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Originals_BannerVI am totally stoked to be a part of the Blog tour for THE RESURRECTION, the third book in creator Julie Plec’s The Originals series. I am a huge fan of the television series and have been a fan of its characters ever since I first met them on The Vampire Diaries.

I love, love, LOVE the fact that these books were written so that we can all get to know more about Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah’s lives. And while I haven’t yet had the chance to discover what all went down in THE RISE and THE LOSS, I have read THE RESURRECTION and it is awesome. It comes out in just over a week so those who have been anxiously awaiting its release won’t have to wait much longer.

For my tour stop today I get the chance to talk about Elijah Mikaelson. And what better way to do that than via a top five list. I thought about sharing my top five or ten favorite Elijah quotes from the book and the television series, but I figured if I opted instead to share the reasons why Elijah rocks, I could also include a few of my favorite quotes along with some of the reasons why he’s my favorite Mikaelson.

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And if you haven’t yet heard about this series, the author, or the show and its characters, there is some information about the books and author below, and all sorts of info on the show can be found at The CW.

Five Reasons Why Elijah Mikaelson Rocks

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From the very first moment I met Elijah I knew he would be my favorite Mikaelson. I absolutely adore his brother Klaus and all of his deviousness, ruthlessness, brokenness, but there was just something about Elijah that made him the Mikaelson to root for.

And here are just five of the many, many reasons why…

1. Elijah is all about family.


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No matter how disappointing, rash, brutal, selfish, dangerous his family is, Elijah can be counted on to fight with them, fight for them, and do what’s best for them even if it isn’t always in his best interest.


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(source: tumblr)

“You know, difficulties aside, I value my family above everything.” (Elijah to Davina)

2. Elijah is badass.


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(source: tumblr)

Just because he appears calm and seems to be the most rational of his siblings, doesn’t mean he can’t kick some ass. And do it with style.


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Which leads to…

3. Elijah is one sharp dressed vamp.


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No matter what the occasion, Elijah dresses to the nines – pocket square included.


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And while he may end up bloodied, tattered and torn, he will not hesitate before putting on a suit and tie.

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Whether meeting his temperamental brother for a pow-wow, acting as mediator between the various supernaturals in New Orleans…


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…or spending time with his current love/lust interest, he always dresses his best.


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Speaking of lovers…

4. Elijah is a lover not just a fighter.

Klaus may have a reputation with the ladies, but Elijah is by no means a monk. His reputation of being honorable and noble may be the reason why the ladies just can’t seem to keep their hands off of him.


(source: tumblr)


(source: tumblr)

And while his heart may have been more recently stolen by the headstrong Hayley, she is not the only woman who has caught his eye during his long, long life.

(source: tumblr)

Katherine and Gia and Lisette and Alejandra are only just a few of those lucky enough to have known him.


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Though some may see him as a bit of a heartbreaker and others may see him as dangerous by association, they just can’t seem to resist his charm and good looks. (Neither can I.) Or maybe it’s because…

5. Elijah has a sense of humor.


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While he may look all serious most of the time, he has a subtle sense of humor.


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It may not rival the wicked or wickedly sarcastic sense of humor that Niklaus sports, but it is all the more funny when he does reveal it.

“You don’t look so well.” (Davina to Elijah)
“Well, only this morning I had a mystical dagger embedded in my chest so I’d say I’m holding myself together quite well.” (Elijah to Davina)

“If I’m moving too fast for you, Niklaus, you’re welcome to wait in the car.” (Elijah to Klaus)

Of course there are a ton of other reasons why Elijah rocks my world on screen and on the printed page – his confidence, poise and power, his softer side, his fairness, his desire to be better. These are only just five of the reasons I adore him.

What about you?


(source: tumblr)

Are you an Elijah Mikaelson fan? Is he your favorite Mikaelson? Did any of the reasons I listed make your list of reasons why Elijah rocks? In what other ways do you think he is amazing?



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Title & Series: THE RESURRECTION (The Originals #3)
Author: Julie Plec
Release date: May 26, 2015
Publisher: HQN Books
Pages: 320
Formats: Paperback, audio, eBook


Family is power. The Original Vampire family swore it to each other a thousand years ago. They pledged to remain together always and forever. But even when you’re immortal, promises are hard to keep.

Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah Mikaelson had won it all, only to lose it again by 1788. Control of New Orleans is split between the vampires and the werewolves, much to Klaus’s displeasure.

In a dangerous attempt to reclaim his home, Klaus decides to build a vampire army to take out the werewolves once and for all. If he can’t have love, then he’ll settle for power. Elijah lets his brother take the reins as he turns his attentions to a beautiful and mysterious witch. But Rebekah has had enough of her brothers’ love of bloodshed and begins a journey to find her first home and the key to her family’s immortality.

As the battles rages on, the siblings must come together and fight for what they believe in most: family.


About Julie Plec


JULIE PLEC skillfully juggles work in film and television as both a producer and a writer.  She is the co-creator and executive producer of “The Vampire Diaries” and the creator of “The Vampire Diaries” spin-off, “The Originals,” which tells the story of history’s first vampire family.

Plec got her start as a television writer on the ABC Family series “Kyle XY,” which she also produced for its three-year run.  She also collaborated with Greg Berlanti and Phil Klemmer on the CW drama, “The Tomorrow People,” the story of a small group of people gifted with extraordinary paranormal abilities.

Her screenplay adaptation “The Tiger’s Curse” is in development at Paramount, and she will produce the feature “@emma” with Darko Entertainment.  Past feature production credits include “Scream 2” and “Scream 3,” Greg Berlanti’s “Broken Hearts Club,” Wes Craven’s “Cursed” and “The Breed.”


Other Books in the Series


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Title & Series: THE RISE (The Originals #1)
Author: Julie Plec
Release date: January 27, 2015
Publisher: HQN Books
Pages: 352
Formats: Paperback, audio, eBook


Family is power. The Original vampire family swore it to each other a thousand years ago. They pledged to remain together always and forever. But even when you’re immortal, promises are hard to keep.

Arriving in New Orleans in 1722, Original vampire siblings Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah Mikaelson believe they’ve escaped their dangerous past. But the city is lawless, a haven for witches and werewolves unwilling to share territory. The siblings are at their mercy, especially after Klaus meets the beautiful and mysterious Vivianne. Her impending marriage is key to ending the war between the supernatural factions—and Klaus’s attraction to her could destroy the uneasy alliance. As Elijah works toward securing a piece of the city for his family, and Rebekah fights her unexpected feelings for a French captain, will Klaus’s volatile desires bring their world crashing down—and tear them apart for good?



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Title & Series: THE LOSS (The Originals #2)
Author: Julie Plec
Release date: March 31, 2015
Publisher: HQN Books
Pages: 336
Formats: Paperback, audio, eBook


Family is power. The Original vampire family swore it to each other a thousand years ago. They pledged to remain together always and forever. But even when you’re immortal, promises are hard to keep.

After a hurricane destroyed their city, Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah Mikaelson have rebuilt New Orleans to even greater glory. The year is 1766. The witches live on the fringes in the bayou. The werewolves have fled. But still, Klaus isn’t satisfied. He wants more. He wants power. But when Klaus finally finds a witch who will perform a spell to give him what he desires most, she secretly uses Klaus to unleash a curse—one that brings back hundreds of her ancestors—and begins a war to reclaim New Orleans. As the siblings fight off the attack, only one thing’s for certain—the result will be a bloodbath.


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