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Review Policy

Reviews will consist of my synopsis and review and sometimes will contain my personal thoughts. And all reviews will include cover art, the description from Goodreads with a link to the book, links to buy on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as links to excerpts and book trailers if available.

All reviews will be posted on the blog, on Goodreads and Amazon and posted on my blog’s Facebook page. And all reviews will be tweeted to my followers on Twitter.

I will try to review all books I receive within a month before or after publication unless a specific time has been previously agreed upon. I cannot guarantee that all reviews will be positive, but negative reviews will in no way be disrespectful to the book or author. And receiving a book for review does not guarantee a review.


Authors or Publishers

Authors or Publishers:

Currently I am accepting young adult fiction books in any genre and new adult contemporary romance. And I am willing to accept ARCs in either print or eBook format. I will also consider paranormal romance/urban fantasy.

If you are an author or publisher that would like to see your book reviewed, please contact me at or DM me on Twitter @fiktshun.


Indie or Self-Published Authors:

I am currently not accepting any books for review from self-published authors unless I’ve already reviewed your work. I hope my schedule frees up in the future, but at the moment I’m fully committed and not taking on any new self-published authors.


Fiktshun is a NetGalley Review Organization:


I accept digital galleys/ARCs for review. My preferred method of receiving eGalleys is through NetGalley, where I am a listed Review Organization Accepting NetGalley titles.


Please note that providing an ARC or self-published novel does not guarantee a positive review as per FTC regulations and the fact that all reviews will be honest and based upon each reviewers opinion.



I have opted to use a ONE  through FIVE STAR rating system for my reviews, as review sites such as Goodreads and Amazon don’t allow for half-star ratings.

While this does make it difficult on occasion, in the long run it is easier than trying to figure out whether to raise or lower it elsewhere and have it be inconsistent with the rating I have on the blog.

And while the terminology may differ from what either Goodreads or Amazon call each of their star ratings – I say “loved it” where Goodreads may say “really liked” – if you see one of these ratings here on the blog – or anywhere – this is what I meant….


As re: my “off-the-menu” rating…

Just like In-N-Out Burger‘s infamous secret menu, some things are just too good to be listed. I give out this rating, on occasion, to those books that have just a little something extra special.


Giveaway Policy

I very much enjoy giving away the books I love by the authors I love. And as long as I have a blog and the means to do so, I will continue to share my love of books with the readers of my blog.

My giveaway policy will apply to all giveaways I host, unless otherwise stated. Any giveaways provided by an author, publisher or a tour I’m participating on, will have a different set of rules which will be detailed in the specific giveaway.

ALL giveaways will be HOOP FREE. Some may offer extra entry opportunities, like following the author, but most will be one entry only. I am not hosting giveaways to gain followers, just to share my love of books and to clear off my shelves.

ALL entrants must be 13 or older. For some giveaways the age minimum may be 16 or 18 depending upon the subject matter of the books being offered.

ALL giveaways are international unless there is a time restriction on a particular prize being offered for giveaway.

ALL giveaways are one entry per household. I’ve had to change this from one entry per person due to the large volume of suspect entries.

ANY entry that looks suspect will be removed from the giveaway.

ANY entrant who has previously been found to have cheated on a giveaway will be automatically disqualified.

MOST giveaways will be for one week or less.

QUICKIE giveaways will last for no more than 48 hours.

A note to readers.

Except for a very small handful of giveaways, all books are purchased by me for giveaway or are books I traded for and have either read and loved, or don’t have time to read and so am giving them away.

If I order the books from Amazon or The Book Depository, that is a direct cost to me. If I mail the book I’ve bought locally or traded for, that is also a cost to me.

I give the books away because I want to share them, I want to help promote authors I love and I want readers who don’t otherwise have a chance to read those books to get a chance to read them.

By entering multiple  times with fake email accounts to try to win a book is taking someone else’s chance away from them, taking money out of my pocket and ruining the experience of sharing my love of reading with others. While you may not care about any of that, if I stop hosting giveaways, it will affect you.

So please, abide by the giveaway rules. I’ve already had to resort to Rafflecopter because the honor code wasn’t working and thus ruining the chances for entrants with legitimate family members who might want to enter from participating.

Thank you.




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    Reply Alba Solorzano

    After reading PJ’s BB101 today… I really want to update my review policy… specially with the indie authors part… and the negative/positive part…
    But I’m not good at it. No matter how hard I’ve thought the words over in my head… I cannot, for the love of me, write them down and put them into words T_T

    July 5, 2012 at 11:08 pm
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      Reply Fiktshun009

      Oh you should! If you need help you can just run any ideas by me. 🙂

      July 11, 2012 at 1:18 pm

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