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    Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge: Day 7 – My Top Ten Book Blogger Pet Peeves

    Book Blogger NY Challenge

    Today is Day 7 of Parajunkee’s Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge. And I am so glad to be done with the Worst and Best posts. As I have so many peeves, many of them are applicable to myself – yes I totally annoy myself – choosing just ten iss the biggest challenge today.

    But I’m going to try.


    For those of you who might want to participate but haven’t yet heard about this challenge, just click on the link above for more details. But here is the schedule of posts…

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    Day Fourteen – BLOGGING WISH LIST OF 2014


    “10” Book Blogger Pet Peeves

    I think I’m going to have to just list these in random order… or maybe order them after I’ve rambled about them because I’m not sure, off-hand, which peeves bother me more than others. And I’m totally sure I’ll forget a million and one peeves when creating this list. I know, I know, it’s supposed to be ten, but seriously? Just ten? I can’t just list ten. But I’ll try to keep to fewer than twenty peeves.

    And as I have so many, I thought I’d break them into categories. Starting with…

    Twitter Peeves

    Peeve #1

    The “Hey Stranger, tweet my post and help me promote my book/giveaway/blog” tweet from someone who you don’t know and who doesn’t even follow you.

    Peeve #2

    The one-second follow from someone who wants to appear in your interactions list, get noticed, get followed but has no intention of interacting with you beyond the one second they followed and unfollowed you. (Yes I’m talking to you minor one episode TVD actor whose name I can’t remember. Guess your strategy didn’t work.)

    Peeve #3

    The incessantly repetitive tweeter. I am all for promotion. But tweeting the same tweet multiple times within an hour, each hour, for several hours or @’ing every single blogger under the sun who might or might not be interested in said post/book/promotion irks me to no end. Spread out those tweets!

    Peeve #4

    The negative DM’er. A tweeter you might have once upon a time had a convo with who decides to reach back out via DM to tell you that your site loads slowly, your sidebar is too cluttered, you haven’t hosted enough giveaways, your posts have been lame as of late, or you just all around suck. Love ya too!

    Email Peeves

    Peeve #1 (Yes I’m restarting the count, it’s a different category. Hmm, maybe I should list this renumbering as a peeve. It’s totally cheating.)

    The “Dear Blogger” emails.  If you’ve found my email it isn’t a huge leap to discover my name – or at the very least be able to call me by my blog name.

    Peeve #2

    The “I know you’re interested in” emails for things I specifically state I’m not interested in.

    Peeve #3

    The emails sent to a publicly cc’ed group, that are not sent en masse by a publisher or author whose list you want to be on, by someone you don’t know requesting something of you involving hours of your time. Five seconds of their time to create a personalized email isn’t too much to ask. Is it? Yes it makes me feel like a number. And yes I don’t like the lack of confidentiality in having my email address sent out to a large group of people I don’t know.

    Peeve #4

    The “friendly suggestion” emails. Emails from people you don’t know offering you suggestions on how you might make your blog better or more like some other better, more popular, blog. And no, I’m not talking about email from people selling services. I’m all for having errors pointed out, but suggestions are preferred from people I know or people I ask for advice.

    Comment Peeves

    Okay, so I only have just one as I love comments and I rarely get troll-ish ones.

    Peeve #1 (Ugh. There I go with that renumbering again. Hope I remember to list this as a peeve later on.)

    The generic copy/paste “meme comment” from someone who a) didn’t actually read your post and b) only wants to promote their post link and have you visit their site. If I’m not mistaken memes are about meeting other bloggers, discovering new blogs, and reciprocating site visits with at least semi-thoughtful comments.

    Blog Peeves

    This is a broad category that encompasses just about everything about blogging that peeves me. As it has the potential to be super long I promise to keep the list to ten or fewer.

    Peeve #1 (Last restart for the numbering. Promise.)

    Captcha/recaptcha. I’m old. Reading has made my eyesight that much worse. I can’t read tiny numbers in blurry photos. I’m not gonna. Get rid of the captcha.

    Peeve #2

    The overly intrusive comment form. No I’m not going to give you my DOB, driver’s license number, bank account info just so I can leave a comment.

    Peeve #3

    Disastrous coding. Copy/pasting text into Blogger (and sometimes WordPress) does not always mean it’s going to take on the attributes of your blog’s fonts. Seeing those wacky fonts, oddly highlighted paragraphs, unusual spacing makes me cringe and wonder how much said blogger loves their blog.

    Peeve #4

    Sound widgets. I know we all love, love, love that ever-updating countdown widget for Cassandra Clare’s books. But the whistling wind sound EFX have kept me from visiting many a site. I can’t always remember to keep my comp on mute when stalking the blogs at 3 a.m.

    Peeve #5

    The “it’s all about the ads” blogs. A few ads in sidebars, maybe a couple banner ads at top and bottom of a blog are okay. But flash ads that declare their presence in headers, sidebars, posts, footers drive me loopy. It’s the very reason I don’t visit standard websites all that often. And it’s why I spend more time hiding from Goodreads than I used to.

    Peeve #6

    Hey, that blog’s got so many moves it must have watched Karsten Knight’s instructional dance video. Animated gifs in posts – fun. Animated gifs in posts, in sidebars, flash ads, multiple scrolling widgets, dozens of countdown widgets counting down, moving slideshows in posts, featured image/post slideshows at the top of posts. Not so fun. If I have to take a seasick pill to visit a blog I’ll probably refrain. Or if by spinning in circles a blog looks static, then it’s probably too much movement for me. I can’t spin and read.

    Peeve #7

    The “it’s all about me” blogger. If you’re talking, well it must be about them and how dare you. If you’re not talking about them then you should be. If you think you’re equal, you’re not. If you think you had an original idea, well they had it first. If you want it to be about you, well you can’t because it’s all about them. Remember they are the special flower and should be treated as such. You’re just the compost that enables them to thrive.

    Peeve #8

    The unread rater. I don’t mean those who rate books they DNF. Or those who give negative ratings for books by authors who’ve shown less than stellar behavior toward bloggers. I’m talking about those who rate books on Goodreads they haven’t read, or could possibly have read, as the book isn’t out yet and they didn’t beta read it. At first I am always curious – and slightly jealous – thinking someone got an early read and then am left in a state of confusion when I realize that no, they haven’t read it, they just felt it deserved a rating – whether positive or negative. Based on what? On what?

    Peeve #9

    Overly obsessive perfectionist bloggers and blog tour promoters who are ridiculously strict with details and timelines and will send email after email to follow up on unanswered questions. Oh this sounds like me! Wait, it is me. Only me.


    Peeve #10 (And I think this is my biggest peeve.)

    People who make the blanket statement that book bloggers blog for the free books.

    Have these people tried blogging about books before? Have they counted up the hours it takes to blog and determined how much money they could have made working for minimum wage and how many books they could have purchased with their after tax dollars earned from that job?

    Have they seen how much it can cost to blog about books – between design, hosting, domain names, giveaways, postage, mailing supplies?

    Have they heard about the hidden cost of being a book blogger – that bloggers who blog about books tend to buy way more books than they would have if they didn’t blog at all?

    No. I don’t think they did.

    And to quote the not-so-immortal words of Shawn and Gus…


    Yeah… that tenth peeve sent me a little over the edge. Still, I love that “Psych” montage. Anyway…

    Okay, so I didn’t list as one of my peeves those bloggers who can’t stick to “10” in a top ten post. It really does drive me cray-cray. But only when I do it, though.

    And while I could rattle off another ten, twenty, thirty, one hundred peeves I have, I think for your sake and mine (mostly mine) I’ll stop. Otherwise I might start to seem a bit difficult, persnickety, cantankerous, bitchy.

    Besides, I think the peeves I listed are a fair representation of things that bother me.

    But what about you?

    What are your book blogger pet peeves? Do you have any? Do you have many?

    What is your biggest peeve? What things can you just let slide off your back?

    If you’re not a book blogger, but a book blog reader, what are your peeves about the blogs and bloggers you come across?

    Are any of my peeves similar to or the same as your own? Or are they more focused on blogger posts – all blasts, blitzes, memes or other unoriginal content, giveaways galore with the mandatory follow, posts only meant to drive up traffic and stats?

    Or are your peeves more generic, like those who misuse piqued/peaked/peeked, those who spell a while incorrectly as awhile (me, me, me!), those who aren’t consistent with their serial commas?

    Or is it all good and the only thing that peeves you is the term “pet peeve”?