Random Thoughts: On Fiktshun’s Upcoming 6th Blogoversary


In a couple days my blog will turn SIX. I can hardly believe it, though maybe that’s because I’ve been somewhat absent this past year. Between a difficult move, injury, illness, family crises and losses, it hasn’t been much of a bookish year.

As much as I’ve wanted to escape into the worlds of books and book blogging I’ve had to be present and in the moment. Though in some of my darkest hours I have had some wonderful books to offer me the most lovely of distractions. And for that I will forever be grateful.

I wish that I could say things will be different in the year ahead, but I still have some family concerns that must take priority. So I’m just not certain.

But I hope to be more present. I hope to read more books. I hope to review more of the books I do read. And I hope to make more bookish friends.

In the six years since I joined the book blogosphere things have changed so much. A few of the bloggers I’ve known about since those earlier days are still active bloggers whose blogs I enjoy. A few of those bloggers have become published authors – yay, I’m so excited for them! Several of those bloggers have left blogging behind but still remain a part of the community – book lovers forever! Though, sadly, many of the bloggers I’d “met” along the way have moved on altogether and I just hope they’re still as passionate about reading the books they love as they were when they decided to share their thoughts online.

It’s been tough to keep up with all the new additions to the community on social media as of interest tweets and posts get buried by things like drama, politics and ads. And with new algorithms in place, it’s not always easy to find the posts I actually want to see. I wish there was an easy way to discover new blogs with similar bookish interests to my own – though I secretly wish people would just start up a convo about books as I’m still too shy to join in.

If it weren’t for Jaime of Two Chicks on Books I might just have disappeared altogether. But she has kept me in the loop with some of the goings-on, she has invited me on books tours of some of my favorite authors, and she has alerted me to some of the latest “must read” books.

She has also been a really great friend and listener, even if I haven’t been a very good one at all.

In the past year of blogging I’ve probably read only about 75 books. In the year ahead I hope to get that number over 100 again. I’ve only posted on the blog about 100 times this past year. I hope to up that number, too.

I also hope to figure out instagram – or at least learn to take nice pictures of my books – as my posts look so very, very sad in comparison to my favorite bookish instagram account – Bridget from Dark Faerie Tales – whose pics are so very amazing and make me very jealous of every book she owns even if I might have the very same books.

Fiktshun may not have the most updated blogging technology driving it. It may seem simple and sparse in comparison to some of the more elaborate and interactive blogs out there. But I am still madly in love with the design that Rachel of Parajunkee Designs labored over for weeks. It still makes me happy just knowing I have this little spot on the web to ramble about books when I have the time.

When I started blogging six years ago I could quickly name every single writer out there who wrote books I love. Now there are so many incredible authors whose books I love or whose books I just know I will love. This has been one of the best parts of being a part of the book blogging community – seeing how much talent there is out there, how many possible stories there are to read, how many characters there are to meet and fall in love with.

Of course, sadly, there are the drawbacks – witnessing plagiarism (by bloggers and authors), greed (grabby hands at bookish events, selling ARCs), “bullying” or other unfriendly, close-minded, or ungenerous behavior. As huge as this community has become these past six years, it’s unfortunate that the simple love of books isn’t enough to bring and keep us all together, keep us honest, and keep us kind. We are a diverse community that spans the globe – that should be celebrated. We all want our voices heard – that should be tolerated. We all want to discover some amazing authors and books – that should be enough. But instead we battle one another for early reads. We steal others words when we don’t have our own. We shame others for liking something we don’t like. And we shut others’ opinions down when they don’t dovetail with our own.

But even with all of that to detract, I am so happy to have been and to still be (to some extent) a part of this wonderful community. I still love to follow my favorite authors on social media, get teasers about their writing progress, see their gorgeous book covers. I still get excited when a blogger receives a new book to read, gets to meet one of their favorite authors at an event, posts a gushing review of book I loved just as much.

Six years is a long time, and yet it feels like an instant. I hope to be here next year to celebrate #7 – I’m sure if I just blink a year will pass, that’s how quickly time seems to be moving these days.

Fiktshun turns six on Wednesday and while the “event” may not be quite as elaborate as in years past, I will be hosting an international giveaway, so if you’ve made it to the end of this long ramble, I hope you’ll stop back then.


Thank You All So Much!

…for stopping by over the years to my little space on the web, for leaving comments on my posts, for chatting with me on social media. I know there are so many, many sites to visit, posts to read, much more sociable bloggers to connect with, and I appreciate all of you more than you could possibly know.


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