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    FROSH: SECOND CHANCES Blog Tour – Review


    Welcome to today’s stop on the FROSH: SECOND CHANCES Blog Tour! I’m super excited for this second book in Mónica B. Wagner’s Frosh series to come out so that everyone can find out what’s been going on with Ellie, Grant, Devon and Charlie.

    If you haven’t yet met them now’s the perfect time, because the first book in the series, FROSH: FIRST BLUSH, is currently available for FREE in eBook format at Amazon, B&N and iTunes – links are below. So be sure to grab your copy – there’s plenty of time to catch up before FROSH: SECOND CHANCES releases on September 27th.

    Of course you’ll then have to wait for the third installment in the series, FROSH: THIRD WHEEL, which is due out in 2017.

    For my tour stop I’m sharing my thoughts about this sequel. So if you’d like to know what I thought scroll down for my review.

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    THE ARCHITECT OF SONG Blog Tour: Character Interview + Giveaway


    I’m am so excited to be on the tour for THE ARCHITECT OF SONG by A.G. Howard. I have always been a huge fan of the author’s and when I learned of this first book in her new series I couldn’t wait to get an early peek.

    I loved meeting Juliet and all the characters in this novel. And I really want to talk about them all, and all the many surprise twists, but that would be very spoiler-y. So I will just say that I loved this book. It was interesting and captivating and romantic and heartbreaking. And I cannot wait for everyone to get the chance to read it this August.

    In the meantime, I have an interview with Juliet to share. So if you’d like to know more about her, be sure to check out her answers to my questions below.

    And if you’d like to enter the giveaway for some seriously awesome prizes, scroll down to the Rafflecopter to enter.

    The tour has two stops per day and continues through the end of next week. So if you’d like to learn more about this gorgeous book don’t forget to follow along. I’ll be updating the post with direct links to all the stops as they happen.


    ARCHITECT book cover front for online

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    Title & Series: THE ARCHITECT OF SONG (Haunted Hearts Legacy #1)
    Author: A.G. Howard
    Release date: August 15, 2016
    Publisher: A.G. Howard
    Pages: 425
    Formats: Paperback, eBook


    A lady imprisoned by deafness, an architect imprisoned by his past, and a ghost imprisoned within the petals of a flower – intertwine in this love story that transcends life and death.

    For most of her life, nineteen-year-old Juliet Emerline has subsisted – isolated by deafness – making hats in the solitude of her home. Now, she’s at risk to lose her sanctuary to Lord Nicolas Thornton, a twenty-seven-year-old mysterious and eccentric architect with designs on her humble estate. When she secretly witnesses him raging beside a grave, Juliet investigates, finding the name “Hawk” on the headstone and an unusual flower at the base. The moment Juliet touches the petals, a young English nobleman appears in ghostly form, singing a song only her deaf ears can hear. The ghost remembers nothing of his identity or death, other than the one name that haunts his afterlife: Thornton.

    To avenge her ghostly companion and save her estate, Juliet pushes aside her fear of society and travels to Lord Thornton’s secluded holiday resort, posing as a hat maker in one of his boutiques. There, she finds herself questioning who to trust: the architect of flesh and bones who can relate to her through romantic gestures, heartfelt notes, and sensual touches … or the specter who serenades her with beautiful songs and ardent words, touching her mind and soul like no other man ever can. As sinister truths behind Lord Thornton’s interest in her estate and his tie to Hawk come to light, Juliet is lured into a web of secrets. But it’s too late for escape, and the tragic love taking seed in her heart will alter her silent world forever.

    International and NYT bestselling author, A.G. Howard, brings her darkly magical and visual/visceral storytelling to Victorian England. The Architect of Song is the first installment in her lush and romantic Haunted Hearts Legacy series, a four book gothic saga following the generations of one family as – haunted by both literal and figurative ghosts – they search for self-acceptance, love, and happiness.

    New Adult: Recommended for ages 17+.


    The Book Trailer

    The Character Interview

    Q&A with Juliet Emerline

    Q. What song or sound or voice do you miss most now that you are no longer able to hear? If you could hear one thing (or one person) what (or who) would that be?

    The voice and sound I miss most is one and the same: Mama and her songs. Even her humming—no words, only the melody—was such a comfort to my heart. What I would ache most to hear is the healthy cry of my own newborn babe, one day when I become a mother myself.

    Q. What five characteristics/traits are most important to you in a potential betrothed?

    1.       Strength

    2.       Loyalty

    3.       Compassion for all life—including animals and plants

    4.       Respect for others differences and beliefs

    5.       An appreciation for creativity that we can share and pass on to our children

    Q. Do you think it’s possible to love more than one person?

    I believe it’s possible for more than one soul to have an impact on your life so profound that your singularity in the world is both challenged and forever changed by them. And oftentimes, such emotional encounters lead to feelings of deep devotion and love.

    Q. What are your views on the Rational Dress Society?

    As of the moment, I feel their reform of undergarments is a step in the right direction, alongside the subtle movements of women’s education and egalitarianism. However, I should like to see it taken a step further one day … where even our outer garments might be modified without eliciting ridicule from those who have more prudent views. Whether a woman chooses to wear trousers or skirts should not reflect upon her moral aptitude. I should also like to see the Society push for sensible active garments so horseback riding or swimming are as easily accessible for women as for men. Why should men be more comfortable than women, after all?

    Q. Please describe your most favorite hat creation?

    The first hat I ever made, when I was nine. It was the anniversary of Papa’s death, and—as it was raining outside—I was stuck within, no way to escape from the grief of Papa’s absence. Mama laid out her stash of fabric swatches and bright, colorful feathers, flowers, and beads, then allowed me to have my pick. With the patience of a saint, she showed me how to pour all my feelings into the craft. The therapeutic dip and rise of the needle and thread, alongside the rainbow of colors surrounding me, soothed my sadness and gave me something positive to concentrate on. I converted a staid straw hat into a discombobulated reflection of my mixed emotions:  the black netting and velvet ribbon represented my heartache, but the white wired-chiffon trim mirrored the peace I felt when spending time with Mama. The florals and beadwork lifted my spirits, putting me in mind of sunny spring days spent in a valley carpeted with fragrant wildflowers and lush green grass—so soft my feet sink with each cool, itchy step. And the feathers represented songbirds taking flight in the trees. My senses were awakened, and my melancholy mood laid to rest. In the end, it was far too chaotic to be a masterpiece, but I have it still, and each time I look upon it, I remember how I felt in that moment … simultaneously accomplished and alive. That experience led to my vocation, and to my eternal love for color.

    (picture attribution:

    (picture attribution:

    And from the author…

    The spotlight prize today = three The Architect of Song swag packs.



    About A.G. Howard


    A.G. Howard was inspired to write SPLINTERED while working at a school library. She always wondered what would’ve happened had the subtle creepiness of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland taken center stage, and she hopes her darker and funkier tribute to Carroll will inspire readers to seek out the stories that won her heart as a child.

    When she’s not writing, A.G.’s pastimes are reading, rollerblading, gardening, and family vacations which often include impromptu side trips to 18th century graveyards or condemned schoolhouses to appease her overactive muse.


    The Giveaway

    There is a tour-wide INTERNATIONAL giveaway for…

    • 2 – signed The Architect of Song paperbacks;
    • 3 – The Architect of Song e-books
    • 1 – heart locket necklace
    • 1 – Architect of Song poster
    • 1 – faux leather journal
    • 1 – 5X7 musical print
    • 3 – The Architect of Song swag packs
    • 1 – LitCube surprise box

    … to 13 separate winners

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    The Tour Schedule

    Week One

    7.25.16 | Dark Faerie Tales – Guest Post-Hybrid Author

    7.25.16 | A GREAT read – Review

    7.26.16 | Lisa Loves Literature – Review

    7.26.16 | Bookfever – Review

    7.27.16 | Fiktshun – Character Interview

    7.28.16 | The Reading Café – Review

    7.28.16 | Adventures of a Book Junkie – Review

    7.29.16 | Please Feed the Bookworm – Review

    7.29.16 | 21st Century Once Upon a Times – Review

    Week Two

    8.1.16 | Once Upon a Twilight – Exclusive Excerpt

    8.1.16 | Ramblings of a Daydreamer – Review

    8.2.16 | My Friends Are Fiction – Guest Post-Fashion

    8.2.16 | Sarcasm & Lemons – Review

    8.3.16 | Cornerfolds – Review

    8.3.16 | BookHounds YA – Review

    8.4.16 | Bookiemoji – Exclusive Excerpt

    8.4.16 | Owl Always Be Reading – Review

    8.5.16 | Mundie Moms – Review

    8.5.16 | Two Chicks on Books – Guest Post-Playlist

    8.5.16 | The Cover Contessa – Review


    UNDAUNTED Blog Tour: Review, Excerpt + Giveaway


    I was thrilled to hear about this new novel and series by an author whose writing I’ve loved for years. And I couldn’t wait to dive into her sexy New Adult novel involving hot guys and Harleys.

    So of course I jumped at the chance to be on the blog tour for this book which didn’t stay on my TBR pile for long. UNDAUNTED was absolutely delish. And now I can’t wait for 2016 to read UNRULY, the second book in the series.

    For my tour stop today I’m sharing a review and an excerpt from a scene which totally rocks. It made me grin because my mind so went there after Aubrey said that line about the Big Bad Wolf.

    There is also a month-long tour-wide giveaway for a few copies of the book. So if you’d like the chance to win, just enter in the Rafflecopter a bit further down in the post.

    And if you’d like to know a bit more about UNDAUNTED, its description immediately follows.


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    Title & Series: UNDAUNTED (Knights in Black Leather #1)
    Author: Ronnie Douglas
    Release date: September 15, 2015
    Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
    Pages: 352
    Formats: Paperback, audio, eBook


    Being fearless has never looked so good . . .

    Aubrey Evans needs to get her life back on track after her father is indicted for embezzlement. All she has to do to hightail it out of small-town Tennessee is save up money for college tuition and steer clear of hard-muscled boys on motorcycles. Yet there’s no ignoring someone like Zion. A knight in black leather, Zion looks like every bad idea she’s been told to avoid, but she can’t resist him. Whenever she’s in trouble, he’s there. Appealing as his rough exterior may be, it’s the protective, principled man beneath who tempts her like crazy.

    Zion knows Aubrey doesn’t intend to stick around. She claims to want only friendship, but he senses there’s a naughty girl hiding on the inside—one whose intense desires match his own. For now, he’ll be patient and play by her rules. But he knows it’s just a matter of time before he weakens her resolve.

    As they join forces to figure out who’s behind a local crime spree, it’s clear that the danger goes deeper than Aubrey guessed. And when she needs someone tall, dark, and undaunted to keep her safe, Zion intends to be there—now and always.


    NOTE: This review is based on an eARC received from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for my honest thoughts about the book.

    The Review

    UNDAUNTED is a wickedly sexy, tease of a read. It delivers on its promise of knights in black leather with more than one hot guy on a Harley willing to step up to help out a damsel in distress. It introduces a motorcycle club whose members may be rough around the edges but not all of of whom are rough on the eyes. It tantalizes with what might be possible between its main characters, whose chemistry is incendiary, if things were different. And it hints at equally combustible past relationships between some of its other key players.

    Aubrey didn’t want to drop out of school to move to Tennessee to live with her grandmother. She had a plan for exactly how the next few years of her life would progress. But her father’s crimes and her parents fighting left her no other options. She had to remain in Tennessee and attend a local school until she could figure out a way to get back on track.

    She never planned on meeting someone like Zion. Someone who made her feel things she never thought possible. Someone who made her want things she had no business wanting. Someone whose life was so tied up in Tennessee, a place she had no intent to stay. Someone whose existence was dangerous and complicated and messy. Someone she would have to resist no matter how much easier it would be not to.

    Ronnie Douglas created a delicious and enticing first book in her Knights in Black Leather series. She builds up the tension, the attraction, the desire between Zion and Aubrey until both characters and readers are ready to erupt. She gives each of them a back story that allows readers to get to know who they are, where they came from, what their motivations are, and what they want out of life. She adds in a bit of a mystery that involves not only the main characters, which serves to develop and strengthen the secondary characters, the motorcycle club, and the series as a whole.

    UNDAUNTED is exciting and romantic and wildly entertaining. It offers a potential love triangle, two women who need rescuing, two positively gorgeous male specimens, the thrill of danger, the lure of the bad boy, white hot chemistry, will they/won’t they suspense, incredibly likable supporting characters, a not-so-likable Sheriff, one very steamy encounter, and several electrifying rides on the back of a Harley-Davidson. And while the world of the motorcycle club has yet to be fully explored, the glimpses given so far ensure that it’s a world readers will want to come back to again and again.

    The Rating


    The Excerpt

    “You’re safe, Red,” he said in a softer voice. “I’ll take you to grandmother’s house.”

    He watched me, obviously waiting for something.

    The best my drunken brain could offer was, “The Big Bad wolf eats Red.”

    He paused, grinned, and patted the seat. “You’re too drunk for that too.”

    I blinked at him. Then his words sunk in, and I gasped. I hadn’t meant that, but now that he planted the idea in my mind, I couldn’t speak.

    “You’re safe with me,” he promised, and then he patted the tiny seat behind him.

    I wanted to tell him that I didn’t want to be safe, not after he’d planted such forbidden images in my mind. I yanked my mind out of the gutter and climbed onto the motorcycle, wrapped my arms around his waist, and tried not to shiver. I shouldn’t like the way he talked, but I did. I liked the whole package: the rescue, the insinuations, the motorcycle.

    Maybe alcohol and fumbled petting with Quincy just skewed my judgment so severely that Zion seemed more tempting than he actually was. I wasn’t sure. I also didn’t think it mattered. By tomorrow, I would be too sober to think about kisses or any of the other things he might be good at doing.

    He pulled my arms tighter around him, holding my hands together on his very taut stomach. It was a little embarrassing that being on the back of his Harley was doing far more for my libido than all of Quincy’s—and every other man’s before him—effort.

    “Hold on, Red.”

    About Ronnie Douglas

    Ronnie Douglas is the writing name for a multiple New York Times bestselling author. Drawing on a lifetime love of romance novels and a few years running a biker bar, she decided to write what she knew—dangerous men with Harleys and tattoos. Her debut “Ronnie book” was indie-published as part of a series she created and wrote with friends in 2014.


    The Giveaway

    There is a tour-wide giveaway for…

    • THREE (3) winners will receive a copy of UNDAUNTED

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    Today’s Other Tour Stops

    BOUNCE Blog Tour: Review, Excerpt + Giveaway


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    Title & Series: BOUNCE (Boomerang #3)
    Release date: August 25, 2015
    Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
    Pages: 304
    Formats: Paperback, audio, eBook


    This final chapter in the fun and steamy New Adult trilogy by Noelle August (authors Veronica Rossi and Lorin Oberweger) features two aspiring musicians who must choose between their careers…and their sizzling attraction for each other.

    Playing the occasional club gig just isn’t cutting it for twenty-two-year-old cellist Skyler Canby, who’s trying to support herself and her mother back home in Kentucky. Persuaded by her best friend Beth to accompany her on an audition for the first feature film launched by Blackwood Entertainment, she figures why not? Beth’s a shoe-in for the lead, but maybe Skyler’s newly dyed pink hair will help her stand out enough to score a small speaking part.

    Never in her wildest dreams does Skyler imagine she’ll land the lead role or that she’ll have her shoes knocked off her feet by the kiss her audition partner, Grey Blackwood, plants on her—a kiss that feels very real and not at all “acted. ”

    After throwing a party that causes thousands of dollars of damage to his older brother’s home, reckless musician Grey Blackwood gets roped into working off his debt on the set of his CEO brother’s newest project. Grey spends his days fetching coffee and doing odd jobs around the studio, but he lives for nights when he performs with his band. He knows if he can stay focused, success as a singer is just around the corner. But that’s tough with a distracting pink-haired girl occupying his every waking thought. Skyler and Grey have every reason to resist each other. But, like a song neither of them can get out of their minds, they have no choice but to go where the music takes them.


    NOTE: This review is based on an eARC received from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for my honest thoughts about the book.

    The Review

    A perfect ending to this highly addictive series, BOUNCE is flirty and fun, romantic and sexy, sweet, seductive, and tension-filled. Add in an irresistibly tempting boy, a stage kiss that sizzles, a friendship with seriously enticing benefits, and you have an absolutely delicious read that you won’t be able to put down.

    Grey Blackwood has been hiding out at his brother Adam’s house, trying to avoid dealing with the repercussions of what went down with his family and trying to figure out what his next steps will be. But when a small get-together with his band becomes an out of control party that trashes Adam’s home, he’ll have to either dip into his trust fund or find another way to pay off the twelve thousand he owes for the damages.

    As using his family’s money to pay for his mistake is not something he wants to do, when Adam insists he work for him until his debt is paid, he agrees. Even though being a gofer on the set of Adam’s latest project will not be the quickest or easiest way to make that happen. And it won’t be nearly as interesting or exciting as being the lead singer of a band.

    Skyler Canby has been desperate to find a way to stay in Los Angeles and not have to return home to her needy mother and a life without any hope of a future she’d want. So when the opportunity arises to audition as an extra for Bounce, a film based on Jane Austen’s Emma, she jumps at the chance. Even if the odds are slim because she doesn’t have the experience or the typical “look.” Because this is her last chance and she has nothing left to lose.

    So when a shot at the lead role becomes a real possibility she gives it everything she has. Including the stage kiss with the too young, too hot brother of the producer. Which might just be real enough to land her a role in the film. And which might just have been real enough to ignite something between them.

    Noelle August concluded the series with two of its most interesting and likable characters. The authors gave Grey and Sky issues both could relate to, common interests, struggles, flaws. They allowed them to become friends first and foremost, even though their chemistry was undeniable. They also let the story be about each of them as individuals and not just about them as a couple. And they included just the right amount of romantic tension and swoon-worthy scenes to make this read riveting.

    As with its predecessors, BOUNCE is told in alternating POV chapters, allowing readers to get to know and connect with both Grey and Skyler. It introduces a few new and positively adorable characters and it offers cameos of those from the two previous installments. Grey and Sky’s story and love story are well-developed, incredibly appealing, wickedly entertaining. This third and final book in the Boomerang series is not to be missed. It is an utterly bewitching, feel-good read and a wonderful way to say goodbye to the characters.

    The Rating


    The Excerpt

    Download (PDF, 97KB)

    About the Authors

    Noelle August

    Question: What do you get when friends pen a story with heart, plenty of laughs, and toe-curling kissing scenes?

    Answer: Noelle August, the pseudonym for renowned editor and award-winning writer Lorin Oberweger and New York Times bestselling YA author Veronica Rossi, the masterminds behind the Boomerang series.


    Other Books in the Series

    Boomerang Cover Image

    Add to Goodreads

    Title & Series: BOOMERANG (Boomerang #1)
    Release date: July 8, 2014
    Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
    Pages: 336
    Formats: Paperback, audio, eBook


    The first book in a sensational New Adult trilogy from Noelle August

    Welcome to, the dating site for the millennial gen with its no-fuss, no-commitments matchups, and where work is steamier than any random hook-up

    Mia Galliano is an aspiring filmmaker. Ethan Vance has just played his last game as a collegiate soccer star. They’re sharp, hungry for success, and they share a secret.

    Last night, Ethan and Mia met at a bar, and, well . . . one thing led to another, which led to them waking up the next morning—together. Things turned awkward in a hurry when they found themselves sharing a post hookup taxi . . . to the same place: Boomerang headquarters.

    What began as a powerful connection between them is treated to a cold shower courtesy of two major complications. First, Boomerang has a strict policy against co-worker dating. And second, they’re now competitors for only one job at the end of summer.

    As their internships come to an end, will they manage to keep their eyes on the future and their hands off each other, or will the pull of attraction put them right back where they started?



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    Title & Series: REBOUND (Boomerang #2)
    Release date: February 10, 2015
    Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
    Pages: 288
    Formats: Paperback, audio, eBook


    At Boomerang, one night can change everything…

    Adam Blackwood has it all. At twenty-two, he’s fabulously wealthy, Ryan Gosling-hot and at the top of his game in the business world. His life is perfect, until a scandal from his past resurfaces and threatens to knock the tech wunderkind down and throw his company, Boomerang, a hook-up site for millennials, into chaos.

    Alison Quick, the twenty-one-year-old daughter of a business tycoon—and the very ex-girlfriend of Boomerang’s former intern, Ethan—has a problem of her own. After nearly flunking out in her senior year of college, she has one chance to redeem herself to her father by proving that she deserves a place in his corporate empire. That means spearheading her father’s plan to sink big money into Adam’s company and launch it into the stratosphere—provided Adam has no skeletons in his closet.

    When the two meet, their sizzling chemistry makes it tough to keep things strictly professional. But when Alison discovers Adam’s secret, she knows she should bring it right to her father, who’ll leverage it for his own gain and use it to ruin Adam. The only problem: she’s falling for Adam—hard.

    Will earning her father’s approval come at the price of losing her first real love? Or can Adam and Alison leave behind past mistakes and conquer the world—together?


    The Giveaway

    There is a tour-wide giveaway for…

    • A set of the BOOMERANG SERIES – (print copies of Boomerang, Rebound, Bounce)

    Enter in the Rafflecopter below…

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    A few stops on the tour so far

    MISSING DIXIE Weekend Blitz {Cover Reveal, Teasers + Giveaway}


    I am absolutely thrilled to be able to take part in the MISSING DIXIE Cover Reveal Blitz here on the blog this weekend. While the cover was revealed on Friday on USA Today‘s Happily Ever After Blog (HERE), in case you missed it, it is below!

    And it is gorgeous. And romantic. And sexy. And HOT.

    And it fits in perfectly with the other books in the series whose covers you can check out for comparison a bit further down in the post.


    Read more


    RUN Blog Tour: ‘Run the Streets of NOLA’ Guest Post + Giveaway

    Run Banner

    I am thrilled to be kicking off the RUN Blog Tour with an amazing post from Author Gillian Zane in which she takes you on a trip through New Orleans. On the tour you’ll get to see some of the places that Alexis and Blake have to navigate. Though Ms. Zane’s tour is zombie-free. The same can’t be said for Alexis and Blake’s harrowing journey.

    In addition to the fab guest post, this promotional tour includes a giveaway for some awesome prizes. So be sure to scroll down to the Rafflecopter to enter for a chance to win.

    RUN releases next week, on May 26th, so you won’t have long to wait. But if you’d like to know a little bit more about the novella before then, check out the book’s description below. And be sure to follow along with the tour to see what a few bloggers had to say about RUN and to check out a few more posts by the author.

    About RUN

    Run Cover

    Title & Series: RUN (NOLA Zombie #1)
    Author: Gillian Zane
    Release date: May 26, 2015
    Format: eBook


    Zombies are on the loose in New Orleans and of all the End of the World scenarios, Alexis Winter wasn’t prepared for this one. But, an apocalypse is an apocalypse and she should have this covered. She has been “prepping” for the last three years. The problem is location and timing. She’s stuck downtown and she has to get to her house on the outskirts of the city so she can get her supplies and bug-in (for the “non-preppers” this means hole up and stay safe).

    Agreeing to work on a Saturday is now coming back to bite her on the ass big time. Hopefully, it won’t be a literal bite by the walking dead.

    Luck favors the prepared, and as luck would have it, it comes in the form of the ridiculously hot Blake Miller. Former military man, current mercenary, Blake Miller, the man with the plan, his goal: steal a boat and trek up the Mississippi until they find safety. Alexis thinks this is a great plan and she decides to team up with Blake. The two team up in unexpected ways as they find they can’t keep their hands off of each other even when the world is falling down around them.

    Can Alexis and Blake survive the end of the world, and if they do make it through the night, find a place that is safe and secure? Will their newfound attraction lead them down the road to love or heartbreak?

    Zombies, sex, romance and carnage…you can’t get any better than this.

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    The Guest Post

    Run The Streets of NOLA with Gillian Zane

    My debut novella RUN was a challenge to write because of the logistics of having the characters navigate the streets of New Orleans, realistically, in a life-and-death escape. The novel is set completely in New Orleans and the Greater New Orleans area, where I’ve lived most of my life, so I had the benefit of understanding the cities terrain. I wanted the characters’ path to be so real that if you plotted their stops on a map you could follow their progression without any confusion.

    RUN is about a girl who is working Downtown, in New Orleans when a zombie apocalypse breaks out. In order to survive, the heroine, Alexis must make it from Downtown to the outskirts of the city, avoid zombies and survive. In RUN, you get to experience the terror of her journey through the streets and rivers of New Orleans. Of course, I wouldn’t just give you terror and brain eaters, Alexis teams up with the super-hot Blake Miller and they must survive together. The city plays a very prominent role in the book, especially the streets, rivers and canals.

    I invite you to take a run with me, via a Photo Journal, that showcases the prominent places in New Orleans that are featured in RUN.


    It wouldn’t be a book about New Orleans if it didn’t feature the French Quarter. The French Quarter is Ground Zero in RUN. The zombie outbreak begins in this area of the city and quickly spreads.


    Alexis’ journey begins in Downtown, New Orleans on Poydras Street. Downtown is located on the Western side of the French Quarter. The shot below is of the New Orleans skyline as a storm rolls in. You can see the largest buildings in the center, the tallest is One Shell Square. The shot was taken from the mall that runs along the Mississippi River, called the Riverwalk. The tracks visible are streetcar tracks, not train tracks like you find further down the river, but they run in the same pattern.


    Alexis’ path takes her from Downtown, on a straight-shot toward Uptown, using one of New Orleans most famous streets, Tchoupitoulas Street. It’s a mouthful. Say it with me, Chop-uh-Tool-luhs Street. There was once a Native American tribe by that name, but they are extinct now. Not by zombies.

    In this shot you can see the river and the abandoned warehouses that run along Tchoupitoulas. The bridge in the background is the Crescent City Connection. The fencing to the right in the shot is what protects the Port of Orleans. The wall on the left is the levee protection wall and as you can see, the train tracks run in the middle.


    Below you can see the Tchoupitoulas progression. The street starts Downtown and runs along the levee protection wall, the walls do not progress to levees until you pass Audubon Park and Tchoupitoulas ends. You can see the floodwalls with the gates in the last image. As you go further down the street it becomes more residential and Uptown, until it finally ends at Audubon Zoo.

    At about this point, Alexis meets Blake Miller and their journey takes a very sexy and unexpected turn. I don’t want to give anything away, you’ll have to read to find out more. But, continue on for more shots of Run Hot Spots.


    The Industrial docks that line the Mississippi River levee play a big role in RUN. These are the levees that line the Mississippi River once you pass the Audubon area. The levees are about 23 feet high and in my lifetime I’ve seen the river reach the top of the levee only twice.



    In the shot above you can see the expanse of levee and the vegetation that grows along the banks of the river. The water will rise past the fence line though, at this point in the season the ground is marshy and wet, but you can walk in the brush and pick blackberries. There are a lot of snakes and rodents though, so bring a stick.

    Other Hot Spots in Run

    Muscician’s Village is a neighbourhood in New Orleans that was built with the assistance of Habitat for Humanity and local celebrity Harry Connick, Jr. The homes were intended to house local musicians who lost their homes in Hurricane Katrina. Alexis’ parents live in Muscician’s village.


    The lock in the Industrial Canal plays a key part in RUN. This canal connects Lac Pontchartrain with the Mississippi River.


    New Orleans is surrounded on all sides by water. The Mississippi River, Lake Pontchartrain and other not as well known lakes, like Lake Borgne and Lake Catherine are all key spots within the novella and series. They also play important roles in New Orleans’ culture and lifestyle today, I couldn’t have written a book about New Orleans without featuring the bodies of water that surround the city.


    I hope you enjoyed the small trip through the lesser known parts of New Orleans and the hot spots of RUN, by me, Gillian Zane. If you want to know more…read the book.

    About the Author

    Gillian Zane has been writing fiction stories since she was first able to put pen to paper. She has published a few non-fiction books in her field of study, which is Art, but finally, after all, these years her first fiction novella is being released. Gillian is obsessed with anything that gives her a thrill and feels adding romance to any storyline is a good thing. She was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. She lives with her husband, too many animals in a little house that has way too many books.


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    Nola Zombies Series


    Blog Tour Review: LOVE ON THE LEDGE by Zoraida Córdova + Giveaway


    I am thrilled to be a part of the LOVE ON THE LEDGE Blog Tour hosted by Me, My Shelf and I. This was my very first Zoraida Córdova novel and I fell instantly in love with Sky and Hayden’s story. Now I can’t wait to go back and read all about Lucky and James – who I only briefly met in LOVE ON THE LEDGE – and see what happens with River in the third book in this series.

    LOVE ON THE LEDGE is a great way to introduce this series to those who haven’t yet read book one. It can stand on its own and it does so oh so well. If you’d like to know more about what I thought, my review is below. And if you’d like to know more about the books in this series and the author who penned them, their details are also below.

    This tour includes an awesome swag pack giveaway and there will be seven winners. So if you have a U.S. mailing address and you’d like the chance to win enter in the Rafflecopter.


    Love on the Ledge
    Add to Goodreads

    Title & Series: LOVE ON THE LEDGE (On the Verge #2)
    Author: Zoraida Cordova
    Release date: May 5, 2015
    Publisher: Diversion Publishing
    Pages: 226
    Formats: Paperback, audio, eBook


    Sky Lopez thought she had it all—the perfect job, the perfect relationship, the perfect life…until she discovers her not-so-perfect boyfriend has been cheating on her. So when her uncle asks her to help plan his Hamptons wedding, Sky jumps at the chance, leaving all of her “perfect” future plans in the rearview mirror.

    The wedding doesn’t prove as good a distraction as she’d hoped, because when her relatives and friends find out she’s single, they put Sky in their match-making sights. Never mind that she’s only twenty four. Never mind that she doesn’t want to settle for anyone other than Mr. Right. Seemingly everyone in Sky’s life wants her to get married and have babies. Like, yesterday.

    So when Hayden—a sweet, sexy roofer—plummets through the ceiling and practically falls into her lap, she can’t help but think that maybe nice guys do just fall from the sky.

    Soon Sky finds herself juggling crumbling wedding plans, the cheating ex who’s trying to win her back, the cute plastic surgeon her family thinks is perfect for her, and the hot roofer she can’t seem to get off her mind.

    As the wedding date draws closer, Sky will need to choose one—or none—to keep herself from falling off the ledge, and maybe into love.


    NOTE: This review is based on an eARC received from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest thoughts about the book.

    The Review

    LOVE ON THE LEDGE is sweet and funny and romantic and sexy – a total guilty-pleasure read that won’t make you feel the least bit guilty. Not after you meet Sky and her mostly lovable, slightly crazy, overprotective and overly involved family, And definitely not after you meet Hayden, the totally delectable, totally adorable, and totally perfect specimen of a man who literally crashes into Sky’s life.

    With Sky’s life in flux – her long-term relationship over, her decision to change careers pending – the last thing she is looking for is love. But when she meets Hayden, who seems to be everything her ex is not, she can’t seem to stop thinking of him, stop looking at him, stop wanting him.

    If her mother has any say in the matter she’d be back with her ex, even if he did cheat on her. Or she’d be moving on with a man her mother thinks would be perfect for her – the good looking but slightly creepy plastic surgeon who’d been a childhood acquaintance and neighbor.

    And she won’t, as long as Sky stays strong enough to resist her family’s pressure to find a man and settle down and continues to stick to her guns and follow her dreams. But it won’t be easy.

    Author Zoraida Córdova penned a heartwarming, delightful, and positively yummy story for readers to fall in love with. She tells her story through a character who is wary about falling in love, who is unsure about the choices she has to make, and who is desperate to remain in control, even when everything is falling apart.

    She introduces three potential love interests for Sky to choose from, only one of whom is the right one. And she makes him the most challenging and exciting to pursue.

    LOVE ON THE LEDGE is a story that can be easily devoured in one sitting. It’s a book in a series that can be read in order, out of order, or on its own. It’s a story that will make you smile, make you laugh out loud, make you sympathize with Sky, make you cringe, and make you swoon. It’s a love story that starts with a spark and becomes one that absolutely sizzles.

    And it’s a must for readers looking for a story that offers more than the typical New Adult contemporary romance with its interesting and diverse characters, its humor, its single POV, and a romance that is every bit as steamy as can be expected, but one that isn’t rushed.

    The Rating


    About Zoraida Cordova


    Zoraida Córdova was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where she learned to speak English by watching Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker on repeat. She studied English Lit at Hunter College, and The University of Montana before finding a home for herself in the (kinda) glittering world of New York City’s nightlife. She prefers her whiskey neat, her bacon crispy, and her men with a side of chivalry. She is the author of The Vicious Deep Trilogy (YA) and the On the Verge Series (NA).


    Other Books in the Series

    Luck on the LineTitle & Series: LUCK ON THE LINE (On the Verge #1)
    Release date: November 11, 2014
    Publisher: Diversion Books
    Pages: 248
    Formats: Paperback, audio, eBook


    To turn her life around, she’ll have to stand the heat. To fulfill his dreams, he’ll have to get Lucky.

    Despite her name, Lucky Pierce has always felt a little cursed. Refusing to settle for less or settle down, she changes jobs as often as she changes boyfriends. When her celebrity chef mother challenges her to finish something, Lucky agrees to help her launch Boston’s next hot restaurant, The Star. Even if it means working with the infuriating, egotistical, and undeniably sexy head chef.

    James loves being known as Boston’s hottest bad boy in the kitchen, but if he wants to build a reputation as a serious chef, he has to make this restaurant work and keep his scandalous past out of the headlines. Getting involved with his boss’s spoiled, sharp-tongued daughter is definitely not on the menu.

    As the launch of The Star looms and the tension and chemistry heat up in the kitchen, they’re going to need more than a little luck to keep everything from boiling over.


    Life on the LevelTitle & Series: LIFE ON THE LEVEL (On the Verge #3)
    Release date: September 15, 2015
    Publisher: Diversion Publishing
    Pages: 250
    Formats: Paperback, eBook


    Never gamble more than you can afford to lose.

    River Thomas was born a wild card. Her father took one look at her and decided that his daughter would have the best poker face in the city.

    But when he dies unexpectedly, River’s already dangerous life is spiraling out of control. After six months without gambling—staying away from the tables where she makes and loses her fortune—she relapses, and soon must go on the run from a guy looking to settle a score.

    She wants to be better, needs to be better, before she ends up like her dad. The road leads her to rehab in Sun Valley, Montana. But first, one last hurrah, and the beautiful stranger at the bar is just what the doctor ordered. She leaves before sunrise still thinking of his face. But her last hurrah with the guy of her dreams is also her counselor for the next ninety days…

    Attraction, however, is too strong a lure to ignore, and soon River finds herself gambling with the one thing she never thought she would—her heart.


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