AMAZING novella to as many people as I can, I will be giving away, to Kaylee supporters, 25 Kindle eBook copies to be gifted on January 1 as Amazon doesn’t allow pre-order Kindle gifts.

    What’s up for grabs:

    A kindle eBook of Never to Sleep to be gifted on January 1, 2012 to 25 winners.

    The deets:

    1. One entry per person.

    2. There will be twenty-five (25) winners.

    3. You must be 13 or older.

    4. Giveaway is to anyone who can accept Kindle eBook gifts.

    5. Giveaway ends at 9:00 p.m. Pacific on December 26th.

    6. Winners will be chosen by and announced on December 27th in this post.

    7. Winners will be gifted the Kindle eBooks on January 1 to the email they provide in the form.

    There is no requirement to like or follow this blog, but this is a thank you for Kaylee supporters so you must have helped support Kaylee in one of the ways on the form.

    To enter, fill out the form below:

    Thank you so much everyone for all your support for Kaylee today. Although she didn’t win, I’m so happy to see everyone tweeting and sporting her AVI.

    I can’t wait to see what questions Tod and Nash answer on Rachel Vincent’s blog tomorrow. Because Kaylee reached her 750 vote milestone they’ll be answering a few. I, of course, am hoping for a few more.

    I will be running the names through Random either later tonight or tomorrow and notifying the 25 winners by email tomorrow. And I will be posting the winner’s names here in this post, though it probably wont’ be a screenshot as it will be such a long list.

    All gifts will be sent directly from Amazon on January 1 just as soon as I wake up and hop on my computer.

    Stay tuned….

    Jen @ Midnight Book Thief
    Suzanne Waligora
    Kimberley Sanches
    Angie H
    latisha depoortere
    Alba Solorzano
    Melissa Robles
    Alaiel Kreuz
    Denise Z
    Melissa Simmons
    Mariam Manghat
    Ina Warren
    Suzan Lacey
    Heather Robbins
    Erin O’Malley
    Sharon J.
    Ashleigh Logan
    Jennifer Morrell
    Crystal Fulcher
    Jen @ Fictitious Delicious

    I am terribly sorry for not posting the winners names earlier! I chose the winners, and then forgot to email them to let them know not to buy the book as I’d be gifting it on January 1. I then emailed them all just a couple days ago and forgot to post the list on the blog. I’m so sorry!

    As it’s not yet January 1 here, I can’t order the books, but if I’m up for it tonight, I’ll start gifting all 25. But it will be more likely that I’ll be gifting it tomorrow morning.


    The Heroine Tourney: Kaylee Cavanaugh

    Today is Kaylee Cavanaugh’s first round match in the Tournament of Heroines and she would really love it if you stopped by and cast your vote for her.

    You can even vote more than once if you have an extra computer, a cell phone or other device that will let you vote!

    {Just click on Tod’s picture above to be taken to the blog hosting the tournament to vote for Kaylee and support this amazing heroine.}

    Kaylee Cavanaugh, if you haven’t yet met her, is the main character in Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamers series. She’s a bean sidhe, or banshee, and aside from the potential to live a little longer than most humans, she’s just a regular girl.

    Well, except for the fact that she has to “sing” whenever someone near her is about to die. Though it only sounds like singing to male bean sidhes like Nash or Tod. To everyone else it sounds like she’s screaming at the top of her lungs. So, no. Not one of the most wished-for abilities to have.

    But even without a super power or supernatural strength she is still amazing. And even without the ability to practice magic, wield a sword, or master the art of hand-to-hand combat, there is no question that Kaylee is, in every sense of the word, a heroine.

    We think the following paragraphs from the tournament defense say it best…

    Kaylee Cavanaugh is BRAVE. Sometimes a little too brave. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to help her friends. Even if it puts her at great risk – like heading to the Netherworld to help Tod try and save his ex. She may be a bean sidhe but she doesn’t have super-human strength. She can be killed. And with all the trips she’s made to the Netherworld and interactions with the demons and other creeptacular things there, it’s a wonder she’s lasted as long as she has.

    Kaylee is LOYAL. She’s proven just how loyal she is to the people she loves over and over. She doesn’t abandon them to save herself. She doesn’t give up on them when things get tough. She stood by her boyfriend Nash’s side for longer than any girl might. Even when he broke her heart. She helped her cousin Sophie on more than one occasion, even when she never deserved it. And she’s been there for all of her friends and family whenever they’ve needed her. Which leads right into the fact that…

    Kaylee is SELFLESS. She always puts others first. When things go wrong at Eastlake – and they always seem to go wrong – and people end up dying (what is it with Eastlake anyway?), she’s right there trying to find out how to fix things. Even when her own life is falling to pieces, her heart is breaking, or she gets some news that would leave others curled up in bed sobbing. She will always choose to help rather than wallow in self-pity.


    If these characteristics are still not enough for you to believe in Kaylee, check out this video to see just a fraction of what she has to go through and what she’s willing to do to keep her friends free from harm.


    And if you think all that makes her seem to good to be true, well, she’s not that perfect. She is flawed. She makes mistakes. And she’s incredibly sarcastic. It’s one of her personality traits that I actually like most.

    I’ve included just two passages in my defense post that highlight her sarcastic side, but here are just a few more.

    In which Kaylee shows her humble yet sarcastic side…

    Nash Hudson. Holy crap. I almost looked down to see if ice had anchored my feet to the floor, since hell had surely frozen over. Somehow I’d stepped off the dance floor and into some weird warp zone where irises swam with color and Nash Hudson smiled at me, and me alone.

    In which Kaylee masks her fear with sarcasm…

    Great. “So not only am I not-human, but Death is my arch foe?” Who, me? Panic? “Anything else you want to tell me while we’re confessing?”

    In which Kaylee tries to imagine what Tod looks like…

    “So what does Tod look like? Whitewashed skeleton skulking around in a black cape and hood? Carrying a scythe? ‘Cause I’m thinking that would cause mass panic in the hospital.”

    In which Kaylee imagines what her Aunt Val thinks of her…

    “His name’s Nash.”

    Aunt Val took a butter knife from the silverware drawer. “What year is he?”

    I groaned inwardly. “Senior.” Here we go…

    Her smile was a little too enthusiastic. “Well, that’s wonderful!”

    Of course, what she really meant was “Rise from the shadows, social leper, and walk in the bright light of acceptance!” Or some crap like that. Because my aunt and overprivileged cousin only recognize two states of being: glitter and grunge. And if you weren’t glitter, well, that only left one other option…

    And just a reminder of why Kaylee is a heroine and to show that she’s not only about the sarcasm…

    I hugged her back, because I didn’t know what to say.

    No problem? But it was a problem. I’d nearly died.

    Anyone else would have done the same? But that wasn’t true, either.

    I’d helped [them] because I couldn’t not help them. Because in most cases, I believe that people deserve a second chance. And because I couldn’t have lived with myself if I’d stood by and let them both die soulless, when I could have helped.

    I’ve taken out the character names in this last passage and changed it to [them] to keep it from being too spoiler-y. But this last passage is the perfect example of how truly selfless Kaylee really is.


    If you want to know what Tod has to say about her – and believe me, you won’t want to miss it – then be sure to head over to the YA Sisterhood’s blog. No one knows Kaylee better than he does.

    Kaylee’s competitor in today’s match is Aura Salvatore of Jeri Smith-Ready’s Shade series. And while the two are in competition, we’re hoping to keep this friendly. No author or character bashing. No advocate bashing. Nothing mean-spirited.

    Isn’t the point in all of this to celebrate our favorite heroines?


    Especially as I have to be at work for over half the time that voting will be going on, and asleep for at least some of it. I can’t risk losing my job as much as I’d love to be the best advocate I can be. Which is why I’ve reached out to a few lovely people who offered to help out in my absence.

    And given the stiff competition, Kaylee needs your help! Aura’s team has already put forth the battle cry. They’ve assembled Aura’s Army. And they have not only the advocate, but the author, Zach, Logan and Aura herself leading the charge.

    So, if you already know and love Kaylee and would like to help her get the win, please be sure to VOTE, and spread the word on Twitter to VOTE KAYLEE with the hashtag #HeroineTourney  along with a link to the YA Sisterhood’s blog.

    If you’d like to show even more support, feel free to grab the image and change your AVI on Twitter or Facebook!

    And if you haven’t met Kaylee or are still indecisive, feel free to head over to the tournament’s blog and check out my defense post to learn a little bit more about her and to see exactly what Tod thinks of her.

    If you think you might just love her as much as I do or Tod does, then VOTE KAYLEE.



    Heroine Tourney: The Incentives – Rachel Vincent Style

    I hope everyone’s getting excited for Kaylee’s match in the YA Sisterhood’s Tournament of Heroines that starts in less than two hours, at Midnight, Eastern and runs for ONLY 24 hours.

    My post on their site, as well as here on the blog, will be going live when the match starts, with links to the YA Sisterhood’s blog so you can cast your vote – hopefully for KAYLEE.

    During the summer YA Crush Tourney, Author Rachel Vincent allowed her character Tod to be interviewed by me.

    [If you’d like to hear what Tod had to say, just click on the image, below.]

    The Incentives

    Well, to make it more exciting, this time around, as an incentive to get you to VOTE and to help spread the word to those who will VOTE KAYLEE, YOU get to ask the questions – though I may sneak in a question or two of my own.

    And it won’t just be one character this time… Well, as long as Kaylee reaches certain milestones in the voting, which will be determined based on just how the voting goes, that is.

    For this tournament, Rachel has agreed to allow Sophie, Sabine, Emma, Nash AND Tod to be interviewed. IN THAT ORDER. So, if you want to hear from the boys, let’s make sure to get those votes in for KAYLEE!

    Each character will be asked FIVE questions, selected from the questions that YOU leave here on THIS POST.

    Starting NOW, you can ask your questions for Sophie – whose novella Never to Sleep will be coming out next month – by leaving them in the comments.

    Your questions can contain spoilers, but if they do, please alert any readers that they do by writing SPOILER QUESTION in front of your question.

    Once the first milestone has been reached, I’ll stop taking questions for Sophie and I’ll make my selections. So be sure to get your questions in EARLY to guarantee that they’ll be up for consideration.

    There will be a post for each character that is interviewed here on the blog. So be sure to check back to see whose questions were chosen and to find out what each character had to say!

    After that first milestone is reached, stop back to leave your questions ON THIS POST for the next character in the list – Sabine. Then do the same for Emma, Nash and hopefully Tod as Kaylee reaches each of her voting milestones.

    Both Rachel and I – and our favorite reaper Tod – are super excited for Kaylee to be in this tournament. And we hope to see her in the next round against the winner of the Tessa vs. Luce match.

    If you’d like to show your support, feel free to grab the VOTE FOR KAYLEE AVI to use on Twitter or Facebook.

    Also, as an added incentive – like you’d need more than a character interview – I will be giving away a Rachel Vincent BOOK OF YOUR CHOICE ordered from Amazon or The Book Depository to FIVE people who leave a question in the comments section, below.

    If you stop by to leave a question after each milestone is reached, you will get an additional chance to win with each question. So if Kaylee reaches all five milestones and you’ve left five questions in the comments, you’ll have five entries into the giveaway.

    Thanks so much for stopping by! And thanks, in advance, for all the support for Kaylee and for the awesome questions for the characters!



    And if you’d like to follow the craziness on Twitter over the course of the match, follow @rachelkvincent or @fiktshun or #HeroineTourney.

    Thanks so much to everyone who asked a question and left a comment! I’ve run the 39 entries through Random and Random chose….

    If the winners left their email in the hidden details for the post entry, I’ll be reaching out by email, otherwise, please email me or leave a comment here with your details so I can email you for your book selection and address!

    Thank you for all of your support! And be sure to head over to Rachel Vincent’s blog to leave a question for Tod or Nash!


    Random Thoughts: On Being a Heroine

    Once again I’m taking part in the YA Sisterhood’s tournament. This time, instead of favorite crushes, it’s HEROINES.

    While I would have preferred villains, as they are so much more complicated and exciting to write about simply because they are so diverse and so wonderfully wicked – the sexy but evil villain, the repulsive but evil villain, the sexy villain looking for redemption or the sympathetic villain who is totally misunderstood – there are still so many amazing female characters that are true heroines that will make – and have already made – this competition exciting.

    Many awesome female characters were nominated, not all of whom made the final cut, sadly. Some of my favorite heroines didn’t and some of my least favorites did. And while many of the female characters that made it into the top thirty-two are some of my favorite characters, not all of them embody the spirit of being a heroine, as I see it.

    TO ME, being a heroine means being brave. It means being someone who is honorable and loyal and puts the needs of others before herself.

    It means taking risks when she doesn’t have to. It means relying on her own strength and not on someone else’s to defend her.

    It means finding hope where all hope seems lost and giving that hope to others who might not have it.

    It means being smart but humble, and confident but not over-confident. It means making choices for the betterment of those she loves even if they’re not to her benefit.

    And it means choosing what’s right even if it breaks her heart.

    While the requirements for the tournament did not specify that this was the type of heroine that is required – after all, according to Merriam Webster there are two definitions:

    1 a: a mythological or legendary woman having the qualities of a hero

    1 b: a woman admired and emulated for her achievements and qualities


    2 a: the principal female character in a literary or dramatic work

    2 b: the central female figure in an event or period

    I believe a true heroine meets the criteria of the first definition. She should have the “qualities of a hero” or be “admired and emulated for her achievements and qualities.” Simply being the main female character should not make her a heroine for purposes of this competition.

    By that definition, a whiny, self-serving or evil female main character could be deemed a heroine. Or a spineless, weak and helpless female main character could be crowned the winner in this tournament. And to me, that seems somehow wrong.

    While there are varying degrees of heroism in many of the characters in this competition, not every female character who made the nominations ticks all the check boxes for the qualities I seek in a heroine. But there are a few that do.

    Characters like Kaylee Cavanaugh, who I chose to defend even though I know the likelihood of making it past round one is slim, and past round two is near impossible. Or Rose Hathaway, whose heroism could never be questioned and yet will face an enormous battle if she wants to come out victorious. Or Alex Andros, Juliette, Janie or Calla who are also heroines to me, but yet have enormous odds against them in this competition.

    There are a number of other female main characters that I most likely would think of as heroines, but because I haven’t yet read the books, I can’t state that with certainty. Katniss or Tris are two of the prime examples here.

    And while I think of Clary as meeting the definition of heroine in many aspects, because of her enormous following and support from the author AND because I think there are a few heroines, like Rose, who deserve the title far more, I am not championing her in this tournament. But I do love her to pieces.

    By the same token, while I love Tessa, she is going to have enormous support and just steamroll her competitors and I also feel that she hasn’t yet done enough to rise to the level of bravery and selflessness that I seek in a heroine, though after reading Clockwork Prince, she has come a long way.

    I do plan on defending my character, Kaylee Cavanaugh, with everything that I have, because I truly believe her to be a heroine and no less worthy than any other. And I will also be supporting another favorite heroine who I’ve known and loved longer than I have Kaylee, and that’s Rose Hathaway. Though, if by some freak chance the two should meet in this competition, I will be voting Kaylee FTW.

    And while this post is not my advocate post for Kaylee – which I’ll be posting at just after Midnight, Eastern on December 14th, at the same time voting goes live – but simply my thoughts on heroines, I can’t pass up the opportunity to at least highlight some of her qualities. And if you haven’t yet read the series and had a chance to meet Kaylee, be sure to check out my post here and on the YA Sisterhood’s blog on the 14th to learn a little bit more about her.


    Loyal, brave, trustworthy, selfless, honorable, kind, generous, smart, determined, persistent and exhibits courage in the face of the most dire of situations.

    She always puts her friends and loved ones first.

    She gives those she loves second chances to redeem themselves.

    She doesn’t give up on someone just because things are difficult for them or for her.

    And she doesn’t stop fighting for herself, her friends and her family, no matter what.

    The same can also be said for Rose Hathaway, another of my most favorite of heroines.


    A warrior, a fighter, loyal, kind, smart, clever, fiercely determined, protective, courageous, daring, incredibly brave.

    She is passionate about what she believes in and about the people she loves.

    She is incredibly strong, and has not only physical strength, but strength of character.

    She refuses to give up on those she loves, even when the odds of winning are insurmountable.

    And she is headstrong and unbelievably brave and takes great risks for those she cares most about.

    Both of these amazing female characters embody the spirit of being a heroine to me. While they may be fictional, I would be proud to know either one of them and wish I had one-tenth the qualities of heroism that they do.

    So, if you would like to show your support for either character, feel free to cast your votes in the tournament on their match days.

    Or grab a button or change your avatar to help them in their fight! As difficult as it may be to believe, even Rose Hathaway is the underdog in this tournament!

    Vote Kaylee

    YA Sisterhood
    Besides, how can YA Crush Tourney boys like Tod Hudson and Dimitri Belikov be wrong in their belief that these two girls are true heroines!