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I am super excited to be kicking off Dawn Metcalf’s INVISIBLE Blog Tour hosted by Kismet Book Touring. I fell in love with this series when I was first introduced to it last spring. The Twixt is a fascinating world and the characters in that world are so very interesting and unique. I was sad to say goodbye to Ink, Inq and Graus Claude but am happy that their story will continue for at least a few more books.

And, I can’t forget to mention Joy – though her connection with the Twixt at the end there was a bit tenuous I still consider her a part of that world. I loved getting to know her in INDELIBLE and I am stoked to have learned what she’s been up to since we last saw her. I’m even more thrilled to be able to share her answers to the interview questions I bombarded her with.

First, though, I thought I’d include the details about INVISIBLE, which releases in just a couple of weeks on September 30th. And if you aren’t quite caught up on this series, the details for INDELIBLE are just a bit farther down in the post.

But if you’d like to get to know Joy a little bit better, learn more about the Twixt, and maybe… just maybe… get a little more nervous about what’s in store for her, be sure to check out the interview.

And if you haven’t yet met Dawn Metcalf, you might just get some insight into who she is, the kinds of stories she writes, and the characters that spring from her imagination by reading her very awesome bio and following her on her social media sites around the web.

Oh… and before I forget… if you’d like the chance to win one of the books from this series and be entered into an amazing grand prize giveaway, scroll down to the Rafflecopter for more details and to enter.


About Invisible


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Series: The Twixt #2
Release date: September 30, 2014
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Pages: 384
Formats: Paperback, eBook


Some things lie beneath the surface.


With the power to change everything.

Joy Malone wants it all—power, freedom and the boyfriend who loves her. Yet when an unstoppable assassin is hired to kill her, Joy learns that being the girl with the Sight comes with a price that might be too high to pay. Love will be tested, lives will be threatened, and everyone Joy knows and cares about will be affected by her decision to stand by Ink or to leave the Twixt forever.

Her choice is balanced on a scalpel’s edge and the consequences will be more life-altering than anyone can guess.


The Character Interview

Interview with Joy Malone

Hi Joy, thanks so much for stopping by the blog to answer a few questions. We are all so excited to find out what you’ve been up to lately.

(laughs nervously) Well, there’s been a lot happening. *taps mike* Is this thing on?

Q. If you had to describe everything that happened and what you went through in INDELIBLE in 25 words or less, how would you describe it?

Terrifying, nerve-wracking, beautiful, terrible, completely turning my world upside down and finding the love of my life after he sliced me in the eye.

I said “terrifying,” right?

Q. For those who haven’t yet met you or visited the Twixt, can you talk a little bit about it and how its existence has changed your life?

Uh…how about totally? It’s one thing to dream about another world where everything’s different, especially when life currently sucks, but it’s a whole other thing to have it actually be true. Now the Twixt isn’t really another world, it’s our world where the rules have changed—or stayed the same, you pick—there’s magic and monsters and a lot of politics and etiquette between strange sorts of people-things who are more than willing to kill you, but once you get used to the idea that there’s a bunch of Folk you can’t see living on the fringes, then you know you’ve gone a certain kind of crazy where it half makes sense.  And now I live there, part-time.

Q. As it’s been awhile since we last got the chance to check in, can you tell us what you’ve been up to lately? If I recall, the last time we saw you was when you were visiting your mother in California and you had received a certain gift from a certain someone….

Yeah, well, visiting Mom was…nice. It was good, but it didn’t change things dramatically. She’s still living in Los Angeles with her boyfriend and I’m staying with Dad back in Glendale, but it changed a lot of little things that were going unsaid between us and that was refreshing. There was chocolate and tears and that’s all we need to say about that. When I got home, I had to get a summer job and I started waitressing at Antoine’s Café. I’m saving up to pay for my phone and someday a car and in the meantime, I am travelling all over the world with Ink—it’s one of the perks of having a boyfriend who can slice through space and time! Right now, I’m planning to stick around the house because my brother, Stef, is due to come home for the rest of the summer and I want us to spend some extra time together while Dad is hanging with his girlfriend, Shelley.

Q. What was it like for you losing your connection with Ink and having to leave the Twixt? Do you miss it? Have you been back? Have you seen Indelible Ink and Invisible Inq? Kurt? Graus Claude?

Okay, it’s not like I lost everything. I have Ink and we have each other, I’m just not marked as “belonging” to Ink any more and, let’s face it—who wants to be someone’s property? This is the twenty-first century, people! As far as going back, Ink and I have been lots of places and not just to mark people, either. Last time, we went to some Greek island with Inq and her long-time lover-boy, Kurt. We rented a boat and ate fresh octopus and yogurt with honey and I got a seriously amazing tan. I haven’t seen Graus Claude in a while but, honestly, that’s okay by me. I’ve discovered that giant, four-armed toads in three-piece suits are best met in small doses.

Q. If you could do things differently, to change what happened, would you? Would you still risk losing Ink if it meant keeping your family and friends safe?

You know, I don’t know. I’ve thought about it a lot. And while I had no idea what I could do at the time, I did it in order to save people—people I cared about and people I didn’t even know—because that was the right thing to do. I’d like to think that I’m the sort of person who would choose the right thing to do at any time, but everyone would like to think that. If it happened again, would I do the same thing? Maybe. Maybe not. I’m not interested in finding out. I’m happy with the way things are right now.

Q. We’ve met some pretty interesting characters (for lack of a better word) that, had Ink not seen you, connected with you, you might never have met. As you still have the Sight, can you tell us if there are any new people or beings that you (and we) get to meet? If so, can you tell us a little bit about any – or all – of them?

Well, even without the Sight, I have met some interesting people since that night in the Carousel, like the Cabana Boys, for starters! They may be ordinary humans, but they’re hardly ordinary! Can you say, “H-O-T?” We’ll learn a lot more about Enrique and Ilhami this time around, which also means we’ll meet a guy named “Ladybird” (don’t ask), a bunch of new faces marching through Graus Claude’s office, and a new Council member, Sol Leander, who thinks Aniseed’s Golden Age is a great idea. (Can you say, “Fanatic creep?”) Then there’s also someone out there trying to kill me, but I don’t know his name…no one does.

Q. If you had to describe everything that happens to you that we don’t yet know about, in 25 words or less, how would you describe it?

Attempting normalcy in the face of family drama, Folk politics, obligation, infatuation, best friendship, hormonal hotties and an unstoppable assassin. And remember: no stupid!

Q. If you could share one moment (passage, interaction, excerpt) of what lies ahead in INVISIBLE, what would it be? And why is it important to you or important for us to know?

There are a lot of moments: shocking moments, thrilling moments, revealing moments, sexy moments, but there is a moment between Monica and I that I think is important—it’s when we get to be best friends, which isn’t always peaches and cream. True friendship is sometimes ugly and honest and embarrassing and uncomfortable. Being a best friend doesn’t mean one person is always there for the other like zombie fangirls, it means that both people are there for each other, even—or especially—when one of you doesn’t think they need it or want it. Friendship goes both ways. A lot of time we focus on one person being supported by their best friend, but sometimes the “best friend” needs support, too. Some people criticized Monica, my best friend, last time around and so I’m curious to see how people react to my being a best friend to Monica this time around.


Thank you so much again for answering my questions. I am nervous about what is ahead for you, though I can’t wait to find out. From what I’ve heard you’re going to have to make a difficult choice, one that sounds impossible to make. I hope that the consequences won’t be as devastating as it sounds like they might be. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you, for Ink, for everyone.

Um…thanks. Now I’m nervous, too!

Seriously, though, I’ve got my family, my friends and Ink. I still have the Sight, a scalpel in my purse and a four-leaf clover in my wallet. As long as I have all that, what could possibly go wrong?

Yes, what could possibly go wrong? [Insert evil laugh here.]  Everyone will just have to read INVISIBLE to find out, won’t they?

About Dawn Metcalf


The role of Dawn Metcalf will be played by the tall brunette in the off-the-shoulder, floor-length leather straitjacket. Makeup by Clinique, buckles by Jada Pinkett Smith, hair by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.

I have no good excuse for the way I write. I lived in a normal, loving suburban home, studied hard, went to college, went to graduate school, got married, had babies and settled down in northern Connecticut. Despite this wholesome lifestyle, I’ve been clearly corrupted by fairy tales, puppet visionaries, British humor and graphic novels. As a result, I write dark, quirky and sometimes humorous speculative fiction.


Other Books in the Series

Indelible_CoverTitle: INDELIBLE (The Twixt #1)
Release date: July 30, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Pages: 384
Formats: Paperback, audio, eBook


Some things are permanent.


And they cannot be changed back.

Joy Malone learns this the night she sees a stranger with all-black eyes across a crowded room—right before the mystery boy tries to cut out her eye.

Instead, the wound accidentally marks her as property of Indelible Ink, and this dangerous mistake thrusts Joy into an incomprehensible world—a world of monsters at the window, glowing girls on the doorstep and a life that will never be the same.

Now Joy must pretend to be Ink’s chosen one—his helper, his love, his something for the foreseeable future and failure to be convincing means a painful death for them both. Swept into a world of monsters, illusion, immortal honor and revenge, Joy discovers that sometimes there are no mistakes.



INVIOLATE (The Twixt #3) – coming June 2015
INVINCIBLE (The Twist #4) – coming May 2016

The Giveaway


  • Each stop on the INVISIBLE Blog Tour is offering up a copy of either INDELIBLE or INVISIBLE.
  • And ONE lucky Grand Prize winner will receive a grand prize package including the following HarlequinTEEN titles: INDELIBLE, INVISIBLE, GHOST HOUSE, THE AFTERMATH, and WITCHRISE.

***Giveaway is open to US/Canada***

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The Tour Schedule

Week One

Monday, Sept. 15th – Fiktshun – Character Interview (Joy)

Wednesday, Sept. 17th – Istyria Book Blog – Author Interview

Friday, Sept. 19th – Refracted Light Reviews – Guest Post

Week Two

Monday, Sept. 22nd – Books and Things – Guest Post

Monday, Sept. 22nd – Harlequin Paranormal Blog

Wednesday, Sept. 24th – A Book and a Latte – Author Interview

Friday, Sept. 26th – Addicted Readers – Guest Post

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