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    Character Interview: Sabine Campbell

    Wow! I did not expect voting to reach 1,000, as a few of the earlier matches didn’t have nearly that many votes. Kudos to both Team Kaylee and Team Aura for keeping this one close and EXCITING! A little too close… a little too exciting for me. But still fun!

    This is so amazing and thank you all for voting KAYLEE FTW! If we reach another milestone, EMMA will answer all those burning questions – well, five of them – about what it’s really like to be best friends with a bean sidhe (or banshee)!

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    And now let’s hear what SABINE has to say. I’m a little afraid… She is a mara after all.

    (If you haven’t yet met Sabine, but want to know a little bit more, check out this post on Harlequin’s blog by Rachel Vincent about My Soul to Steal.)

    Hi Sabine! Thank you for stopping by the blog to answer a few questions from Rachel’s fans, and maybe one or two from me. I can’t control what people have asked, so please don’t send any nightmares my way! Well, unless it’s one of my questions you take issue with…. *Gulps.*

    You’ve been through a LOT in your life before we had a chance to meet you, and have gone through quite a bit more since you played a starring role in My Soul to Steal. But you haven’t exactly been an angel yourself.

    I know you’re not Kaylee’s biggest fan, and this is a tournament championing her as a heroine, so I thank you for taking the time for this interview. I do have to say that you’re a pretty strong female character yourself. Somewhat misunderstood. A little scary. And aside from this fixation on getting back together with Nash, you’re kind of awesome and kick-a**. So, thanks!

    Q: Sabine, what did it feel like when you found out Nash’s deepest fear?

    A: Like a knife straight to the gut. Also, like an unturndownable challenge.

    [Fiktshun: Well, I’m glad that you didn’t let it defeat you! Though the second half of your answer does make things rather complicated for Kaylee or any girl that comes into Nash’s life….]

    Q: Sabine, what was it about Nash that made you fall in love with him? You must have fallen for him hard, because he’s chosen Kaylee over you again and again and yet you are still willing to take him back… Or has that changed after recent events?

    A: He didn’t choose her over me. He chose her…around me. Kind of. And anyway, it’s not over until we cross the finish line, and I’m not sure what race Kaylee’s running, but my game is a marathon.

    [Fiktshun: Oh, Sabine…. The heart wants what it wants, doesn’t it!?! I still hope for a happy ending for you. Not sure it will be with Nash though….]

    Q: Sabine, you and Nash have quite a history, what is your best memory of Nash?

    A: Are you trying to make me get mushy? I could tell you that my best memories of him are…unmentionable, but that’s not really true. Those are great, don’t get me wrong. But my best memories of Nash are when he looks at me like there’s no one else in the whole world. He still does that sometimes, you know. If I can arrange it so that there’s no one else in the room, the rest of the world kind of goes away on its own…

    [Fiktshun: Yes, yes I was! While you didn’t get mushy, you do have a bit of a romantic side, don’t you?]

    Q: Sabine, why did you take Invidia’s tooth/claw thing at the end of the book??

    A: You never know when you’re gonna find use for a super-concentrated dose of pure envy. Or is that just me?

    [Fiktshun: Bahahaha! *Scared.*]

    Q: After getting to know Kaylee and everything she did and was willing to do for her love ones, did you ever consider that Kaylee is better than you for Nash?

    A: Nope. Not even close. Because she’s not.

    [Fiktshun: Hmmm. Well, good for you for standing up for yourself! But did you really think about that question before you gave your answer?]


    Well, thank you for being so candid Sabine! I would love to have you stop by again. There are so many more questions I have for you.

    And I know you’d probably prefer it if Kaylee didn’t win this match, so I really appreciate it that you stopped by anyway!

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