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Raising the Dead

    Quickie Review: Raising the Dead

    Raising the Dead by Mara Purnhagen is a novella in the Past Midnight series. It was released in eBook format in the U.S. on February 1, 2011. It is currently available as an eBook download from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

    Published by Harlequin TEEN, the eBook is currently being offered for free.

    Goodreads description:

    Charlotte Silver’s world is like no one else’s…

    As the daughter of the famous Silver Spirits paranormal investigators, Charlotte Silver is used to all things weird.

    But when coffins start floating down her street during a flood, life turns extra strange. And wonderful, when her friend and crush Noah signs on to help Charlotte and her folks in the aftermath.

    Cemetery cleanup might not sound exciting, but as shocking discoveries and a lurking stranger come to light, Charlotte learns that sometimes, raising the dead can bring unexpected rewards.


    Raising the Dead is a novella of thirteen chapters that is set between the first book, Past Midnight, and the second book in the series, One Hundred Candles. It is great bonus adventure involving Charlotte Silver and her friends and family that takes place shortly after the first book ends, just before Halloween.

    Due to severe rain storms in South Carolina a small cemetery is flooded and a number of coffins are disinterred. While her parents aid in helping with the identification of these remains from the Civil War era, Charlotte helps William, the owner of the land, set the cemetery to rights.

    But when she notices on more than one occasion an elusive man in a black trench coat lurking around, Charlotte must figure out if he means no harm or if his intentions are more sinister.

    Raising the Dead is a highly entertaining story and a perfect transitional novella between the two full-length books. The story gives further background on events that took place in Past Midnight and provides much more insight into and detail about Charlotte’s relationship with Noah.

    This new mini-mystery is wrapped up by the end of the novella, but as with Past Midnight it comes to an end rather suddenly. Although not a cliffhanger, readers will be left wanting more.

    Reviewer gives this novella [rating=4]

    On a personal note:

    I was immensely entertained by this story. In many ways even more so than the first book. I loved that there was much more Noah in this story and the short mystery was such fun to piece together.

    After reading this novella I am much more excited about reading the next book in the series, One Hundred Candles.


    PLEASE NOTE: This novella contains major spoilers for those who haven’t read the first book in the series.

    If you do not plan on reading Past Midnight, this novella will give you enough background to read the next book One Hundred Candles without getting lost.

    If you do plan on reading the first book, wait to read this novella until after you’ve finished.