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About the Blog

Fiktshun is a book review blog with content appropriate for most ages. The books reviewed are mainly YA or NA, though there are a few reviews for adult reading-level books, but nothing discussed will be inappropriate for younger readers.

The main focus of the blog is on the reviews, but there are a few tour stops and giveaways that enable me to have fresh/varied content. I’m one reviewer and just can’t post a book review seven days a week. I could read faster, but then I wouldn’t enjoy it as much, and this site is fueled by my love of reading so I don’t want that to ever change.

About Me

My name is Rachel and I’ve been reviewing/blogging about books since November 2010. I am a not-so-young adult who fell in love with YA books in the fall of 2008 and decided to start reviewing them on the blog two years later.

I have a full-time job during the day and try to squeeze in as much of a life as I can outside of that. Somewhere in between I like to read books and write about them here on the blog.

You will find me on Twitter in the evenings (mostly). I tend to be a shy Tweeter but feel free to say “hi” if you find me there.

I love most genres in YA, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be paranormal. I used to think I only loved vampires, but due to some amazing authors have fallen for those angels, demons, werewolves, faeries, spellcasters, magicians and zombie-killers.

How I Review

I take my process very seriously. It typically takes me several hours to write a review – except for my quickie reviews. I like to write a review which includes a short synopsis along with my non-spoiler-y thoughts about the book.

Occasionally I add a personal note so I can express how I feel about what I’ve read less formally and so that readers don’t think I’m a robot. (I do not post my personal notes with my Amazon reviews, mostly, so they are typically only here and on Goodreads.)

I love most of the books I read. If it’s a book I don’t think I’d like, I won’t start reading it. If it’s a book I don’t like, I usually know in the first few pages and won’t finish it. So, most of the reviews on my site are positive. I will point out things that I don’t like or that draw me away from the story, but I’ll never slam a book.

Past Blog Features

Random Thoughts – At least once or twice a month I will write an article – more like an editorial – on related topics that may be of interest.

My Reading Pile – now posted on Reading YA Rocks – A weekly post of the books that I plan on reading and reviewing that week, along with any books I received, the book I wish I could read, and any NetGalley finds.

Book Watch: Releasing This Week – now posted on Reading YA Rocks – A weekly post in which I list all the books I have on pre-order or will be buying that week, plus those releases that are also of interest.

Book Watch – A weekly post where I highlight one of the many books I can’t wait for. (One book spotlighted from each release week.) {Retired feature}

Playing 20 Questions with… – A weekly 20 quickie question blogger Q&A. {Retired feature}

My Favorite Quote from… – A post in which I talk about a favorite quote from a recent read. {Retired feature}

Epic Fail Moments in Blogging – A post in which I talk about one of my epic fail moments as a blogger. {Retired feature}

Book Buzz – A post where I discuss books I love that are still buzzworthy. {Retired feature}

The Trailers – A “For Your Viewing Pleasure” post of trailers for books releasing soon. {Retired feature}

The Extras – A post listing a few legal book freebies or extras that I’ve managed to find online. {Retired feature}

The Extras: Teasers – A post listing favorite quotes from books I’ve read. {Retired feature}

The Crush List – A post of books I’ve read that I’ve developed a crush on. {Retired feature}

The Crush List: The Authors – A post of authors I admire. {Retired feature}

The Readers Have Spoken – A post highlighting favorite answers to giveaway questions. {Retired feature}

Quarter Talk – A quarterly post where several bloggers share their answers to five book-related questions. {Retired feature}

Why YA? – A guest post in which a blogger or author answers the question of why young adult. {Retired feature}

Special Reviews

Quickie or Mini Reviews – Reviews generally for short books or novellas that don’t include my synopsis.

Just Discovered Reviews – Reviews of books that I’ve either just learned about, got a chance to read or re-read. Listed under reviews these will have a few “Just Discovered” extras.

Indie Author Spotlight Reviews – Reviews of books by an independent or self-published author. Reviews will include an author bio.

Oldies but Goodies Reviews – Reviews of a “modern” (post 1980) fiction novel that really stands out.

Love Letter Reviews – Reviews of a book or series written in the form of a love letter.

Book Thoughts – My thoughts about a book in a non-review format.