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    Spooky September Challenge: Day Four – A Tribute to My Favorite Spooky Creature


    It’s Day Four of Parajunkee’s Spooky September Challenge and today’s challenge was much more difficult than it appeared on first glance. I immediately wracked my brain for various spooky creatures and came up with all sorts of possibilities – but none I thought deserved an entire tribute post.

    And so I thought perhaps I’d opt to go with beings versus what I considered to be creatures. Because there are plenty of spooky supernatural or paranormal beings that I might like to honor. But when I actually thought about it there was really only one I’d pay tribute to. And, yeah, it’s not exactly original or much of a surprise, but what can I say, I love the fanged undead and always will.

    Today’s challenge is…

    DAY FOUR: Tribute to Your Favorite Spooky Creature

    Anyway… if you’d like to know more about the challenge, just click the link above or either of the graphics and you’ll be taken to the information post.


    My Favorite Spooky Creature

    It should come as no surprise to anyone who’s visited my blog over the years that I love the vampire. Though it may come as somewhat of a surprise that the vamps I love aren’t always those that sparkle, are vegetarians, are high school hotties, are sexy, or nice. I am equally fascinated by the terrifying, grotesque, evil vampires, many of whom are spooky as hell.

    In fact, some of my favorite reads and films are ones where the vampires are the stuff of nightmares. Be they decrepit, preternaturally still and silent, ruthless and vicious, I still find myself drawn to them. And so to pay tribute to them – though not in the Renfield kind of way – I thought I’d share ten of my favorite spooky vampire books and films.

    • DRACULA by Bram Stoker (obviously)
    • ‘SALEM’S LOT by Stephen King – chilling
    • THE VAMPIRE LESTAT by Anne Rice – okay so maybe not exactly horrifying or grotesque but definitely ruthless
    • I AM LEGEND by Richard Matheson – awesome and so much better than the film
    • Nosferatu dir. by F.W. Murnau – creepy as hell
    • Night Watch dir. by Timur Bekmambetov – totally kick-ass but I would not want to encounter any of those vamps
    • Dracula dir. by Francis Ford Coppola – Gary Oldman does one heck of a creeptacular job
    • 30 Days of Night dir. by David Slade – the teeth, the screeching, chilling
    • The Lost Boys dir. by Joel Schumacher – dude, Kiefer Sutherland with fangs. Epic
    • Let the Right One In dir. by Tomas Alfredson – disturbing

    The original Fright Night film was pretty awesome, too. As was Daybreakers.

    What about you?

    What is your favorite spooky creature? Is it fanged? Is it furred? Does it live, is it undead, is it dead? Does it travel by land, sea or air? Does it haunt, bite, gnaw, or shred? Does it come wrapped in a pretty package or is it gruesome? Is it real or fictional?

    Which creature do you pay tribute to?