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    The Crush List #8

    Here are five books that I’m crushing on big time

    SPLINTERED by A.G. Howard is a new crush, but one that I feel like I’ve had for a lifetime. Maybe it’s the familiarity with the ALICE IN WONDERLAND story. But I think it’s more likely that I’ve been trapped in Wonderland ever since. And time is different there.

    I read it nearly a month ago and I still can’t get it out of my head. I still find myself wondering about the different paths Alyssa has before her. And different boys she has to choose from.

    But whether it’s me not wanting to say goodbye, or the story not letting me go, I can’t seem to get SPLINTERED out of my head.

    Why I’m crushing BIG TIME:

    A familiar journey. A dangerous quest. A dark twist. An even darker world. A shocking revelation. A complicated yet wickedly appealing guide. An incredibly delectable white knight. A heroine with a bit of a wild side. A totally twisted dinner party. An exciting and magical adventure. And heartbreak so crushing it leaves one breathless.

    MOONSET by Scott Tracey is also a new-ish crush. Though I’ve been crushing on this book ever since I first heard about it months and months ago. And it’s not just because I love the author’s writing. Or that I love stories about witches.

    I just knew that I would fall madly in love with this new world, these new characters and the absolute insanity that is their existence. I knew that I’d want more from the second I dove in. And I knew that I’d be pining for the sequel before I even got halfway through.

    I can only hope that the wait for the next book in the series won’t kill me. But as that book is so very far, far away from being a reality, it’s very possible it will.

    Why I’m crushing:

    A dark legacy. A secret past. Hidden truths. Black magic. Wicked awesome abilities. Deadly enemies. Magic. Covens. Action. Suspense. Kick-a** characters. All set in a town called Carrow Mills.

    POISON PRINCESS by Kresley Cole is a fairly new crush but one that hit me hard. Like a two-by-four in the face kind of hard. I haven’t fully recovered. I am still scarred. And I don’t think I will recover until I find out what’s happening in the sequel.

    When I first heard of the series I hadn’t had  a clue what an “Arcana Chronicle” could possibly be about. But now that I do know, oh…my…freaking…gosh!

    And all I can say now is, “I can’t wait! I can’t wait! I can’t wait!” Wait for what? ENDLESS KNIGHT. October 2013. That is all.

    Why I’m crushing:

    An incredibly hot and totally sexy Cajun boy named Jack Deveaux. An utterly dark and twisted world. Filled with even darker and more twisted people. A road trip through a landscape that is the stuff of nightmares. An ending that will make you want to scream. And a story that absolutely sizzles. I’m talking H.O.T.

    UNRAVELING by Elizabeth Norris is a brand new and totally surprising crush. I did not expect to crush on this book. At all. It was not a sub-genre I thought I’d ever like, let alone love, love, love.

    Yet I do. A LOT. And if it’s humanly possible I love it even more than that.

    If I’ve learned one thing from having read and crushed on this book, it is not to judge a book by its label.

    Why I’m crushing:

    A ticking clock. Heartbreak. A sexy savior. Heartbreak. A daring and determined heroine. Heartbreak. An intriguing premise. Some more heartbreak. A lightning-fast pace. And an outcome you just might not see coming.

    STARLING by Lesley Livingston is both an old and a new crush. I’m still crushing on the author’s WONDROUS STRANGE series and often wonder what’s going on with those characters that did not make an appearance in this book.

    But it’s new because of the exciting new world and awesome new characters, but mostly it’s because of the Fennrys Wolf.

    I knew this book would make my crush list before I even cracked open the cover. Because it’s Lesley Livingston. Because it is set in the same city as the series of hers I already adore. Because of the Fennrys Wolf.

    But even with all of that, I couldn’t help but get crushed by the grand and…revealing…entrance that Fenn made. One I can’t help but think about long after I devoured this book.

    Why I’m crushing:

    Magic. Danger. Faeries. Sword battles. A city under siege. A killer beginning. A killer ending. And all sorts of Fennrys in between. A quest for answers. An action-packed adventure. And a heroine who knows how to handle both a sword and a wolf with a memory problem.


    I know it’s been a long while since I posted one of these. It’s not because I haven’t been crushing on the books I’ve read, because I have. But I haven’t crushed on five books that I’ve read in a relatively short timespan from one another since my last post in February. Which meant no Crush List post.

    But now, I have so very many book crushes that they won’t even fit into this post. I actually have three books I’m crushing on that did not make this list and two more I know I’ll be crushed by when I read them next week. So maybe, just maybe, I’ll have another one of these posts next month.

    Once again my crushes seem to be all over the place – Sci-fi, dystopian, paranormal, supernatural and fantasy. But it doesn’t diminish their crush-ability in the least.

    Not. At. All.

    All I can say for sure is that I haven’t crushed this hard on this many books in a long time. But perhaps it’s because of the dark and sexy Morpheus, the magical journey through Wonderland, the dangers abounding in Carrow Mills, the lone bright spot in the post-apocalyptic world that is Jack Deveaux, the heartbreak that is Ben Michaels and the pants-less Fennrys Wolf.

    Yes. Perhaps that’s it. [INSERT WICKED GRIN HERE.]


    Do you crush on books?

    What makes a book crushworthy for you?


    The Crush List #7

    Here are five books that I’m crushing on big time

    Shadow Bound by Rachel Vincent is a brand new crush and one that I never imagined having. I’m not one who easily gets attached to new characters in a series as I typically give my heart only to the first characters I meet. But Kori and Ian changed everything.

    And while I may have read this book a month ago, I can’t stop thinking about it, it is still holding me captive and my crush is worse than ever.

    Why I’m crushing: It’s dark, it’s seductive, it’s dangerous, it’s heartbreaking. It’s sarcastic, it’s funny, it’s beautiful, it’s devastating. There’s unbelievable chemistry. There’s incredible strength. There are moments that are breathtakingly poetic.

    And oh that tension. It will make you sigh. It will make you grin. It will make you sigh some more. Your heart will take up permanent residence in your throat. It will leave you breathless… And that’s all before you even get near that ending.

    Divergent by Veronica Roth is a new crush that should have been an old one. The guilt of not having been crushing on this book for as long as I should have been is just eating me away.

    I didn’t think I’d be crushed by this book. I didn’t really believe the hype. Well, my hesitation cost me big time and now I’m suffering a brand new crush where my crush should have been an older, less painful one by now.

    Why I’m crushing: The unknown. The danger. The world. The possibilities. And the tantalizing thrill of it all. The characters – intriguing, inspiring, heartbreaking. The action – riveting and exciting. And a lead up to an unforgettable ending that will leave you wanting more, more, more. And definitely some more after that.

    But it’s Tris, the amazingly brave heroine, and Four, the undeniably swoon-worthy hero, that will make this crush nearly impossible to recover from.

    Cinder by Marissa Meyer is another totally unexpected new crush. I do not crush on fairytales. I rarely crush on science fiction. I certainly do not develop crushes on stories that have both…. until now.

    But there is just something so endearing about Cinder and something so magical about Kai that made this not quite so happily ever after fairytale one that has crushed me big time.

    Why I’m crushing: It’s incredibly sweet. It’s equally chilling. The world is dark, deadly and disturbing. The lovable characters will make you laugh, they’ll make you smile and they will make you cry. And those that aren’t quite so easy to love will make you nervous, make you angry and keep you guessing.

    There is a mystery. The story has twists and turns. And this is one fairytale that does not end quite like the original.

    Death Sentence by Alexander Gordon Smith is a completely anticipated and much welcomed crush on a series I’ve been crushing on for ages… okay, months. This crush just feels like a crush I’ve had forever.

    And while it may not be such an old crush, it will be one day, because this book and series are already counted among my forever crushes. Even if I wanted to, I will never in this lifetime be able to rid my memories of the horrors implanted there courtesy of Alfred Furnace and Warden Cross.

    Why I’m crushing: Devastation. Unbelievable heartbreak. Despair. Anguish. Horror…. Bone-chilling horror. And that’s only in the first few pages. It’s darker. It’s scarier. It’s way more gruesome. It’s downright evil. And it’s not afraid to end badly. Very, very badly.

    It may make you panic. It may make you cry. But it is certain to leave you shivering and looking over your shoulder to make sure a berserker isn’t coming after you.

    Hallowed by Cynthia Hand is a new crush on an existing series crush that I’ve had ever since I read Unearthly. I thought I’d been crushing on this series pretty badly. But that was before I read Hallowed.

    Now my crush has grown by leaps and bounds and has turned into one of those crushes that knocks the wind out of me every single time I think about it. And due to the fact that not only did this book make me cry, it made me sob, Hallowed may be moving to Heartbreak Row very, very soon.

    Why I’m crushing: Breathtaking and beautiful and incredibly sad. Surprising and suspenseful and wonderfully twisty-turny. Christian… definitely Christian. And Tucker, too.

    But of the many things to crush on in Hallowed, it’s the loss, the heartbreak and the inability to do anything to change what’s meant to be that makes this a crush that will be felt for years to come.


    Because I missed this post in January, I’m catching up on some of my older crushes before I get to my latest crushes. And yes, I’m still crushing on all of these books – I’m no short-term crush kind of girl!

    I already have my next five crushes picked out from the books I’ve read so far in 2012, some of whom were clamoring to be included in this post. But they’ll just have to wait their turn.

    As I stare at my latest pile of “to be read” books, I just know already that there are quite a few that will be crushworthy and I’m just dying to start crushing on them now. I absolutely love developing new crushes.

    But not to worry. It doesn’t matter how many crushes I have on the books I love, because there will always be room for more. Always.

    Do you crush on books?

    What makes a book crushworthy for you?


    The Crush List: The Authors #1

    Each month I try to post a list of five of the books I’ve read that I’ve been crushing on. Books that have captivated me, stolen my heart and left me desperate for more. While many readers crush on characters, I tend to crush on the books that contain the characters I love. As amazing as all these characters are, they would be nothing without the stories that surround them.

    And they wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for the authors who created them. If you can believe it – yes, I know it’s hard to believe – these books don’t write themselves. There are actually very real people that put down those words in that very specific order that make us connect with them, crush on them, fall in love and forever cherish them.

    So, I thought it only fair to every-so-often post about the authors that amaze, inspire and astound me, not only for their ability to create those crushworthy books, but for just being all-around amazing.

    This group of five authors is the first of two groups of authors that I’m crushing on that are extra special to me personally, even if I don’t say why in the post.

    Here are just a few of my author crushes


    Leah Clifford

    Leah Clifford is the amazing author of the Touch series. Aside from being a brilliant writer, she’s incredibly generous and this great mix of super nice and totally evil.

    She goes completely over the top for her fans. She gives a lot of her time to them on BlogTV and on Twitter and she is always, always entertaining. Even when she’s tormenting them with whispers of the bad things she plans on doing to their favorite characters in her next book.

    Why I’m crushing: Her writing. She reminds me that no one needs to conform to a certain style to be a success. Her books. They remind me why I enjoy reading when blogging and reviewing become too overwhelming.

    Her characters. They’ve become so real to me that they’ve invaded my everyday conversations. Her BlogTV shows. My perfect escape from blogging – yes I need one of those. Her generosity. She shares a part of her life and gives a huge amount of her time to all her fans. Her ability to make me smile. No other author has made me smile as much as she has.


    Rachel Vincent

    Rachel Vincent is the amazing author of the Soul Screamers, Unbound, and Shifters series. Not only is she a masterful writer, but she goes so far above and beyond to find new ways to tease, torment or otherwise whip her fans into a frenzy.

    But she is also extremely generous with her time and her books, she is super supportive of other authors, she’s takes time out of an incredibly busy writing schedule to blog and interact with her fans and to share pictures of her mad baking skills.

    I don’t know how she does all that she does, with her books releasing as frequently as they do, but her dedication to her writing and to her fans is absolutely awe-inspiring.

    Why I’m crushing: Her writing. I don’t know anyone who has successfully kept me tied up in knots from beginning to end of every book they’ve written. The roller coaster ride. She puts me on one every single time. The unexpected. I love knowing I can expect the unexpected.

    The magic. Her books have a way of making time disappear. Her posts and tweets. Always entertaining and totally stalk-worthy. She chooses the difficult road. She always seeks to better her characters and stories. No complacency here. No thinly stretched stories. No jumped shark. Just a whole lot of awesome.


    Scott Tracey

    Scott Tracey is the amazing author of the Witch Eyes series. He is an exceptionally talented and extraordinary writer. His writing is stunningly beautiful, he paints such incredible worlds with his words, and his ability to tease and torment his fans is unrivaled.

    He is incredibly generous, totally snarktastic and wickedly awesome. He takes time out to share his books with his fans, read from them every once in a blue, tease them (mercilessly, I might add) bit by bit with the promise of what is to come, and leave them happily (mostly) in a state of suspense.

    Why I’m crushing: His writing. It’s gorgeous, it’s snarky, it’s full of delicious surprises. His world. Belle Dam is a place I’d never want to live, yet where I want to visit and re-visit. Again. And again. His witches. I love to love them. I love to hate them. They intrigue me.

    His ability to tease. No one does it better. Though torment might be a better word choice. His vlogs. While I haven’t seen one in quite awhile, those snark-filled vlogs leave me ROFL. His tumblr. Have you seen the yummy photos he tumblrs? He steals the show. BlogTV is never more fun than when he makes an impromptu appearance on Leah’s channel. He’s just so super cool.


    Jennifer L. Armentrout

    Jennifer Armentrout is the amazing author of the Covenant and Lux series. Her ability to create and to write is astounding. She delivers book after book of awesome and yet just keeps on giving more to her fans.

    Her generosity is overwhelming. The extra scenes, the alternate points of view, the cover reveals and the fact that she spends so much time engaging with her fans on Twitter, on her blog and on BlogTV makes her the awesomesaucetastic author she is.

    Why I’m crushing: Her writing. It’s addictive. Whether it’s action-packed, steamy or nail-biting, I can’t get enough. Her characters. Her heroines are kick-a** and lovable, her heroes are swoonworthy and her bad boys are smexy.

    Her ability to transform SciFi. Wow. Aliens. The new yum. I never thought I’d want to read about them, but to love them? Heretofore unthinkable. Her generosity. It’s epic. She gives so much more to her fans than we could ever hope for or deserve.


    Karsten Knight

    Karsten Knight is the amazing author of the Wildefire series. He is a phenomenal writer who is willing to break the rules to create something spectacular. He is scary good at his craft.

    The time he takes to entertain his fans with those videos of his and to come up with such unique post tags just shows how incredibly generous and giving he is.

    He has such an amazing imagination and it doesn’t hurt that he is wildly… entertaining. (Thought I was going somewhere else with that sentence? Nope.)

    Why I’m crushing: His writing. It flows beautifully. Everything is harmonious. The action, the humor, the sarcasm, the violence. His characters. They’re brutal. They’re beautiful. He makes me want to know them. His world. It’s diverse. It’s dangerous. It’s shocking.

    His cliffhanger ending. …. …. …..

    His vlogs. Every. Single. One. Wickedly, wildly, insanely, outrageously entertaining. Warning: adults should not watch them at work. Or in public. How he doesn’t dissolve into fits of laughter I’ll never know.


    There are so many authors that are amazing and crushworthy for all that they do for and to their characters and for all they do for their fans.

    And while I may have only listed five here, my list is actually quite long.


    Do you crush on authors – and not in the creepy, stalker-y way?

    What makes an author crushworthy for you?


    The Crush List #6

    Here are five books that I’m crushing on big time

    Everneath by Brodi Ashton is a new crush, but one that I feel like I’ve had forever. What was first just a cover crush developed into a steal-your-heart-and-hold-it-hostage kind of crush.

    I read this book nearly a month ago and even with all the amazing reads since then, it has refused to let go. And I’m certainly not ready to let it go.

    Why I’m crushing: A ticking clock. A seemingly inescapable fate. A love that knows no bounds. A tragic end from the very beginning. Loss. Heartbreak. Devastation. Despair. A moment that changed everything. And one deliciously, incredibly sexy immortal.

    A Touch Morbid by Leah Clifford is a new crush on a series and characters I’ve been crushing on for over a year. It’s a painful crush that rides that fine line between crush and heartbreak.

    I knew I would crush hard. I knew I would be tormented. I knew that things would not end well. And yet I still gave my heart to this book knowing it would be crushed, destroyed, smashed to smithereens.

    Why I’m crushing: It’s dark. It’s devious. It’s incredibly, dangerously and wickedly sexy. It’s heartbreaking. It’s cruel. And yet I still beg for more. It’s twisty. It’s turny. It’s gritty. It’s edgy. And oh how edge-of-your-seat nerve-wracking it is. All hope may be lost. The outlook is grim. And it’s likely to end happily never after.

    Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout is a brand spanking new crush and one that has earned a permanent place on my crush list. It was a total surprise and one that completely blindsided me. Knocked me flat on my face, it did.

    When you think of hot and sexy books to read, you do not think aliens. At least I didn’t… until now. I am anchored to this series for as long as those books just keep on coming.

    Why I’m crushing: Tantalizing. Electrifying. Chemistry so H.O.T. it sizzles. Forbidden attraction. Tension, tension and more tension. And one super sexy, smokin’ hot, shirtless bad boy, Daemon Black. Dangerous secrets. Deadly rivals. And an ending that will leave you begging, pleading, groveling for more.

    Where You Are by Tammara Webber is a completely new and different crush to the one I have for the first book in this series. I assumed my crush on this book would just be an extension of my existing crush, but  an all new crush formed instead.

    I was briefly worried my new crush would fade, as is often the case where the first book in a series ends so perfectly. But I worried for nothing and now I have two huge crushes on this series.

    Why I’m crushing: Plotting and scheming. Lies and betrayals. Deception. Rejection. Heartbreak. Heartache. Redemption. Deliciously torturous drama. A love story that will make you smile one minute and cry the next. And a nail-biter from start to finish.

    Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare is an existing crush that grew to epic proportions after this read. Crushing on a steampunk story is always a surprise to me, but crushing on any story set in Victorian Era London is a total shocker.

    I did not expect to fall quite so hard for this book. My clear favorite has always been The Mortal Instruments series. But that clarity has definitely gone opaque after I finished this book.

    Why I’m crushing: Secrets revealed. A devastating betrayal. Everything on the verge of collapse. A choice must be made. Loyalty and friendship are put to the test. Suspense hangs over every action, every word, everything. Stolen kisses. Love is in the air. A night of romance, magic and danger. All leading up to an ending that will make you want to scream.


    I have another book I’ve read and am crushing on, but I decided to save it for next month’s post. Five crushes seemed like the perfect number to list, and I like having one in the queue just in case I don’t develop any new crushes in the next month.

    Besides, once again I had so many new crushes that I didn’t even get to list one of my old favorites. But I’m glad my crushes this month are diverse, even though I don’t have a vampire crush among them.

    After all, what’s not to love about immortals, the fallen, siders, hot aliens, actors and actresses and Shadow Hunters?

    Do you crush on books?

    What makes a book crushworthy for you?


    The Crush List #5

    Here are a few books that I’m crushing on big time

    Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi is a new and very delicate crush. It’s a crush that’s bordering on heartbreak. Not because the book itself made me break down, but the main character and the writing are what tore me apart. And I just know already that this will be a book, and possibly a series, that in time lands on Heartbreak Row.

    I’ve read it twice and would have loved to read it again if I had just a little more time. But I also need to breathe and the weight that presses against my chest every time my eyes absorb the beauty of the writing is a pain I just can’t suffer at the moment.

    Why I’m crushing: Breathtakingly, achingly beautiful writing. A vulnerable, fragile and broken heroine. A boy who is absolutely everything a boy should be. A love story. An action story. A dangerous world. A sympathetic, totally hot villain. One incredibly steamy, sexy scene. And a perfect ending that leaves you desperate for more.

    Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith is a semi-new crush. The book may have come out awhile ago, but I just discovered it recently and can’t stop thinking about it. Still. Nearly one month after reading it.

    The cover completely freaked me out. The trailer gave me chills. I did not expect to crush on a book that had me that creeped out before I even started it, but I did crush. I’m still crushing. Big time. For a book without a love story. A book without a hot guy. And a book and series without any real chance at happily ever after.

    Why I’m crushing: It’s dark. It’s disturbing. It’s edge-of-your-seat exciting. It’s horrifying, chilling and grotesque at times. The blood watch. The black suits. The Warden. The dogs. And most of all the wheezers. Can’t forget them. Even if I want to. And I really want to.

    Smokeless Fire by Samantha Young is a brand new crush and one I wasn’t expecting. I love the author’s writing and have a major crush on her book Slumber, but I was not prepared to fall for a book about genies or Jinn.

    I had serious cover love for this book, which alone would make this crush-worthy. But I never imagined that I would like, let alone crush on, a story about beings quite as exotic, or as evil, as Jinn. And yet, before I even got one-third of the way through, I was completely crushed.

    Why I’m crushing: Enchanting worlds. Magical, unique, intriguing abilities. Dark and dangerous enemies. Hidden agendas. Secrets. Not one but two scrumptious boys to choose from. A heroine that can kick some serious a**. And an ending that will leave you hanging in the best possible way.

    Solitary by Alexander Gordon Smith is another new crush and one that I was hoping to crush on. I couldn’t just stop after reading Lockdown, even though I had absolutely no room for this on the pile.

    Any fear I had of the crush fizzling out quickly changed over to a fear of solitary confinement and just what was coming after Alex in his pitch dark, cramped cell.

    Why I’m crushing: Riveting, nail-biting, chilling and macabre. Even Darker. Definitely scarier. So much more grotesque. Confinement and isolation. Experiments gone wrong. The dogs. The black suits. The wheezers. The warden. The rats. The infirmary. The incinerator. And one very dangerous cliff to be left hanging from.

    Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth Durst is my very latest crush. What started out as a cover and title crush grew, with every page I turned, into a full-blown crush by the middle of the book.

    I never imagined I’d add this to my crush list. Not with the premise being that a vampire was staked by a unicorn and somehow became more human because of it. But it turned out, in part, that the premise was the very reason this became a crush-worthy book for me. And while I may not have had an insta-crush, I have a seriously big-time crush now.

    Why I’m crushing: Cold, cruel, calculating vampires. Enough sarcasm and humor to make you LOL. And LOL again. A vampire with a taste for ice-cream flavored blood. A bad-a** heroine who grows a conscience. An arrogant, super sexy vampire boyfriend with a big mouth. And one absolutely delicious, drool-worthy, slightly stalker-y boy.


    I have one new book I am seriously crushing on, but because my review has not yet been posted, I thought I’d save it for Crush List #6. And I’m thrilled about the fact that two of my five crushes are on some of the most horrifying young adult books I’ve ever read.

    While I didn’t get to list one of my long-term crushes, I’m so glad I finally got to add a vampire book to the crush list this month. Even if most of those vamps themselves were more creepy than crush-worthy.

    Do you crush on books?

    What makes a book crushworthy for you?


    The Crush List #4

    Here are a few books that I’m crushing on big time

    Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent is a brand new crush and my very first one on an adult read since I started blogging last year. It’s a pretty fierce one as I’m still crushing and It’s been over a month since I read it.

    This is the first adult paranormal/urban fantasy series I’ve actually gotten excited about since I discovered Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles. And I have a feeling this has now blown the door wide open to a whole new world of books I’ll be stalking.

    Why I’m crushing: A dark and dangerous world. Seriously wicked powers. A totally kick-a** heroine. A love that won’t die. A sexy and powerful hero. A murder. A mystery. Secrets. Lies. Betrayal. Heart-pounding action. Hot, hot, hot. And a cliff that will leave you hanging.

    Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout is a crush with a few miles on it, but is not one that’s ready to quit any time soon. The crush sparked to life before I even got a glimpse at the first page. I crushed on the idea of it before I even knew what to expect. The spark turned to flame when I read the novella and that flame turned into an inferno when I first read the ARC.

    Before the second read, the crush was still burning bright, and it continued right on through that last page turn and beyond. It’s gotten so bad that I just want to pick it back up and start all over again.

    Why I’m crushing: Forbidden love. Deadly enemies. A feisty and reckless heroine. The perfect smokin’ hot hero. All roads lead to heartbreak. Inescapable fate. Trouble on the horizon. A prophecy. I’m seeing broken triangles in the future. Secrets. Lots and lots of secrets.

    Between the Lines by Tammara Webber is a crush newbie and one I did not anticipate having. Aside from contemporary young adult books that would make my heartbreak row, I didn’t think I’d actually love one enough to be crushed. But I did. And I am.

    It hits that perfect balance between being light and fun and bittersweet and tension-filled. Just the right mix to give me an itty bitty crush and then some.

    Why I’m crushing: It’s flirty. It’s fun. It’s all sorts of yummy. Hot, but not too hot. Sad, but not the soul-sucking despair kind. A love story. Heartache but not heartbreak. Two very smexy boys. Not just surface fluff, this one digs way deeper.

    Weaving Destiny by G.P. Ching is a new crush piled on top of an existing crush. I have been crushing on The Soulkeepers since I read it last spring. But that crush was nothing compared to just how I’m crushing now that there are two books in this series.

    I honestly didn’t believe my crush would change all that much from book one to book two. I’m not usually one who loves a character switch-up, so there was some fear my crush might fade during the read, but it actually grew and I found a whole new set of things to crush on.

    Why I’m crushing: Bendy and twisty. Snarks and LOL’s. Girl power. A dance with Death. Calling all corpses. A quest times two. A secret world. An undecided future. A title that says it all.

    City of Bones is a seriously ancient crush, bordering on obsession. This series might have ended up on heartbreak row, if things had gone the way I thought they were going. I know I felt totally heartbroken at various points during my read of City of Glass, but fortunately City of Bones was all about the crush.

    And crush, I did. This one slammed me to the ground, knocked my breath from my body and left me reeling for weeks. I crushed so hard that I had to re-read it (and the other two books in the series written at the time) over and over and over again before the spell was broken and I could move on to another book.

    Why I’m crushing: The world – what a wonderful world. The writing – unbelievably stunning, vivid, bewitching writing. The characters – Clary=adorable, Jace=*sigh* *drool* *swoon* *faint* *sigh*. Original. Shadowhunters. Magical. Jace. Amazing. Jace. Heart-pouding action. Jace. Demons.


    No, I did not choose these books because purple- and green-toned covers look pretty on the same page. It was just happenstance.

    Of course there is another book with a green cover, releasing today, that I’m having a serious crush-attack on right now. (Hint, if you must have one: It’s by the author of the book on top of this crush list. Need I say more?) But as I already listed it amongst my past crushes, I can’t very well put it on the crush list again. At least this soon, anyway.

    No vampire books this time around, sadly. Although there may just be a vampire or two in one of them, they aren’t the focus so it just doesn’t count. But there are plenty of paranormals with super amazing abilities to keep me crushing for at least another month.

    Do you crush on books?

    What makes a book crushworthy for you?


    The Crush List #3

    There are books that you fall in love with, that leave you breathless and sobbing your eyes out. Books that take your heart and stomp on it, leaving you completely destroyed.

    Then there are books that steal your heart. These bookish thieves take but do not destroy, leaving you forever captivated by their charms and always begging for more.

    These are the books that are the source of our undying crushes. The ones that leave us sighing, with a small smile that is just for them. We give our hearts to these books and would follow them to the very ends of the earth. Some of them make us do just that, and we follow, oh so willingly.

    A crush may be a fragile thing, but we certainly have room for many. I know I’ve crushed on hundreds of books in my lifetime and I’ll crush on many, many more. They say crushes are harmless, after all, so what’s wrong with having just a few…or a few more?

    Here are a few books that I’m crushing on big time

    Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey is a new and pretty huge crush. It’s definitely one that will turn into a love affair once I get a chance to re-read it.

    I have been crushing on the cover for what seems like the longest time, but I only recently had the chance to read it and discover for myself how crush-worthy it really is. The story was just as gorgeous as I’d hoped…more so, actually.

    Why I’m crushing: A forgotten past. Reincarnation. Unrequited love. Humor. That Lenzi will keep you in stitches. A malevolent spirit. Don’t want that guy on your bad side. Especially if you can’t even remember why he’s mad. Danger. Jealousy. No, it’s not a soap opera, it’s way more addicting.

    Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey is a fairly new crush. I say fairly new because anyone who knows me from around the blogosphere knows just how long I’ve been obsessed with this book.

    It started out as mere interest, when I selected it as one of my picks for the Debut Author Challenge, but the more I stalked it, the more obsessed I became. It’s one of a handful of must-have books that I absolutely had to have and was lucky enough to get.

    Why I’m crushing: Mind-blowing abilities. Seriously, Braden’s head practically explodes from them. Mystery. Suspense. Sarcasm. Sunglasses. Mystery. Yeah, I said it twice. What the heck is going on in Belle Dam? Rivalry. Dark secrets. Enemies. Shall I go on?

    You said yes, didn’t you? I thought you might.

    Well there are….Witches. Well, maybe just one witch in particular. Hellhounds. Can’t have a great chase scene without ’em. No one runs faster than when the Hounds of Hell are nipping at their heels. Hot boys. Hotness must be a requirement to live in Belle Dam, because those boys are yummy. If Belle Dam wasn’t so dangerous for outsiders I’d be on the next plane out.

    Frostbite by Richelle Mead is a practically ancient crush. Medieval really. I have loved this series forever, was crushed in a whole different way when it ended, but I just can’t get it out of my head.

    Of all the books in the series, this is the one I’m crushing on. Some have caused way too many tears to be crush contenders. But Frostbite has that perfect balance of sorrow, anguish and excitement.

    Why I’m crushing: Heartbreak. This one will make you cry. Lights, cameras…ACTION. Packed full of it from beginning to end. Tension, so tight you’ll practically snap because of it. Dimitri. Adrian. Dimitri. Adrian. Dhampir. Moroi. Now there’s two to crush on. Sweet, sweet torture.

    Soul Thief by Jana Oliver is a new crush on an old series. Okay, it’s two books in, that doesn’t make it old, but anything pre-2011 seems like a lifetime ago and that’s when I first met book one.

    I had a bit of a crush on this series since I discovered it, but it pales in comparison to how I’m crushing on book two. There’s definitely no “been there, done that” about this sequel. There’s just the right amount of new and exciting mixed in with the old and familiar.

    Why I’m crushing: Cliffhanger ending. Twisty plot. Action. Surprise, surprise, surprise. A whole lot of Den Beck to satisfy. And a freelance Demon Hunter that will make things sizzle.

    Reaper by Rachel Vincent is a new crush on an old read. And no, this isn’t merely an attempt to promote my Reaper for his next round. All this digging into his life has made me crush on him and his novella…and well every single book in the series he’s been in so far. And even the one he wasn’t in.

    I totally enjoyed this story on my first read, but as I didn’t know how awesome Tod was, and I didn’t appreciate just how perfect this novella was at showcasing all that is Tod. His personality definitely shines through in this one.

    Why I’m crushing: Tod. Yeah. I’ve fallen for a Reaper and this book is all about him. Sarcasm. Heaps and heaps of the stuff. Sacrifice. Loyalty. Love. All this packed into one short but oh so sweet read.


    So, this month’s selection of books I’m crushing on is a totally eclectic mix. My latest reads have taken me all over the place – reincarnation, witches, demons, reapers, bean sidhes, and a paranormal I can’t mention due to their spoiler-y nature.

    And of course I can’t go too long without crushing on the vampire. They were, after all, my very first paranormals I crushed on. Gotta love that Lestat who turned vamps from creepy bloodsuckers to something much more crush-worthy.

    Do you crush on books?

    What makes a book crushworthy for you?