12 Days of Book Blogmas: Day 7 – Tell a Tale


Day 7 is all about sharing holiday traditions. As I come from a family that never really had those in any consistent way, I never really developed my own.

Though there are a few things that The Dude and I typically like to do on Christmas. If we keep doing it for enough years in a row, I suppose that eventually they will be traditions.

If you haven’t heard of this awesome holiday event, be sure to check out Parajunkee’s blog post for more details. And for just a quick peek at the schedule for the next 12 days, here’s the amazing graphic she designed.


Holiday Traditions

My family is sort of scattered all over the country, so it’s rare that I get to spend the holidays with them. It’s the worst time of year to travel – weather, crowds, cost – so The Dude and I typically spend Christmas all by our lonesome.

And as I usually have to work in the days leading up to the holiday and the days following it, we don’t really go anywhere for Christmas. Though the thought of spending Christmas in Vegas sounds kind of fun.

Typically, on Christmas morning I always wake up super early. We don’t usually have a tree – though at one point I had a pink feather tree that was super cute – but we do leave prezzies out the night before. And as I love presents, I usually find myself awake and anxious to find out what those presents are.

A few hours later The Dude wakes up, we make coffee and breakfast and start opening our gifts. As they typically involve something technology-related that requires setup of some kind, that usually distracts us for what remains of the morning.

Then we call our families in the early afternoon to wish them a happy holiday.

But our “tradition” is to go to the movies and go out to dinner – preferably for Chinese food, though we can’t seem to find any restaurants in LA open on Christmas. Boo. So lately we’ve been stuffing our faces with popcorn and calling that a meal.

Last year my mom’s visit broke our tradition as she showed up at the train station at around 7 a.m. on Christmas morning. This year she’s flying in, in the evening, so at least we’ll have part of our Christmas tradition in tact.

If I had my own boat I know exactly what I’d be doing. Maybe someday that will be our tradition. A girl can dream.

How do you spend your holidays? What are your holiday traditions?

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