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I am so excited to welcome Heather Demetrios to the blog with a “This, That or The Other” Guest Post for the EXQUISITE CAPTIVE Blog Tour hosted by Me, My Shelf and I. I am also stoked to be able to share my thoughts on this gorgeous book.

I happen to be on the blogger caravan for EXQUISITE CAPTIVE and cannot wait for its release next week so that everyone will get to meet Nalia, Raif and even Malek. Though I am very glad that I’m not on the Dark Caravan.

I have always been fascinated by stories of the jinn and I absolutely love the way the author incorporates the lore in her novel. EXQUISITE CAPTIVE is the first book in the Dark Caravan Cycle – so there’s even more epicness to come. The second book, BLOOD PASSAGE, is slated for release next year, and the third book in the series, FREEDOM’S SLAVE, will be releasing in 2016.

And if you don’t want to have to wait until next week to start reading EXQUISITE CAPTIVE, you can check out an excerpt HERE.

But before you do, I have a super fun post by the author to share and there’s an amazing giveaway opportunity. And if you’d like to know what I thought, my review follows a bit further down.

The tour runs daily through October 12th. If you’d like to check out the schedule you can do so by clicking the banner above to be taken to Me, My Shelf and I’s blog or scroll to the bottom of this post where you’ll find links to all the stops.


About Exquisite Captive

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Series: Dark Caravan Cycle #1
Release date: October 7, 2014
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Pages: 480
Formats: Hardcover, audio, eBook


Forced to obey her master.
Compelled to help her enemy.
Determined to free herself.

Nalia is a jinni of tremendous ancient power, the only survivor of a coup that killed nearly everyone she loved. Stuffed into a bottle and sold by a slave trader, she’s now in hiding on the dark caravan, the lucrative jinni slave trade between Arjinna and Earth, where jinn are forced to grant wishes and obey their human masters’ every command. She’d give almost anything to be free of the golden shackles that bind her to Malek, her handsome, cruel master, and his lavish Hollywood lifestyle.

Enter Raif, the enigmatic leader of Arjinna’s revolution and Nalia’s sworn enemy. He promises to free Nalia from her master so that she can return to her ravaged homeland and free her imprisoned brother—all for an unbearably high price. Nalia’s not sure she can trust him, but Raif’s her only hope of escape. With her enemies on the hunt, Earth has become more perilous than ever for Nalia. There’s just one catch: for Raif’s unbinding magic to work, Nalia must gain possession of her bottle…and convince the dangerously persuasive Malek that she truly loves him. Battling a dark past and harboring a terrible secret, Nalia soon realizes her freedom may come at a price too terrible to pay: but how far is she willing to go for it?

Inspired by Arabian Nights, EXQUISITE CAPTIVE brings to life a deliciously seductive world where a wish can be a curse and shadows are sometimes safer than the light.


The Guest Post

This, That or The Other with Heather Demetrios

Standalones or series?

Both, actually! It depends. For fantasy, I prefer a series because I like to spend a long time in the world the author is building. There are usually a ton of characters, too, and the series lets you get to know them better. But I love a really strong standalone for most other books so that I can have that great experience, then move on to new stories and characters! The Scorpio Races is the best of both worlds – a standalone fantasy that is just this perfect nugget of wonderful.

Hardcover, paperback or eBook?

Hardcover. They look nicer on bookshelves!

Fiction or non-fiction?


Mac or PC?


Dog-ear or bookmark?

Bookmark. I have a pretty random collection of bookmarks. I never buy them, though—they just sort of matriculate.

Write at night or write during the day?

During the day. I write full time and I feel anxious if I don’t have my word count (2,000 / day) by the time my partner in crime gets home from work. But if I’m really flowing or working on multiple projects, I’ll get back into my office at night, too. I try to save the nights for my man and my reading, though. ☺

Write alone or write together?

Alone. A couple of my buddies from VCFA (Vermont College of Fine Arts) who also live in NYC try to meet up, but it usually ends up as a brainstorming and hang-out session – that can be good, too, but not always productive!

The bad boy or the good boy?

I refuse to choose! I like reformed bad boys or the bad boy next door.

The bad girl or the good girl?

The good girl. Right now, I’m into good girls with some bad in them. But most of my protos are good girls who’ve made some bad choices or are drawn to the edge, but never go all the way over it.

Heroines: Fierce and determined, sweet as pie, or damsels in distress?

Fierce and determined.

Heroes: Classic (the white knight), tragic (flawed), epic (super human) or anti-hero (villainous)? 

Tragic (flawed).

Insta love or insta hate?

Insta love. But I need to clarify this: insta love that the characters don’t know is insta love. So it looks like insta hate, maybe, but it’s not.

Love forever or love for now?

Love forever.

Love: fated or free will?

Free will. I like that characters might be kinda star-crossed, but they’re the ones who ultimately decide if they’re gonna go for each other or not.

Love: This lifetime, the afterlife or the immortal/eternal life?

The immortal/eternal life. As in, For-Ev-Er.

Happily ever after or happily never after?

Happily ever after. But characters need to earn that happily ever after and we need to  know that the road won’t always be smooth for them.

Fantasy or reality?

Both! I like fantasy grounded in real struggle and realism for romantics.

Savory or sweet?


Twitter or Facebook?


The chicken or the egg?

The chicken.

The book or the film?

The book.

Reading, writing or sleeping?

Reading. I’m a reader first and foremost – that’s why I’m a writer.

Past, present or future?


Zombies or unicorns?


Dumbledore or Gandalf?


About Heather Demetrios


When she’s not traipsing around the world or spending time in imaginary places, Heather Demetrios lives with her husband in New York City. Originally from Los Angeles, she now calls the East Coast home.

Heather is a recipient of the PEN New England Susan P. Bloom Discovery Award for her debut novel, SOMETHING REAL, which Publisher’s Weekly calls “[An] addictive yet thoughtful debut” about reality TV stardom. She is the author of the upcoming EXQUISITE CAPTIVE, a smoldering fantasy about jinn in Los Angeles and what Kirkus called in its starred review “an intoxicating, richly realized realm of magic, politics, spirituality and history” (#1 in the DARK CARAVAN CYCLE). She is also the author of the upcoming I’LL MEET YOU THERE (Winter 2015). I’LL MEET YOU THERE is a love story about a young combat veteran and a girl trapped in their small town, both struggling to escape the war at home.

Heather is the founder of Live Your What, an organization dedicated to fostering passion in people of all ages and creating writing opportunities for youth of limited economic means. She is proud to have an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts. You can always find her on Twitter (@HDemetrios), ogling the military dogs she wants to adopt (but can’t because her NYC apartment is way too small).

Find out more about Heather and her other books at and


The Review

EXQUISITE CAPTIVE is a fascinating and beautifully written and imagined story that transports readers to a new and exciting world that is exotic, dark and deadly and where, for a price, wishes can come true. It invites readers to learn about the jinn, their world, their magic, their class system, their elite’s cruelty and oppression, their revolution and the Dark Caravan that brings them into our world.

Nalia’s only escape from certain death was to go into hiding, but first she needed to rescue her brother, the only one left alive that she loved. However, before she could recover from her injuries and save him, she was captured and sold into slavery and forced to leave Arjinna.

Enslaved by a master who refuses to make his final wish that would give her back her freedom, forced to be subservient or endure his harsh punishments, forced to come whenever he calls, forced to hide who she really is – the last of her kind, the most powerful of the jinn, a Ghan Aisouri, an Empress – forced to live with the weight of her guilt for the part she played in the slaughter of kind, for the cruelty she inflicted on others, for leaving her brother behind, Nalia’s life is a seemingly endless nightmare.

But when she is offered a bargain, one that will give her back her freedom and the chance to find and free her brother, she’ll have to decide if the price she’ll have to pay and the risks she’ll have to take are too great. And she’ll have to decide whether or not she can trust Raif, the leader of the Arjinnan revolution, to honor his promise to free her and to not kill her before she can save Bashil.

With time running out, with her enemies hunting her getting closer than ever to finding her, with her master’s interest in her beginning to change to something that feels more intimate, and with no other options to earn her freedom, she’ll have to take a chance on Raif, be ready to sacrifice a part of herself, and break a promise that should never be broken.

Heather Demetrios has penned an intriguing and absolutely captivating story that is richly detailed, that touches upon and dives into many important and hard-hitting issues including slavery and oppression, freedom and revolution, genocide, classism, victimization. It is a story that challenges readers to think, that gives readers characters who are conflicted, who aren’t all good or evil, who have difficult choices to make.

She has created a story with diverse characters and an incredibly appealing lore that is not common in YA, a story that is as enticing as it is horrifying, a spellbinding tale that paints a picture of a world in chaos, its citizens struggling to break free, and another world where lives and wishes are traded for money and weapons.

EXQUISITE CAPTIVE’s pace is unhurried, giving readers time to get to know about the jinn and Arjinna, the Dark Caravan, Nalia, Malek and Raif. Its multiple points of view let readers into the mind of one of Nalia’s most powerful enemies, adding tension and suspense to an already suspense-filled tale. Its beautiful and deadly magic will enchant.

And with an interesting dynamic between the story’s main characters, chemistry that sparks and chemistry that sizzles, this first book in the Dark Caravan Cycle is an immensely entertaining and utterly compelling read.

The Rating…

05Note: Review is based on an eARC received from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for my honest thoughts about the book.

The Giveaway


This tour-wide giveaway is awesome!

  • 23 WINNERS will receive a signed finished copy of EXQUISITE CAPTIVE

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