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    Heroine Tourney: The Incentives – Rachel Vincent Style

    I hope everyone’s getting excited for Kaylee’s match in the YA Sisterhood’s Tournament of Heroines that starts in less than two hours, at Midnight, Eastern and runs for ONLY 24 hours.

    My post on their site, as well as here on the blog, will be going live when the match starts, with links to the YA Sisterhood’s blog so you can cast your vote – hopefully for KAYLEE.

    During the summer YA Crush Tourney, Author Rachel Vincent allowed her character Tod to be interviewed by me.

    [If you’d like to hear what Tod had to say, just click on the image, below.]

    The Incentives

    Well, to make it more exciting, this time around, as an incentive to get you to VOTE and to help spread the word to those who will VOTE KAYLEE, YOU get to ask the questions – though I may sneak in a question or two of my own.

    And it won’t just be one character this time… Well, as long as Kaylee reaches certain milestones in the voting, which will be determined based on just how the voting goes, that is.

    For this tournament, Rachel has agreed to allow Sophie, Sabine, Emma, Nash AND Tod to be interviewed. IN THAT ORDER. So, if you want to hear from the boys, let’s make sure to get those votes in for KAYLEE!

    Each character will be asked FIVE questions, selected from the questions that YOU leave here on THIS POST.

    Starting NOW, you can ask your questions for Sophie – whose novella Never to Sleep will be coming out next month – by leaving them in the comments.

    Your questions can contain spoilers, but if they do, please alert any readers that they do by writing SPOILER QUESTION in front of your question.

    Once the first milestone has been reached, I’ll stop taking questions for Sophie and I’ll make my selections. So be sure to get your questions in EARLY to guarantee that they’ll be up for consideration.

    There will be a post for each character that is interviewed here on the blog. So be sure to check back to see whose questions were chosen and to find out what each character had to say!

    After that first milestone is reached, stop back to leave your questions ON THIS POST for the next character in the list – Sabine. Then do the same for Emma, Nash and hopefully Tod as Kaylee reaches each of her voting milestones.

    Both Rachel and I – and our favorite reaper Tod – are super excited for Kaylee to be in this tournament. And we hope to see her in the next round against the winner of the Tessa vs. Luce match.

    If you’d like to show your support, feel free to grab the VOTE FOR KAYLEE AVI to use on Twitter or Facebook.

    Also, as an added incentive – like you’d need more than a character interview – I will be giving away a Rachel Vincent BOOK OF YOUR CHOICE ordered from Amazon or The Book Depository to FIVE people who leave a question in the comments section, below.

    If you stop by to leave a question after each milestone is reached, you will get an additional chance to win with each question. So if Kaylee reaches all five milestones and you’ve left five questions in the comments, you’ll have five entries into the giveaway.

    Thanks so much for stopping by! And thanks, in advance, for all the support for Kaylee and for the awesome questions for the characters!



    And if you’d like to follow the craziness on Twitter over the course of the match, follow @rachelkvincent or @fiktshun or #HeroineTourney.

    Thanks so much to everyone who asked a question and left a comment! I’ve run the 39 entries through Random and Random chose….

    If the winners left their email in the hidden details for the post entry, I’ll be reaching out by email, otherwise, please email me or leave a comment here with your details so I can email you for your book selection and address!

    Thank you for all of your support! And be sure to head over to Rachel Vincent’s blog to leave a question for Tod or Nash!