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    BECOMING JINN Price Drop, Free Short Story + Prize Pack and Signed ARC Twitter Giveaway

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    If you haven’t yet had the chance to discover Lori Goldstein’s BECOMING JINN now is the perfect time. It is available in eBook format online through April 4th for just $2.99! Grab it at:

    There is also a free prequel short story GENIUS OF JINN available now. Download it at:

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    CIRLCE OF JINN releases on May 17, 2016 – so there’s plenty of time to get caught up on the series. You can pre-order your copy at:

    If you’d like to know more about each of the books in the series, details follow a bit further down in the post. If you’d like to enter the Twitter Giveaway for an awesome Prize Pack and SIGNED ARC of CIRCLE OF JINN scroll down to the bottom of the post for details

    And if you’d like to know more about the Afrit, check out this re-post “Evil is Alive and Well: The Afrit” from the BECOMING JINN Blog Tour last year.

    Guest Re-post


    by Lori Goldstein

    Whether it’s spelled jinn, djinn, ginn, jenn, or jann, the jinn are an indigenous spirit of the Middle East and North Africa—and as far from the Western world’s fantasy version of “genie” as can be. A widespread belief in the jinn in this culture dates far back before any hint of religion in the region, well before the seventh century.

    These jinn, while hidden from human eye, are not ghosts: they are living, breathing entities. Intelligent with great magical powers, the mysterious jinn can be good or evil. Stories of evil jinn wreaking havoc include things like haunting homes, possessing humans, even killing animals or humans who would offend them or trespass on a territory declared as theirs.

    Lore of the jinn spans centuries, and there’s great diversity in the beliefs about them. In fact, one of the books I used while researching Becoming Jinn is called Legends of the Fire Spirits: Jinn and Genies from Arabia to Zanzibar, and it is more than 250 pages recounting all the ways jinn are regarded across fifteen countries. While tales of the jinn vary, there’s universal agreement on many pieces of jinn history, including the idea that jinn were born of “smokeless fire” and that the jinn are divided into categories or tribes, one of which is the ifrit or afrit.

    Powerful and most often evil, the ifrit, like all jinn, can shapeshift or shield themselves through the use of invisibility. Some stories have towering demon ifrits terrorizing humans, acting as “deputies” to archdemons, or zealously guarding ruins or treasures.

    With this checkered history, the Afrit were the perfect choice for the council that rules over the world of the Jinn in Becoming Jinn. In the novel, the Afrit have placed more and more restrictions on the Jinn, from dictating who can be granted a wish, to regulating when a Jinn receives her powers and where she is allowed to live in the human world to breaking up families by mandating that all male and female Jinn must live apart.

    The Afrit have strong powers and keep a watchful eye over the Jinn who live among the humans. They have harsh punishments, including a perverted jail for those who defy their rules or break their biggest one: revealing themselves or their magic to a human.

    To Azra, the unseen Afrit are the source of all that is wrong with her Jinn world, and yet she, like the rest of the Jinn, are powerless to fight them. While Azra knows little about the Afrit, as the novel goes on she will discover more about them, their past, and what may lie ahead for all Jinn.

    While the Afrit in Becoming Jinn come mostly from my own imagination, there are bits and pieces culled from the different sources I read about the jinn that flesh them out and make them a more robust force in the novel that comes alive for the reader.

    Thanks so much for having me and letting me offer more insight into the history of the Afrit.



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    Title & Series: BECOMING JINN (Becoming Jinn #1)
    Author: Lori Goldstein
    Release date: April 21, 2015
    Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
    Pages: 384
    Formats: Hardcover, paperback, audio, eBook


    Azra has just turned sixteen, and overnight her body lengthens, her olive skin deepens, and her eyes glisten gold thanks to the brand-new silver bangle that locks around her wrist. As she always knew it would, her Jinn ancestry brings not just magical powers but the reality of a life of servitude, as her wish granting is controlled by a remote ruling class of Jinn known as the Afrit.

    To the humans she lives among, she’s just the girl working at the snack bar at the beach, navigating the fryer and her first crush. But behind closed doors, she’s learning how to harness her powers and fulfill the obligations of her destiny.

    Mentored by her mother and her Zar “sisters,” Azra discovers she may not be quite like the rest of her circle of female Jinn . . . and that her powers could endanger them all.



    Named “One of the Best Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror of 2015” by VOYA Magazine

    “This well-written title . . . will not stay on the shelf.” — VOYA Starred Review

    “The only thing it left me wishing for was the sequel!” –– New York Times best-selling author Anna Banks

    “A fresh, gently subversive tale with a new strain of paranormal problems at its core.” — B&N Teen Blog

    “[Azra’s] struggles with family and impending adulthood ring true and will likely cultivate a loyal, sequel-hungry audience.” — Booklist


    Genius of Jinn

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    Title & Series: GENIUS OF JINN (Becoming Jinn Prequel)
    Author: Lori Goldstein
    Release date: March 15, 2016
    Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
    Pages: 51
    Formats: eBook


    In this prequel to BECOMING JINN and the upcoming sequel CIRCLE OF JINN, thirteen-year-old Azra and her nemesis Yasmin are whisked away to a mysterious land with a special language, awe-inspiring architecture, and quirky toilets: France. As the enchanting French Jinn Tayma guides them through the streets of Paris, they discover not only a book of spells, but a truth neither of them is prepared for: that in their inevitable transition to becoming Jinn, their shared genie ancestry may just make them stronger together than they are apart.



    Circle of Jinn Cover

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    Title & Series: CIRCLE OF JINN (Becoming Jinn #2)
    Author: Lori Goldstein
    Release date: May 17, 2016
    Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
    Pages: 400
    Formats: Hardcover, eBook


    Being Jinn is Azra’s new reality. As she grants wishes under the watchful eye of the Afrit council, she remains torn between her two worlds—human and Jinn. Soon, secrets spill. Zars are broken. Humans become pawns. And rumors of an uprising become real as the Afrit’s reach extends beyond the underground world of Janna.

    Straddling the line becomes impossible. Aware of her unique abilities, Azra must not just face but embrace her destiny. But when the role she must play and those she must protect expand to include a circle of Jinn greater than her own, Azra will be forced to risk everything. A risk that means there’s everything to lose, and at the same time, everything to gain—for herself and her entire Jinn race.

    In this dramatic sequel to Becoming Jinn, Azra’s story comes to a heartfelt and thrilling conclusion.


    About Lori Goldstein


    Lori Goldstein was born into an Italian-Irish family and raised in a small town on the New Jersey shore. She earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Lehigh University and worked as a writer, editor, and graphic designer before becoming a full-time author. She currently lives and writes outside of Boston. Lori is the author of the young adult contemporary fantasy series Becoming Jinn (Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan, April 21, 2015, sequel, Circle of Jinn, May 17, 2016). You can check out her editorial services here and visit her online at


    The Twitter Giveaway

    Courtesy of the author I am hosting an AMAZING Twitter-only giveaway for an awesome Prize Pack and SIGNED ARC of CIRCLE OF JINN. (US ONLY.) It ends tonight at Midnight Pacific.

    To enter…

    All you have to do is head over to my Twitter @fiktshun and retweet any/all of my tweets that asks for an RT and includes one of the two graphics below.

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    FALLING KINGDOMS Series Promo: My Favorite Kingdoms + Giveaway


    I have owned every single one of the three currently available Falling Kingdoms books since their respective release dates but have only recently had the chance to embark upon the adventure. And all I can say is, “What have I been waiting for?”

    Because… OH. MY. GOSH. I am in LOVE with this series!!!!!

    I fell in love from the very first line in FALLING KINGDOMS:

    She’d never killed before tonight.

    Talk about great first lines. It was instalove for me. And that love has grown exponentially as I’ve continued to read.

    I will be all caught up by the time my pre-order copy of FROZEN TIDES downloads to my Kindle on December 15th. Of course that means I’ll have to suffer the agonizing wait for the final two books in the series. But it will be so worth the wait.

    If you haven’t yet had the chance to discover this seriously amazing series, you can check it out on PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE and on GOODREADS or visit the series WEBSITE.

    Details on each of the books in the series are also below. And there are also links to connect with the author.

    My Favorite Kingdoms

    For this promo post in anticipation of FROZEN TIDES’ release we were asked to talk about which kingdom(s), region(s), or world(s) we would conquer, rule, or live in as a merchant. Here are just a few.

    Kingdoms/Worlds I’d Conquer

    The Winter Realm – a.k.a. The Unseelie Court from Julie Kagawa’s IRON FEY series. The Unseelie have always been the most interesting of the fae and I would love to take Queen Mab’s place and rule in her stead. And, hey, someone has to take Queen Mab down, why not me?

    The Kingdom of Spring – one of the kingdoms from Sara Raasch’s SNOW LIKE ASHES series. Spring has caused so much trouble for the Winterians. I’d love to conquer it just ensure that its former king does not try to take power again.

    Kingdoms/Worlds I’d Rule

    Auranos – from Morgan Rhodes’ FALLING KINGDOMS series. While I might change my mind as I continue my journey with these books, I’d love to rule the kingdom that has the most resources and best climate. And yes they have enemies. But I’d like to think I’d have been a smarter and more fair ruler and thus avoided some of the enmity.

    Cane – from WINTERSPELL by Claire Legrand. It was and could be again a beautiful and magical place. I suppose first I’d have to have taken it from Anise, but I wouldn’t just want to conquer, I’d definitely want to rule this land.

    Kingdoms/Worlds I’d Live In

    Lothlórien – one of the Elven kingdoms from LORD OF THE RINGS by J.R.R. Tolkein. Though I’d be happy to have lived in any of the Elven kingdoms, even though they fell eventually.

    Gilead – from THE DARK TOWER series by Stephen King. This is not a kingdom. But this world that Roland lived in is one I would have loved to have lived in. It, too, fell. But living there when Roland did would have been amazing.


    Of course I’d love to live in almost all of the fictional faerie worlds I’ve read about and even be ruler of one or two – Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely series comes to mind. I’d live in any of those faerie courts.

    I would love to conquer the more evil kingdoms and vanquish their rulers in any of the fantasy novels I’ve read – Sabaa Tahir’s An Ember in the Ashes series, Rae Carson’s Fire & Thorns series, Josephine Angelini’s Worldwalker trilogy.

    And I’d love to visit any number of worlds or kingdoms, even if I were forced to be just a merchant – The Elemental Trilogy by Sherry Thomas, The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker, Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, and the Defiance series by C.J. Redwine.

    How about you?

    What are your favorite worlds or kingdoms? Would you want to be a ruler, risking your life at every moment to keep your kingdom safe? Or would you prefer to visit or live in one of the kingdoms you’re most curious about? Or are you all about conquering kingdoms to increase your power or to oust an unjust ruler?

    Pre-order FROZEN TIDES


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    Title & Series: FROZEN TIDES (Falling Kingdoms #4)
    Author: Morgan Rhodes
    Release date: December 15, 2015
    Publisher: Razorbill
    Pages: 432
    Formats: Hardcover, audio, eBook


    The plans are laid and the players are determined…but nothing can prepare these unlikely warriors for what the elemental gods of Mytica have in store. 

    CLEO: Reeling after a shocking realization about Magnus, Princess Cleo must cast aside her feelings and look toward her kingdom with the eyes of a queen.

    MAGNUS: The steely prince of Limeros is once again torn between love and duty, leaving him wondering whether he’s strong enough to rule his people.

    LUCIA: Heartbroken and blind with fury, the betrayed sorceress allies with the awoken Fire god, who also seeks revenge.

    JONAS: The defeated rebel leader reunites with Princess Cleo, only to become a pawn in the dangerous hunt for the elusive Kindred.

    KING GAIUS: A desperate King of Blood flees Mytica and sails to Kraeshia, where he attempts to ally with the famously brutal emperor across the Silver Sea.


    About Morgan Rhodes


    Morgan Rhodes lives in Ontario, Canada. As a child, she always wanted to be a princess—the kind that knows how to wield a sharp sword to help save both kingdoms and princes from fire-breathing dragons and dark wizards. Instead, she became a writer, which is just as good and much less dangerous. Along with writing, Morgan enjoys photography, travel, and reality TV, and is an extremely picky yet voracious reader of all kinds of books. Under another pen name, she’s a nationally bestselling author of many paranormal novels. Falling Kingdoms is her first high fantasy.




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    Title & Series: FALLING KINGDOMS (Falling Kingdoms #1)
    Author: Morgan Rhodes
    Release date: December 11, 2012
    Publisher: Razorbill
    Pages: 432
    Formats: Hardcover, paperback, audio, eBook

    Read an EXCERPT


    War brought them together. Love will tear them apart.

    Princess Cleo of Mytica confronts violence for the first time in her life when a shocking murder sets her kingdom on a path to collapse. Once a privileged royal, Cleo must now summon the strength to survive in this new world and fight for her rightful place as Queen.

    The King of Limeros’s son, Magnus, must plan each footstep with shrewd, sharp guile if he is to earn his powerful father’s trust, while his sister, Lucia, discovers a terrifying secret about her heritage that will change everything.

    Rebellious Jonas lashes out against the forces of oppression that have kept his country cruelly impoverished—and finds himself the leader of a people’s revolution centuries in the making.

    Witches, if found, are put to death, and Watchers, immortal beings who take the shape of hawks to visit the human world, have been almost entirely forgotten. A vicious power struggle quickly escalates to war, and these four young people collide against each other and the rise of elementia, the magic that can topple kingdoms and crown a ruler in the same day.


    The Falling Kingdoms Trailer



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    Title & Series: REBEL SPRING (Falling Kingdoms #3)
    Author: Morgan Rhodes
    Release date: December 3, 2013
    Publisher: Razorbill
    Pages: 416
    Formats: Hardcover, paperback, audio, eBook

    Read an EXCERPT


    War brought them together. Love will tear them apart.

    Auranos has been conquered and the three kingdoms—Auranos, Limeros, and Paelsia—are now unwillingly united as one country called Mytica. But alluring, dangerous magic still beckons, and with it the chance to rule not just Mytica, but the world. . . .

    • CLEO is now a prisoner in her own palace, forced to be an ambassador for Mytica as the evil King Gaius lies to her people
    • MAGNUS stands to eventually inherit the new kingdom but is still obsessed with his feelings for his adopted sister, Lucia
    • LUCIA is haunted by the deadly outcome of her breathtaking display of magic that allowed her father to capture the kingdoms
    • JONAS watches at the palace gates, a troop of rebels behind him, waiting for him to tell them how he plans to overtake King Gaius

    When Gaius announces that a road is to be built into the Forbidden Mountains, formally linking all of Mytica together, he sets off a chain of cataclysmic events that will forever change the face of this land.




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    Title & Series: GATHERING DARKNESS (Falling Kingdoms #3)
    Author: Morgan Rhodes
    Release date: December 9, 2014
    Publisher: Razorbill
    Pages: 432
    Formats: Hardcover, paperback, audio, eBook

    Read an EXCERPT


    War brought them together. Love will tear them apart.

    Alliances form across Mytica and beyond as royals and rebels alike race to hunt down the Kindred—the four elemental crystals that give their owners god-like power. The stakes have never been higher for Magnus and Cleo, who are brought together by a life or death decision that will lock their fates and change the course of the kingdom forever.

    THE REBELS forge ahead. Princess Cleo slays with sweetness—and a secret that might control Lucia’s magic—as she and vengeful Jonaslead the hunt for the all-powerful Kindred.

    THE KRAESHIANS join the fray. Ashur and Amara, the royal siblings from the vast kingdom across the Silver Sea, prove to be just as ruthless as they are charming as they manipulate their way to victory.

    THE WATCHERS follow Melenia out of the Sanctuary. They ally, in the flesh, with King Gaius, who vows to use Lucia’s powers to unveil the Kindred.

    And which side will Prince Magnus choose, now that everyone he’s been betrayed by everyone he’s ever loved?


    The Giveaway

    There is a promo-wide giveaway that runs from Oct. 26-Nov.27 for…

    • A SIGNED set of FALLING KINGDOMS, REBEL SPRING, and GATHERING DARKNESS by Morgan Rhodes to THREE (3) winners – US only

    ***Rafflecopter hosted by and prizing courtesy of the publisher***

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