Random Thoughts Lite: Blogging and Moving Don’t Mix


As you might have heard – because I’ve probably complained about it often enough – I’m in the process of moving. I’m packing up all my belongings and getting ready to load them up in a U-Haul and take them to my next place. As with any upheaval to one’s life, things do not go smoothly, or as planned.

I should have had the keys by now and been spending my evenings taking stuff over and unpacking. But due to some major idiocy on the part of my new place of residence, I won’t have them until Friday night. And so my belongings remain in boxes, stacked six feet high by eight feet wide by five feet deep in my living room.


And what exactly does this have to do with blogging?

Well, for starters, it’s making me crazy – the not having keys, the fear that they won’t really give them to me on Friday, the fact that I’m running out of space and boxes to pack more things. And it’s been escalating. I’m now at the level deemed batshit crazy. And being on the verge of insanity is NOT a good mindset to have when blogging. I had planned (why? because i’m an idiot) to write and post a few reviews this week so that my blog wouldn’t be completely devoid of content until next Monday. But that did not happen. The one review I started to write is a complete disaster. I think the word “happy” was used.

Granted, I probably should not have planned any reviews during this week leading up to the move (probably? try, shouldn’t have. but as stated above, i’m an idiot). But I was so certain it wouldn’t be an issue, that I had all the time in the world. I did not anticipate things not going according to plan.

Secondly, it seems I’ve packed some of those review books I want to be reading right about now. And of course they’re in the box in the back, behind all the other boxes. I had thought they’d already be at the new place, on my book tower, where I could grab one or two of them if I needed. But no. They’re still here. Buried. (and yes i am contemplating trying to dig them out. why? because i’m an idiot)

Thirdly, changing one’s address for blogging purposes is a complicated endeavor. Especially when you’re a blogger that receives books on occasion from a publisher that you have no contact at to give your new address to. And when you’re not entirely sure your new address will be your address – given the number of times the new residence has already failed you – you are hesitant to update your address with the publishers you do have contacts at. And of course, amidst all the stress, you are living with the knowledge that you will always wonder if there are books sitting at your former residence that someone else is enjoying and not you. (the upside is, of course, that you can con yourself into thinking a book was sent and be spared from the why not me woes)

Fourthly, the time spent sitting at a computer, checking email, tweeting, trying to keep up with what’s going on in the blogosphere makes you feel incredibly guilty for not getting off your butt and packing that one other thing you’ve been putting off. Blogging guilty is no way to blog. (yes, i’m being eaten away by guilt as i write this post instead of taking the time to haul my dresser downstairs and wrap it in mover’s plastic)

Finally, it’s forced me to purge books because I don’t have the storage space that my current place has. Saying goodbye to books is always not easy. But saying goodbye to them while preparing to say goodbye to my home of two-and-a-half years has been emotionally taxing. (of course the fact that all of a sudden i’m drawn to watching tear-jerker movies like if i stay while packing does not help with the crying. at all)

This is not the first time I moved while blogging. (wow, either i move a lot of i’ve been blogging a really long time. huh) That last time I think I took a week’s hiatus. But that time I had little space to pre-pack and knew that the move was going to be a disaster. This time I thought it would be easier. I was so, so, so very wrong.

So, my advice? If you’re not a blogger who preps posts weeks or months in advance, put your blog on a mini-break. Don’t try and keep up with posting, review writing, email, Twitter, Facebook. You’ll be lucky if you have enough focus to read a book for more than five seconds at a time. Your time will be at a premium. Your anxiety levels will be elevated. You will likely be exhausted. Your home being deconstructed bit by bit will be unsettling.

Moving is stressful. Blogging can be stressful. The two together do NOT mix.

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