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I have opted to use a ONE  through FIVE STAR rating system for my reviews, as review sites such as Goodreads and Amazon don’t allow for half-star ratings.

While this does make it difficult on occasion, in the long run it is easier than trying to figure out whether to raise or lower it elsewhere and have it be inconsistent with the rating I have on the blog.

And while the terminology may differ from what either Goodreads or Amazon call each of their star ratings – I say “loved it” where Goodreads may say “really liked” – if you see one of these ratings here on the blog – or anywhere – this is what I meant….


Oh… and yes there is a rating I forgot to mention above. It’s my “off-the-menu” rating. Just like In-N-Out Burger‘s infamous secret menu, some things are just too good to be listed.

I give out this rating, on occasion, to those books that have just a little something extra special.