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Parajunkee’s Challenge

    Random Thoughts Lite: Never-ending Posts


    Finding the right balance between posts that are too long and those that are too short can be tricky. You want your posts to be substantive but at the same time you want them to be entertaining.

    Bored-with-FiktshunIt’s not fun to read long-winded posts that just go on and on and on when you’re on your computer, tablet or mobile device. Text-heavy posts can be daunting and can dissuade a potential reader from even beginning to read.

    Posts with little else but images and a few pithy comments can seem trite.  Which might be fine for sites like I Can Has Cheezburger? but maybe not so much for a book blog.

    As book bloggers we want to be informative, we want to express our opinions. We don’t want to bore our readers or turn them off with excessively long reviews, rants or rambles. But some of us – me, me, me – can’t seem to help it.

    I suffer from not only the inability to self-edit but from the fear of being too simplistic. I also worry that if my posts are too short in length it will appear as if I’m not putting in enough effort.

    Of course it’s not that I ever run out of things to say. I could go on, endlessly, just because my brain refuses to shut up. But sometimes I could say things much more concisely and to the point. And yet I don’t.

    Maybe it’s because I used to listen to those bloggers and authors that said it’s not a review if it’s less than X number of words. The same bloggers and authors who would criticize someone’s voice for not being in line with traditional review standards.

    Perhaps it’s because I feel like I’m not doing a review justice unless I say every possible thing I can say about a book in that review. I’m reminded of Steve Martin as Navin R. Johnson in “The Jerk” just needing one thing… and maybe just one more… and one more after that.

    But whether it’s my reviews or discussion posts or tour posts or promotional posts, or even my giveaways, I just can’t seem to stop myself until I see a word count of 1,000. Sometimes I don’t even notice how long I’ve rambled.

    Which shows a definite lack of consideration for my blog’s readers. As someone who has difficulty reading those never-ending posts, I should know better. And I’m going to try and remedy that. Starting now.

    If I was at all concerned with stats I might have done so sooner. But it’s never too late to try, right?

    What about you?

    Do you prefer longer or shorter blog posts or does it depend on the content? Do you suffer from the “never-ending post” post problem or is the opposite true for you?