Random Thoughts: When it Clicks


I just love it when I pick up a book with absolutely no expectations and not much of an idea of what it’s about, and it just clicks. I love it when I’m not certain of what kind of bookish mood I’m in, yet the moment my eyes roam over those first few sentences I just know that this book is exactly the book I’m in the mood to read. I love it when everything comes together. It feels magical. It feels fated. And I love the story all the more because of that.

Because a day later, an hour later, a minute later, it might not have been the right moment. My mood could have shifted – it tends to be quite fickle. I could have been too tired or too distracted for that particular book mere seconds later. There would have been no click if I’d discovered it at that moment rather than this one.

I have set aside countless books that I have come to love when searching for that click. Those set aside books have often been some of my most favorite reads. But without that perfect combination of elements they just weren’t right for me then.

I sometimes spend hours glancing at book titles on my Kindle, downloading them, reading a few words, and waiting for the click. There are days when no matter how many books I come across, I don’t find it. Which makes it so much sweeter when I do.

When it clicks I know I’m in exactly the right mood to read that exact book. I know that I’m going to love that book fiercely. And it’s going to leave its mark. If I were to read that same book on a different day because I had to read it, the connection might not be there. I might love that book, but not as much as I would have if I’d waited for the click.

Some books will never click, because they aren’t the book for me. Some stories I can’t relate to in the way I’d need to in order for there to be that click. Some writing styles don’t suit my reading tastes. Some characters aren’t ones I will ever love. Sometimes it is just not the right time in my life to experience a particular story.

And sometimes what clicks for me right now might not ever again. Which is why I don’t always opt to re-read my favorite stories. With each re-read there’s always a gamble that some of the magic will disappear. Without that element of the unknown, a story may not be as nerve-wracking, as angst-filled, as deliciously torturous. Every so often there is a book that loses all of its luster on second glance. And I wonder if it was the book or me that is to blame.

But every so often there is a book that clicks no matter when I read it, or how many times I read it. Some books will always click, because they are “me” books no matter what reading mood I’m in, or what’s going on in my life at that moment. These are the books I know I can pick up at any time, fall instantly back in love with, escape into and know that I will not be disappointed.

As a reviewer it’s not often possible to re-read those favored books that always click or wait to read a book I know or hope will click at some other point in time. Schedules and deadlines can get in the way of falling in love with a book. They can prevent a book from being loved as much as it might have been had there been no time limit on the read. They can make me wish I wasn’t a reviewer so that I could read according to mood alone.

But these obstacles and challenges aren’t always a bad thing, because when the click does happen it is more special because of its rarity. It gives me something to look for and hope for as I pick up that next book.

And it makes me so very glad that I do what I do and that I have the luxury of time to read and discover new books to find that instance when it clicks.

What about you?

Do you love books more when they click? Do you only read books that click with you and set aside those that don’t until they do? Does reading on a deadline prevent you from finding books that click? And do you find that when you re-read books that once clicked that they no longer do?

What gets in the way of a book clicking for you? Is it mood? Is it your non-reading life? Is it your review schedule?

What books click for you?

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