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Top 5 Reasons I Hate the Holidays

    12 Days of Book Blogmas: Day 9 – Free for All


    For the 9th Day of Book Blogmas Parajunkee is letting us posting whatever we want to. And in the spirit of being the total Grinch that I am, I thought I’d share five reasons why I hate the holidays.

    For the record, there are probably a bazillion reasons why I love them. But there is that one part of me that just can’t wait for them to end.

    If you haven’t heard of this awesome holiday event, be sure to check out Parajunkee’s blog post for more details. And for just a quick peek at the schedule for the next 12 days, here’s the amazing graphic she designed.


    Five Reasons I Hate the Holidays

    For me the holiday season is always a mixed bag. There are things I love so much about it and there are things I don’t. When I was younger it was mostly all positive – presents, snow, decorating, Christmas carols, time off from school, fun family vacations, et cetera. It wasn’t always so blissful, but I’m not about to ramble about my family’s personal dramas with a “woe is me” kind of post.

    As an adult the holidays got much more complicated. There was a time when I lived far away from my family and it made me kind of sad to spend it alone, with just The Dude and no real money to buy any presents. Nowadays I am still pretty far away from most of my family though at least I have enough money to buy some gifts. But there are always things that get in the way of the holidays being merry.

    So in the spirit of that part of me that is totally bah humbug, here are five reasons why I hate the holidays.

    5. Car commercials. Around the holidays the number of car commercials increases to the level where I can’t scan channels without landing on at least five different ones. While buying a car at year-end is probably the best way to get a great deal, I don’t know anyone who has ever received a car for Christmas. I’m sure it happens, but it will never happen in my lifetime for me. Mainly for the fact that I’d never want someone choosing a car for me and saying, “Here ya go!” But after being forced to watch commercial after commercial with some random car with a bow in a snow-filled driveway, I’m all – “Seriously? I’m not buying the whole ‘everyone does it’ message you’re trying to ram down my throat.”

    4. Holiday beverages. I do love a peppermint mocha now and again. But it’s getting to be a bit much for me when I go into a store and can’t get one of my usual favorites because for the holidays it has been temporarily replaced with some random holiday-themed drink. I don’t like pumpkin drinks. I am not partial to anything with chestnuts. These days they have come up with some freaky-deaky combinations that I just can’t wrap my mind around. I look forward to the end of the season when I can have my regular drinks back.

    3. Traveling sucks. The airlines jack up the prices of tickets, they shrink the size of the bags you are allowed to take onboard. The airports are all super crowded, the flights are always delayed, and the people that get stuck at the airport with you are the farthest thing from jolly. Merry effin Christmas to you too, Mr. Grumpy who hit me with your carry on in the face and then took my seat and refused to give it up.

    2. Violence. For some reason the holidays bring out the worst in people. Watching the news during the holidays is one of the most depressing things ever. I’ve often wondered if there were no holidays to get people’s expectations up, would there be so many people so stressed, depressed and angry at this time of year? Would the violence escalate? Would people tear each other apart for taking the last most coveted toy in the toy store? Would they take their lives because spending the holidays alone is just too much? Would they take others’ lives because they covet their perceived happiness?

    1. I never fail to get sick. Everyone is a walking germ carrier around the holidays. The weather, the extensive traveling, the packed shops, the stress, the shopping deadlines that ensure that even those battling the most heinous of illnesses will be out and about, all guarantee that I will get sick. And yes, as I type this, hopped up on Dayquil, looking like Rudolph with my very red nose, I have already succumbed to my second cold/flu of the season. And it won’t be the last. Oh, and yes, at some point I will have to drag my sorry carcass out to the shops to buy those last minute holiday gifts that I must buy.


    Are the holidays all fun and festive for you? Or are there one or two things that make you despise them even just a little bit?