I haven’t had many non-tour interviews on the blog, mainly because I’ve always been afraid to approach authors for interviews and partly because I feel as if I’m terrible at coming up with interesting questions that haven’t already been asked and answered, especially during blog tours.

But after 4+ years of blogging, I finally have a few to share.

Author Interviews

(Sorted by last name)

Jennifer L. Armentrout, author, Tempting the Bodyguard

Ilsa J. Bick, author, The Dickens Mirror

Martina Boone, author, Compulsion

Alexandra Bracken, author, Passenger

Anthony Breznican, author, Brutal Youth

T.J. Brown, author, Summerset Abbey

Naomi Canale, author, His Dark Ways

Joelle Charbonneau, author, The Testing series

G.P. Ching, author, The Soulkeepers and Weaving Destiny

Susane Colasanti, author, the City Love trilogy

Betsy Cornwell, author, Mechanica

Sarah Beth Durst, author, The Lost

Sarah Beth Durst, author, Chasing Power

Sarah Beth Durst, author, The Girl Who Could Not Dream

Simone Elkeles, author, Wild Crush

Jacqueline Green, author, Kiss and Tell

Amy Butler Greenfield, author, The Chantress Trilogy

Bethany Griffin, author, Masque of the Red Death

Bethany Griffin, author, The Fall

Rae Hachton, author, Pretty in Black

Alyxandra Harvey, author, A Breath of Frost

Anne Heltzel, author, Charlie, Presumed Dead

Eleanor Herman, author, Legacy of Kings

Wendy Higgins, author, Sweet Evil

Amanda Hocking, author, Trylle Trilogy, Watersong series, The Hollows, My Blood Approves

C.C. Hunter, author, Unspoken

Jennifer Jenkins, author, Nameless

Angeline Kace, author, Descended By Blood

Tiffany King, author, Meant To Be, Forgotten Souls, The Ascended

E. Katherine Kottaras, author, How to Be Brave

Karsten Knight, author, Wildefire, Embers & Echoes

Emmy Laybourne, author, Sweet

Trisha Leaver, author, The Secrets We Keep

Mary Lindsey, author, Shattered Souls

Katherine Longshore, author, Brazen

Jenny Martin, author, Tracked

M.R. Merrick, author, Exiled, Shift

Stephen Metcalfe, author, The Tragic Age

Lea Nolan, author, Illusion

Caragh M. O’Brien, author, The Vault of Dreamers

Lauren Oliver, author, Rooms

Lauren Oliver and H.C. Chester, authors, Curiosity House: The Shrunken Head

Stacey O’Neale, author, Mortal Enchantment series

Allison Pataki, author, The Accidental Empress

Johanna Pitcairn, author, 32 Seconds

Deirdre Riordan Hall, author, Sugar

Romina Russell, author, Zodiac

Jeanne Ryan, author, Charisma

Melinda SalisburyThe Sin Eater’s Daughter

Elizabeth Scott, author, Heartbeat, Between Here and Forever, The Unwritten Rule, et al

Maria V. Snyder, author, Night Study

Ann Redisch Stampler, author, Afterparty

Margaret Stohl, author, Black Widow, Red Vengeance

Courtney Summers, author, All the Rage

Stephanie Tyler, author, Defiance

Scott Tracey, author, Witch Eyes, Demon Eyes, Moonset

Scott Tracey, (Part II), author, Witch Eyes, Demon Eyes, Moonset

Scott Tracey, author, Moonset, (includes interviews with Moonset’s characters)

Rachel Vincent, author, The Flame Never Dies

Tammara Webber, author, Between the Lines series, Easy

Kiersten White, author, And I Darken

Kelley York, author, Hushed

Samantha Young, author, The Tale of Lunarmorte, Warriors of Ankh, The Fade, Fire Spirits series

Suzanne Young, author, The Remedy

Allen Zadoff, author, I Am the Traitor

Character Interviews

(Sorted by author)

Chloe KennedyGhost House by Alexandra Adornetto

Daemon Black, Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Daemon Black – 2nd interview, Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Jane MontjoyThe Stepsister’s Tale by Tracy Barrett

Cia ValeThe Testing series by Joelle Charbonneau

Mara Kane, The Soulkeepers series by G.P. Ching

Jack DandyThe Steampunk Chronicles series by Kady Cross

Quinn CaffreyBreathe series by Sarah Crossan

Savannah and TristanThe Clann series by Melissa Darnell

Bonnie/Chloe, Benton and PatrickSomething Real by Heather Demetrios

Marcus Marble, Pretty in Black by Rae Hachton

Kaidan RoweThe Sweet Trilogy by Wendy Higgins

Juliet EmerlineThe Architect of Song by A.G. Howard

Haniel, The Ascended by Tiffany King

Cat Colvin, The Childe by C.A. Kunz

The Fennrys WolfStarling series by Lesley Livingston

West and HaleyTake Me On by Katie McGarry

Joy MaloneThe Twixt series by Dawn Metcalf

Luc RousseauThe Dispossessed series by Page Morgan

Tavia MichaelsEarthbound by Aprilynne Pike

Tavia MichaelsEarthquake by Aprilynne Pike

Logan McEntireDefiance series by C.J. Redwine

Cole Holland, the White Rabbit Chronicles by Gena Showalter

EmmaAfterparty by Ann Redisch Stampler

Jade LansingWitch Eyes series by Scott Tracey

Justin, Jenna, Malcolm, Cole and BaileyMoonset series by Scott Tracey

Viggo, Causal Enchantment series by K.A. Tucker

Blake WilliamsBandia series by Talia Vance

Emma Marshall, Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent

Sabine Campbell, Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent

Sophie Cavanaugh, Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent

Tod Hudson, Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent

Blogger Interviews

Alex Bennett, blogger, Electrifying Reviews

Amanda and Sarah, bloggers, Short and Sweet Reviews

Jaime and Patricia, bloggers, Two Chicks On Books

Jaime, blogger, Two Chicks on Books (Playing 20 Questions with…)

Jenna, blogger, Jenna Does Books (Playing 20 Questions with…)

Jenny, blogger, Supernatural Snark (for the CRASH INTO YOU Blog Tour)

Katrina, blogger, Bookish Things & More (Playing 20 Questions with…)

Kayla, blogger, The Thousand Lives (Playing 20 Questions with…)

Mindy, blogger, Magical Urban Fantasy Reads


Guest Posts

(Sorted by Author)

Reneé Ahdieh – On Writing the eNovellas

Lynda Aicher – The Perfect Valentine…Or Not

Katie Alender – Favorite & Most Challenge Scenes from THE DEAD GIRLS OF HYSTERIA HALL

Josephine Angelini – Lucas Delos Interviews Josephine Angelini

Victoria Aveyard – This or That

Chandler Baker – Five Facts About TEEN FRANKENSTEIN

Anna Banks – The Adventures of Waitressing

Vivi Barnes – Excerpt from Z’s POV + Intro

Vivi Barnes – Questions about OLIVIA TWISTED answered

Emily Barr – One Memory You Would (Or Wouldn’t) Want to Be Your Only Memory

Erin Beaty – Favorite and Most Challenging Scenes to Write (and Why)

Nina Berry – On Being Notorious by Pagan Jones

Cristin Bishara – CharacterRuby Wright on traveling through a wormhole

Liz Braswell – Ten Reasons Why to Twist a Classic Disney Tale

Lee Bross – Life in the Criminal Underworld

Melanie Card – WARD AGAINST DEATH Excerpt

Rae Carson – Why Do I Write YA?

Nicole Castroman – Most Challenging Scene, On Writing Blacksouls, Favorite Quotes, 10 Things, 5 Things

Joelle Charbonneau – Character Q&A with Raffe

Molly Cochran – Katy Interviews Her Author, Molly Cochran

Molly Cochran – Five Things You Should Never Wish For

Daniel Cohen – Dan Interviews His Characters and They Interview Him

Gina Damico – Rogue Photo Hunt Reveal

Jordan Dane – Who are the Believers?

Melissa Darnell – Who and What are the Clann?

Heather Demetrios – This or That

Lisa Desrochers – A Little Too Hot Alternate POV Scene

Heather Dixon – Creating the Alternate Worlds

Debra Dockter – The Fabulous World of Twins

Catherine Doyle – Creating the Criminal Underworld in VENDETTA

Debra Driza – MILA 2.0 Excerpt

Alexandra Duncan – Difficult Scenes

Katlyn Duncan – Favorite Scene from This Summer

Katlyn Duncan – Hadley and Lily’s Top “Summer to Remember” Must Haves

Sabrina Elkins – Cami Describes Julian & Julian Describes Cami

Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison – 5 Awkward Dating Moments, Misunderstandings, or Mishaps

Rinda Elliott – Forecast Vlog

Trinity Faegen – The Road to The Mephisto Covenant’s Publication

Tara Fuller – Favorite INBETWEEN Moments

Claudia Gabel and Cheryl Klam – The Pros and Cons of Escaping Into a Virtual World

Kami Garcia and Kimberly Derting – Magical Gifts

T.M. Goeglein – A Quest Paid in Blood

Lori Goldstein – 5 Jinn Stereotypes Azra Wishes Weren’t True

Carol Goodman – Blythewood’s Setting

Tessa Gratton – Tessa’s Top Ten Wizard/Magical Movies

Ryan Graudin – Top 10 Favorite Quotes from All That Glows & Why

Claudia Gray – Top Five Moments in the Spellcaster Series

Bethany Griffin – Author and Character’s Top Five Favorite Passages from DANCE OF THE RED DEATH

Bethany Hagen – On David Dana from Landry Park

Bethany Hagen – On Writing the Romance in Jubilee Manor

Kiki Hamilton – Torn Wing Blog Tour Q&A

Kim Harrington – This or That with Donovan and Kane

Alyxandra Harvey – Introduction to Moira

Wendy Higgins – This, That or The Other with Wendy, Anna and Kai

Heather Hildenbrand – COLD BLOOD Excerpt

C.J. Hill – Dystopian Fashion

C.J. Hill – Top Ten Things Every Slayer Needs

Rosamund Hodge – The Lure of the Beast

A.G. Howard – Ensnared Cover Puzzle

A.G. Howard – Morpheus Talks Likes/Dislikes of Netherlings

A.G. Howard – Morpheus shares Ensnared in a Winter Wonderland lyrics

A.G. Howard – Looking Back at the Splintered Series Characters

O’Dell Hutchison – Character and Author This or That

Stacey Jay – Love or Duty

Elana Johnson – Possession Series Villains

Michael Johnston – Everyday Conservation

Sophie Jordan – One Thing My Character(s) Have Taught Me

Sophie Jordan – Challenges of Creating the Uninvited World

Amelia Kahaney – Five Young Adult Books I Loved

Alex Kahler – Introduces The Immortal Circus

Alex Kahler – An interview between the author and King Oberon

Alex Kahler – King Oberon bashes the Winter Court

Alex Kahler – An interview between the author and Annabel Morgan

Alex Kahler – A Letter from Oberon Declaring War

Alex Kahler – Mab Introduces Act Two

Alex Kahler – On Changing a Character’s Fate

Brigid Kemmerer – Most Challenging Scenes

Dawn Klehr – Revenge, Love and Hate

Karsten Knight – Top 5 Vlogs (includes an interview)

Nina LaCour – On the cover for Everything Leads to You

Robin LaFevers – Bluebeard

Sara B. Larson – Character Bios

Jennifer Laurens – Who is Grace Doll?

Claire Legrand – Five Favorite Quotes & Passages

Christy Lenzi – Writing the Romance Aspects of STONE FIELD

April Lindner – Top Ten Things I Love About Italy by Lucy Sommersworth

April Lindner – Some Rules of the Road

Mary Lindsey – Annabel Lee’s Influence

Katherine Longshore – Top Five Favorite Scenes from Manor of Secrets

Carrie Mac – Most Challenging Scene to Write

Amanda Maciel – Top Ten Writing Must Haves

Lisa Maxwell – Character Profile: Jianyu Lee

Molly McAdams – On Brody Saco

Molly McAdams – Forgiving Lies Excerpt

Katie McGarry – Echo Interviews Katie McGarry

Gretchen McNeil – 10 Random Things

Gretchen McNeil – Top Ten ’80s Film Quotes

M.R. Merrick – The Interrogation: Rayna interviews Chase

M. R. Merrick – Chase talks about The Circle

Dawn Metcalf – A Note from Graus Claude

Courtney Allison Moulton – SHADOWS IN THE SILENCE Teaser

Courtney Allison Moulton – Deleted Scene with Ellie and Cadan

Amy K. Nichols – Meeting Danny Ogden by Eevee Solomon

Lea Nolan – Illusion Introduction + Sneak Peek

Lea Nolan – Ten Things Every Hoodoo Apprentice Needs

Elizabeth Norris – On Writing the Unraveling series + Top Ten Songs to write it to

Stacey O’Neale – Elemental Courts

Stacey O’Neale – Most Challenging Scene from UNDER HIS SKIN

Brenda Pandos – A Scene Written from Nicholas’ POV

Brenda Pandos – Brenda Interviews Julia

Fiona Paul – Getting to know Luca: A Q & A session with the other guy from VENOM

Elizabeth Paulson – Fairytale Influences

Amy Plum – Meet Vincent

Amy Plum – IF I SHOULD DIE Excerpt

Cindy Pon – Top Three Favorite Passages from SERPENTINE

Caisey Quinn – Writing LOVING DALLAS

Sara Raasch – First Lines from Snow Like Ashes

Sara Raasch – Favorite and Most Challenging Scenes in the Series

C. J. Redwine – Five Fast Facts

Juliana Romano – Friendship vs. Love

Romina Russell – On Creating the Zodiac Universe

Melinda Salisbury – 5 Favorite Quotes

Cynthia Sax – Scorching Confrontations

Cynthia Sax – When Characters Dream

Victoria Scott – 10 Things Every Brimstone Bleed Contender Should Have

Rebecca Serle – Celeb Love Triangles

Megan Shepherd – Favorite Character POV to Write From

Gena Showalter – Milla’s Phobia

Kristen Simmons – The most important thing she learned in school

Cara Lynn Shultz – Emma’s Pick for Brendan

Maria V. Snyder – Favorite Quotes

Sherry Soule – Favorite Character Moments

Jessica Spotswood – Why Cate Cahill?

Ann Redisch Stampler – On Creating the Settings for Afterparty

Sabaa Tahir – Would You Rather?

Sherry Thomas – Top Five Scenes from The Burning Sky

Sherry Thomas – A Day in the Life of Archer Fairfax

Sherry Thomas – Top Three Heartbreaking Moments in the Elemental Trilogy

Stephanie Thomas – Top Five Scenes

Michele Vail – UNDEADLY Character Post – Ally Bartolucci

Patricia Vanasse – On Max Noticing Lauren for the First Time

Talia Vance – Celtic Mythology

Talia Vance – Scene from SPIES AND PREJUDICE from Tanner’s POV

Rachel Vincent – On why romance is so important to her stories

Rachel Vincent – Top Five Favorite-to-write Soul Screamers Scenes

Rachel Vincent – On “What’s Next for Rachel Vincent”

Dan Wells – Timeline

Holly West – 10 Random Things

Kasie West – PIVOT POINT Excerpt

Cecily White – Don’t Quote Me On That

Trisha Wolfe – Top Five Favorite Passages

Samantha Young – On Writing and Self-publishing

Allen Zadoff – On Being an Assassin

Gillian Zane – Run the Streets of NOLA

Michelle Zink – THIS WICKED GAME’s Claire on witnessing her mother practice voodoo


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