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Guest Posts

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Josephine Angelini – Lucas Delos Interviews Josephine Angelini

Vivi Barnes – Excerpt from Z’s POV + Intro

Vivi Barnes – Questions about OLIVIA TWISTED answered

Cristin Bishara – CharacterRuby Wright on traveling through a wormhole

Melanie Card – WARD AGAINST DEATH Excerpt

Rae Carson – Why Do I Write YA?

Joelle Charbonneau – Character Q&A with Raffe

Molly Cochran – Katy Interviews Her Author, Molly Cochran

Daniel Cohen – Dan Interviews His Characters and They Interview Him

Gina Damico – Rogue Photo Hunt Reveal

Jordan Dane – Who are the Believers?

Melissa Darnell – Who and What are the Clann?

Lisa Desrochers – A Little Too Hot Alternate POV Scene

Debra Driza – MILA 2.0 Excerpt

Sabrina Elkins – Cami Describes Julian & Julian Describes Cami

Trinity Faegen – The Road to The Mephisto Covenant’s Publication

Tara Fuller – Favorite INBETWEEN Moments

T.M. Goeglein – A Quest Paid in Blood

Carol Goodman – Blythewood’s Setting

Tessa Gratton – Tessa’s Top Ten Wizard/Magical Movies

Ryan Graudin – Top 10 Favorite Quotes from All That Glows & Why

Claudia Gray – Top Five Moments in the Spellcaster Series

Bethany Griffin – Author and Character’s Top Five Favorite Passages from DANCE OF THE RED DEATH

Bethany Hagen – On David Dana from Landry Park

Kiki Hamilton – Torn Wing Blog Tour Q&A

Kim Harrington – This or That with Donovan and Kane

Alyxandra Harvey – Introduction to Moira

Wendy Higgins – This, That or The Other with Wendy, Anna and Kai

Heather Hildenbrand – COLD BLOOD Excerpt

C.J. Hill – Dystopian Fashion

C.J. Hill – Top Ten Things Every Slayer Needs

Rosamund Hodge – The Lure of the Beast

A.G. Howard – Morpheus Talks Likes/Dislikes of Netherlings

O’Dell Hutchison – Character and Author This or That

Stacey Jay – Love or Duty

Elana Johnson – Possession Series Villains

Michael Johnston – Everyday Conservation

Sophie Jordan – One Thing My Character(s) Have Taught Me

Sophie Jordan – Challenges of Creating the Uninvited World

Amelia Kahaney – Five Young Adult Books I Loved

Alex Kahler – Introduces The Immortal Circus

Alex Kahler – An interview between the author and King Oberon

Alex Kahler – King Oberon bashes the Winter Court

Alex Kahler – An interview between the author and Annabel Morgan

Alex Kahler – A Letter from Oberon Declaring War

Alex Kahler – Mab Introduces Act Two

Alex Kahler – On Changing a Character’s Fate

Karsten Knight – Top 5 Vlogs (includes an interview)

Robin LaFevers – Bluebeard

Sara B. Larson – Character Bios

Jennifer Laurens – Who is Grace Doll?

Mary Lindsey – Annabel Lee’s Influence

Katherine Longshore – Top Five Favorite Scenes from Manor of Secrets

Molly McAdams – Forgiving Lies Excerpt

M.R. Merrick – The Interrogation: Rayna interviews Chase

M. R. Merrick – Chase talks about The Circle

Dawn Metcalf – A Note from Graus Claude

Courtney Allison Moulton – SHADOWS IN THE SILENCE Teaser

Courtney Allison Moulton – Deleted Scene with Ellie and Cadan

Lea Nolan – Ten Things Every Hoodoo Apprentice Needs

Elizabeth Norris – On Writing the Unraveling series + Top Ten Songs to write it to

Brenda Pandos – A Scene Written from Nicholas’ POV

Brenda Pandos – Brenda Interviews Julia

Fiona Paul – Getting to know Luca: A Q & A session with the other guy from VENOM

Amy Plum – Meet Vincent

Amy Plum – IF I SHOULD DIE Excerpt

Victoria Scott – 10 Things Every Brimstone Bleed Contender Should Have

Kristen Simmons – The most important thing she learned in school

Cara Lynn Shultz – Emma’s Pick for Brendan

Maria V. Snyder – Favorite Quotes

Sherry Soule – Favorite Character Moments

Jessica Spotswood – Why Cate Cahill?

Sherry Thomas – Top Five Scenes from The Burning Sky

Stephanie Thomas – Top Five Scenes

Michele Vail – UNDEADLY Character Post – Ally Bartolucci

Talia Vance – Celtic Mythology

Talia Vance – Scene from SPIES AND PREJUDICE from Tanner’s POV

Rachel Vincent – On why romance is so important to her stories

Rachel Vincent – Top Five Favorite-to-write Soul Screamers Scenes

Rachel Vincent – On “What’s Next for Rachel Vincent”

Kasie West – PIVOT POINT Excerpt

Cecily White – Don’t Quote Me On That

Trisha Wolfe – Top Five Favorite Passages

Samantha Young – On Writing and Self-publishing

Michelle Zink – THIS WICKED GAME’s Claire on witnessing her mother practice voodoo