Six Year Blogoversary – Postponed

6yearsoffiktshunToday is Fiktshun’s Six Year Blogoversary as I’d mentioned in a post the other day. And while I had planned on posting all sorts of gushy rambling thoughts about turning six and sharing a giveaway, it doesn’t feel appropriate given the emotional roller coaster that was election day yesterday (and this morning for some).

So I am postponing my blogoversary celebration for a bit, but I promise that one will be forthcoming. But it doesn’t feel very much like a day for celebrating my blog when there are so many people reeling from last night’s results.

And before I sign off, I just want to say a little bit about that and a little more about me… oh and then about this great book that’s releasing today that I’m really excited about…

Those who know me, know that I am a private person online. (Yes, the irony hasn’t escaped me that I blog.) They also know that I’m pretty shy with those I don’t know and know that I don’t share too much about myself, my life, my beliefs. And that I try not to get caught up in drama.

So I don’t talk much about my family. I don’t talk at all about my job. And I don’t discuss my personal views on matters too often – especially not about politics, which is a hot button issue for many.

And so I’ve stayed (mostly) away from what’s been going on with the election on Twitter. And I haven’t championed any candidate publicly. And I don’t plan on talking politics – not because I’m afraid to, or have something to hide, but because my opinion on books is what matters here on the blog, not my opinion on politics, the candidates, the voters.

But what I will say is that I am someone who believes in equality, and freedom from persecution and fear. And for those who now are living in fear because of the decision that was made, I am heartbroken. I also believe in compassion and tolerance and acceptance, so the vitriol on social media from both sides of the divide has really made me sad. I had naively hoped not to see the pitchforks and ugliness, especially toward those who opted not to vote or chose to vote for a third-party candidate. Choice, even if it isn’t a choice we like, is part of what makes this country great.

And I do believe America to be the greatest nation, one that is more accepting of diversity than most, one that has more freedoms than most, and one that makes me feel safer than most.

I wasn’t born in this country, though I came here as an infant and got my citizenship as a child. From the moment I was conceived I was not welcome in my country of birth. So I know what it’s like to be hated just for existing.

When I came here there were many who hated me just because I was different. I didn’t grow up surrounded by diversity and acceptance. So I know what it’s like to be afraid, to feel out of place and not welcome.

But as time has gone by I’ve seen this country grow and change. I’ve seen its people change. And I have been grateful every day that I live here and not there. There I would have had no chance to get an education. There I would have had no chance to voice an opinion, fall in love, have a life worth living. There I probably wouldn’t have lived as long as I have.

And instead of becoming bitter because of my circumstances, I have chosen to take my experiences and have tried to become someone who is tolerant of others’ views, choices, lifestyles even if they differ from my own. I try to be respectful of others’ choices. I try to be understanding and caring. Because I know I could just as easily have turned out the opposite.

The vote was pretty evenly split last night – which I’m still in disbelief about – but what has me more shocked is the thought that this could be the first time this country has been divided so drastically since the Civil War. And it frightens me.

The disliking of the candidates is one thing, but seeing just how hateful we have become of one another during this vote is a huge and devastating blow. I’m just hopeful this split doesn’t widen in the coming years. I hope we can come together and work together to the betterment of our country. And I hope we can remember that our differences are what we have been fighting so hard for so many years to maintain even if we don’t always love those differences.

I am a reader. I am a writer. I am a blogger. I am a sailor. I am a woman. I am educated. I am diverse. I am shy. I am funny (sometimes). I am sad (often). I am middle class. I am a hopeful minimalist. And I am so much more.

And on that note… I am also really, really thrilled that TODAY, on Fiktshun’s blogoversary, the final book in the My Blood Approves series by Amanda Hocking has released.

Because Amanda Hocking is the very reason I started blogging on Fiktshun. She was the first “indie author” I discovered online before I started blogging. She is one of a few authors whose blogs I “stalked” before I started blogging.

And her series was one of the first YA series I fell in love with. So if you hadn’t been aware of SWEAR‘s release, some details are below.


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In the final book of the My Blood Approves series…

Alice has moved on and is settling into a new country with a new career as a vampire hunter. Finally, she’s created a stable, happy life for herself and her family, including her boyfriend Jack. Or at least as stable as her life can be, especially with a dangerous vampire cult resurfacing.

But everything she’s worked for is put in jeopardy when she receives a disturbing message – one that sends her on a quest that delves into a tragic mystery that has haunted Peter for years.

And on a final note… I just hope that after the shock of the results wear off that the authors and bloggers and readers in this community can once again come together as a community and rejoice in the fact that this country offers opportunities to so many amazing writers.

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