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    Review: THE TOUCH OF BETRAYAL (A Sin & Honey Novella)

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    Title & Series: THE TOUCH OF BETRAYAL (A Sin & Honey Novella)
    Author: Taryn Scarlett
    Release date: July 28, 2015
    Publisher: The Studio, a Paper Lantern Lit Imprint
    Pages: 113
    Formats: eBook


    For fans of Anita Diamant’s The Red Tent comes the second novella in the scintillating SIN & HONEY series featuring the Bible’s most powerful and seductive women…

    So Delilah said to Samson, “Tell me the secret of your great strength.”—Judges 16:6

    Delilah would do anything to escape her past.

    Falling for Samson only got in the way.

    Taryn Scarlett’s lush reimagining of Samson and Delilah uncovers the hidden truth behind the girl who became the most infamous seductress in history.

    Delilah has come to the quiet valley of Sorek to start a new life, but when a man blackmails her with a devastating secret, she learns that not all sins can be buried in the past. In a dangerous bargain for her freedom, she agrees to seduce Samson, a notorious killer threatening the region—and if she can’t uncover the secret to his strength, she’ll forfeit her life.

    But Samson is different than any man she has ever met before: godlike in his strength but guarding a passionate vulnerability that draws Delilah to him. Will she betray the man she has begun to fall for—or will she betray her own heart for freedom?


    NOTE: This review is based on an eARC received from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest thoughts about the novella.

    The Review

    Taryn Scarlett brought both heat and heart to her Samson and Delilah story in THE TOUCH OF BETRAYAL. She expanded on this biblical tale of weakness, vengeance, greed, and betrayal, making it also a story about love and strength and sacrifice. She portrayed Samson as more than a monster and a fool and Delilah as more than a heartless deceiver. She created a story that is bewitching, tantalizing, romantic, and sexy.

    The narrative transports readers back in time to this world the author reimagined where they’ll get to know quite a bit more about Delilah – how she became who she was, how she ended up where she was, why she was willing to do what she did – and get the chance to understand her and even like her by the story’s end. They’ll be introduced to Samson who may be just as easily captivated by Delilah as expected, but who is also clever, insightful, and anything but foolish.

    And they’ll become so invested in the characters they’ll be hoping for a happy ending for the couple.

    With just over one hundred pages, THE TOUCH OF BETRAYAL manages to feel like a full-length novel. The characters and storyline are well-developed. There is a love story. There is action, heartbreak, suspense, and the unexpected. And those familiar with the tragic fate that awaits Samson can expect a read that is angst-filled.

    Taryn Scarlett delivers a story that is gripping, seductive, heartrending, enchanting, with a romance that has just the right amount of heat. Readers looking for a perfectly delectable and enticing bite will easily devour this short story, featuring one of the most famous couples of all time, in one sitting. And they’ll be left anxiously awaiting the chance to dive back into this author’s imagination in the next Sin & Honey installment.

    The Rating


    About the Author

    Taryn Scarlett holds a B.A. in Theater and English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Her weaknesses are chocolate, floral sundresses, soapy TV dramas, and anything purple. SIN AND HONEY is her first series. You can visit Taryn at


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    Currently available for free download!


    So Jacob served seven years, and they seemed to him but a few days because of the love he had for her.  —Gen.29.20

    Rachel was destined to love at first sight.

    Leah’s only crime was falling for the wrong man.

    In Taryn Scarlett’s richly lyrical novella, she reimagines the classic story of sisters Rachel and Leah, torn apart over the same man. Or so history would have you think.

    While Rachel has sworn her love to Jacob, Leah has in fact been carrying on a scintillating affair with a foreigner whom she is forbidden to love. When Rachel discovers Leah’s dark secret, the sisters’ faith and friendship are put to the ultimate test, especially when Rachel is given an impossible choice: in order to save Leah’s life, she must give up Jacob forever.


    Title & Series: FOR LOVE OF THE ENEMY (A Sin & Honey Novella)
    Author: Taryn Scarlett
    Release date: September 1, 2015
    Publisher: The Studio, a Paper Lantern Lit Imprint
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    In this third Sin & Honey novella, Taryn Scarlett explores the provocative story of Judith, a woman tormented by the war in her country—and the war in her heart.

    A young widow living in devastated country, Judith is forced to watch as the ferocious Assyrian general Holofernes slaughters her people. Desperate to save her family, she decides to take matters into her own hands: she will seduce the general and get into his bed—where she can kill him, and end the war.

    But once Judith steals into enemy territory masquerading as an Israeli defector, she meets Bagoas, a soldier on a mission for peace. Aroused by his honor, Judith has a terrifying choice to make: let her people suffer and die, or sacrifice true love for the greater good.