Spooky September Challenge: Day Two – A Tribute To My Favorite Horror Writer


It’s Day Two of Parajunkee’s Spooky September Challenge and I’m so excited for today’s challenge.

Today’s challenge is…

DAY TWO: Tribute to Your Favorite Horror Writer

While I’m not a graphic artist and can’t design all sorts of wonderful images to honor my favorite horror writer, I figured I could list ten of my favorite books by said favorite author and list why they are favorites. Although I suppose it might have been easier to list my Top Ten Reasons Why They Are My Favorite Horror Writer, but sticking with My Top Ten Favorite Books seems more tribute-ish.

Anyway… if you’d like to know more about the challenge, just click the link above or either of the graphics and you’ll be taken to the information post.


My Favorite Horror Writer

My Favorite Horror Writer also happens to be my favorite writer of all time. And that’s Mr. Stephen King, of course. He has written so many of my all-time favorite books and has such an incredible imagination that I can’t imagine anyone coming close to the awesomeness that is him.

In tribute I’m sharing my Top Ten Favorite Stephen King Books. And they are…

  1. WIZARD AND GLASS (The Dark Tower #4) – Not only is this my favorite book of Stephen King’s, it’s my favorite read of all-time. This was such a phenomenal book in the series. And standing on its own it has everything I could possibly want in a read.
  2. THE LONG WALK – I re-read this book every single year. And I discover something new about it every single time. And I feel a little bit differently every single time. It’s dark. It’s disturbing. It’s so unbelievably sad. It’s incredible.
  3. THE STAND – This is Stephen King at his best. It’s epic, it’s weird, it’s a story you can get lost in forever.
  4. IT – As I mentioned yesterday, it’s spooky as hell. But it’s also so very sad. It talks about the loss of the kind of imagination that comes with being young.
  5. LISEY’S STORY – I wasn’t sure I’d love the modern King novels as much as I did his older works. And then came Lisey’s Story. Which proved his crazy talented mind is still very much still here.
  6. THE SHINING – I also listed this as a spooky favorite yesterday. But I can’t leave it off here. It is the perfect introduction to Mr. King’s work. And shows just how much of a range this author has. Brilliant stuff.
  7. THE TALISMAN – (co-authored with Peter Straub) This was such an amazing two-book series. And while I loved book two a bit more than book one, you have to read this first book first. The world, the character, the writing, the story – abso-freaking-lutely amazing.
  8. PET SEMATARY – I know, I know, it is not considered one of his best works. But it so creeped me out while I at the same time totally related to wanting to bring back a lost pet. I also have a fondness for this book, because it mysteriously disappeared from my room one day, never to be seen again. And when I replaced it years later, it disappeared again. I wonder if it’s still in my Kindle library….
  9. DESPERATION – This duo of stories was so awesome. Though I think I might love THE REGULATORS just a bit more as I kind of like Mr. King’s darker side – Richard Bachman. It was so interesting to see this town from the “two” authors’ POVs. Crazy good.
  10. THE EYES OF THE DRAGON – This, among many others, proves that Stephen King is not just the master of horror. He’s an amazingly talented fantasy writer too. Wizards, dragons, princes and princesses and tons of adventure. Love, love, love.

And if I could have picked one more I’d have mentioned the final book in the Dark Tower series. Because it has the very best and very most excruciating ending to a series that I have ever read in my entire life. It still kills me. Over a decade later.

What about you?

Who is your favorite horror author? And what is it about them that makes them a favorite? Is it their ability to surprise and shock you? To scare you and to make you jump at shadows?

Who do you pay tribute to?

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