Spooky September Challenge: Day Six – Why I Love To Be Scared


It’s the final day of Parajunkee’s Spooky September Challenge and the topic for today is an interesting one. In some ways it’s kind of easy to answer. In others it is kind of challenging.

Today’s challenge is…

DAY SIX: Why Do You Love To Be Scared?

Even though it is the last day, if you’d like to know more about the challenge, just click the link above or either of the graphics and you’ll be taken to the information post.


Why I Love To Be Scared

First let me say that I don’t like to be scared about real life things. I am not a thrill-seeker who loves the rush of fear that comes from doing something terrifying, death-defying, or with a slim chance of survival. I won’t be climbing Mt. Everest or leaping from helicopters to the top of very tall mountains with only a snowboard beneath me.

I don’t like being afraid for someone I care about, either. If I never have to be scared, wondering if someone I love is going to live or die, for the rest of my life I will consider myself the luckiest person in the world. There is nothing at all good about that kind of fear. Nothing.

But I do love the small ripple of fear that comes from watching a scary movie or reading a particularly chilling book. It doesn’t come from true crime – I find that more disturbing than frightening. It doesn’t come from gore films like Saw. But when tension builds and that shock moment or “boo” moment comes, where I jump in my seat, or scream just a little, that’s the kind of fear I love.

When I’m reading a book that makes me too afraid to stop reading or turn out the lights, where the images the author describes are dark and disturbing, chilling, thrilling, where the creatures they’ve created are the stuff of my worst nightmares, I love it. I love getting chill bumps. I love having that same rush of fear that I got as a child when I would go down into my dark and creepy basement at night, wondering if something demonic was going to jump out of the shadows.

Being afraid of something not real is exhilarating. It’s something you can laugh about later. It’s something that you know is ridiculous but is so much better than having something real to be afraid of. Being afraid of Jason or Freddy or Michael or zombies or vampires or haunted houses beats being afraid of the kind of villains that shoot up a movie theatre, the kind of monsters that harm or destroy innocents, illnesses or diseases that destroy slowly but surely, accidents that could have been avoided, global epidemics, natural disasters, war.

Yeah, I love being afraid, but only when the thing I’m most afraid of is something that’s not in the least bit real… though I kind of hope that most of the types of vampires I’ve watched in films are real.

Why do you love being afraid?

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