12 Days of Book Blogmas: Day 3 – Perfect Present


For this third day of Parajunkee’s 12 Days of Book Blogmas we get to share some of our favorite bookish gift ideas. I have a list that goes on and on, but in keeping with this event’s theme, I’m going to stick with the number 12.

If you haven’t heard of this awesome holiday event, be sure to check out Parajunkee’s blog post for more details. And for just a quick peek at the schedule for the next 12 days, here’s the amazing graphic she designed.


The Perfect Bookish Presents

Here are 12 gift ideas for those book lovers in your life.

  1. A gift card (online or printed) to your book lover’s favorite bookstore. Some stores let you personalize the cards (online) with your own pics, some let you buy holiday themed ones. What better gift to give than books of their choice to your favorite readers.
  2. An eReader. While the reader in your life may love print books to decorate their bookshelves, there are those times when they may want to have a number of their favorite reads with them at all times. This is where the eReader comes in. And if they already have one, why not get them the newest edition.
  3. Signed books. If you know your reader’s favorite authors and books, what better gift than to get them a signed copy. While they might not be personalized, there are plenty of places to get fantastic signed books such as your local Barnes & Noble or Indie Bookstore. Online they always have an amazing selection at Books of Wonder. There are also plenty of online Indie Bookstores that offer signed books – just do a quick Google search to find them.
  4. Knock Knock does this amazing personal library kit. They are super cheap and super cute and for anyone who lends books out, it will help them keep track of who has their book(s) and for how long. They are sold at Amazon and other online retailers, but check out their site, HERE.
  5. A book light. A good book can’t always be set aside. Even if it means reading late into the night or early into the morning. Even if means disturbing the person sleeping next to them. Why not get them a book light so they won’t feel as guilty when they devour those unputdownable reads.
  6. An embosser. Books that are embossed with personal details following “Library of” look so pretty. There are plenty of places online that sell them, including Williams-Sonoma.
  7. Bookshelves or a book tower. A brand new set of shelves to store their prized possessions will always be a hit with book lovers. If space is an issue, get a book tower. They sell them in two heights over at DWR.
  8. Super cute Page Markers. If your book lover likes to tag their favorite pages, instead of making them dog-ear their beloved tome, get them some super cute sticky notes/page markers like these from See Jane Work. They also have these fun expressions ones.
  9. A tote bag. If your book lover likes to take a book or a few along with them wherever they go, get them a tote that will allow them to do so. If your budget is big and the reader in your life is a brand junkie, then the sky is the limit and they might just love this patent red leather Gucci tote. Or if the budget is a bit smaller, this cute “Got Books” tote which is sold by JanWay is the way to go.
  10. A reading chair. There is nothing better than curling up in a comfy reading chair with a good book. Kelly Swallow sells some fab patchwork reading chairs that any reader would love, love, love. And Shabby Chic does some amazing super comfy slipcovered chairs that are to die for.
  11. A book blog. If your reader wants to join a community of book lovers and share their love of books, get them the gift of a blog hosting package, a blog design and a domain name. Print out a “certificate” listing what you’d like to get them and they can choose the name and design/designer. If budget is a concern, they have some great pre-made themes on Etsy and Creative Market.
  12. If your book lover is an audiobook fan, get them a year’s membership to Audible.
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