ForecastFORECAST by Rinda Elliott released in the U.S. today, August 5, 2014, in eBook format. It is currently available to order online at AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE.

Published by Harlequin Teen, the story is 175 pages.

FORECAST is the second book in Author Rinda Elliott’s Sisters of Fate trilogy. The third book in the series, FORESWORN, is slated for release on December 2, 2014.


The Lockwood triplets are charged with helping to save the world—but at a high cost.

Coral is always in the middle, always the family peacemaker. She’s the sister with the most to prove. When a freak snowstorm halts her Florida summer, signaling the Norse end of the world, she tracks down Taran Breen—a would-be warrior carrying Thor’s soul. A boy who’s fought his temper all his life and is now a suspect for murder.

One who looks at her as no other has before.

As roaring seas surge and terrifying underworld creatures emerge for battle, can Coral control her goddess magic and protect Taran? Because now she has a chance for more than her crazy life—as long as she and Taran win….

It is written that three Sisters of Fate have the power to change the world’s destiny.

But only if they survive…

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Note: This review is based on an eARC received from the author in exchange for my honest thoughts about the book.

The Review

FORECAST is the thrilling, high octane, action-packed and danger-filled second book in Rinda Elliott’s Sisters of Fate trilogy. With a world battered by cataclysmic storms on the verge of destruction, an epic battle of the gods looming, and an unwritten prophecy with unlikely odds that speaks of a change in destiny, it is an utterly riveting story that is unputdownable.

Separated from her sisters for the first time, Coral Lockwood must not only find the boy she promised to protect, a boy who her mother thinks houses the soul of a god and whose existence could mean the end of hers, she has to survive the disasters that are wreaking havoc in Florida. With her home state in chaos, it is not an easy feat.

But it turns out that finding Taran Breen isn’t her biggest obstacle. Convincing him of who he is and of what the devastating events really portend is an even bigger challenge. And keeping him safe, when someone he knows was murdered and he’s being set up for their death, might be too much for her to her handle.

Especially since her abilities don’t allow her to see into the future like her sister, Taran’s temper makes him unpredictable, and whoever is out to get him may not be who she thought.

Rinda Elliott has created an absolutely enthralling and incredibly imaginative story with a lightning-fast pace and captivating and lovable characters that is a fascinating interpretation of Norse myth. She fills her story with exciting twists, deadly foes, awesome powers, world-ending catastrophes, nail-biting suspense and swoon-worthy and grin-worthy romance.

At under two hundred pages, FORECAST is a story that readers will blaze through in one sitting. It’s a story that will grab hold from the very first page and won’t let go until the very last. The modernization of the mythology makes it feel new and different, intriguing and original, and very relatable. And the promise of an intense, explosive and mind-blowing conclusion makes this book – and series – an absolute must.

While FORECAST can be read out of sequence, it is best read in order so as to have a better understanding of the sisters’ powers, the prophecy, the Norns, the warriors, Ragnarok and the threat that is their mother.

The Rating…


Like In-N-Out Burger‘s infamous secret menu this one deserves my off-the-menu 6 star rating.

On a Personal Note…

This sequel was awesome. Completely epic. Action-packed. A little bit super sexy, totally fun and so amazing. There was no sophomore slump. It was even more intense than the first book, something I didn’t think was remotely possible.

I loved the first book and its characters and I didn’t want to switch to another sister’s POV. But from the moment I met Coral I adored her. And the fact that Taran carried Thor’s soul and was able to channel his abilities was so freaking awesome. It didn’t take more than a second for me to fall in love with FORECAST.

I still cannot believe how much Rinda Elliott was able to pack into this novel, being that it was shorter than most YA stories. Nothing felt rushed or crowded. Nothing was left out. Of course I would have loved to read hundreds more pages about Coral, Taran, and a certain other god I won’t mention, but the story had it all – nothing was missing.

Blistering pace. Check. Incredible world-building. Check. Interesting, engaging, likable main and secondary characters. Check. Fantastic writing. Check. Clever dialogue. Check. Action and suspense and romance in just the right amounts. Check.

I instantly connected with this story, just as I had the first book in the series. I was immediately swept into this chaotic world that seems very much near end of days. I couldn’t wait to get to know just what was happening with Coral after having gotten the briefest glimpse of her story in FORETOLD. I couldn’t wait to meet Taran, especially since he was the hammer-wielding Thor.

Rinda Elliott is an absolutely brilliant and creative writer. She developed this world that, as terrifying as it is, I didn’t ever want to leave. She incorporated myth that’s fairly new to me, adding her own twist, made it even more exciting and intriguing.

There is not a single thing I would have changed about this story. Not one word. Every moment felt important to the story. Every action moved the plot forward. Everything kept building toward whatever the climactic conclusion to this series will be. And I cannot wait. Seriously. The wait is killing me.

This series is total top ten for me. It’s a forever favorite. It’s one of those series that stand out and will be remembered no matter how many books in the genre I read or how much time has passed.

So… yeah… this is a definite must read.

Favorite Passage…

I had three totally swoon-y passages I wanted to reveal, but I chose a non-spoiler-y one that perfectly captures Taran’s personality.

“Sorry.” His stare changed as he ran his gaze over my face, stopping at my mouth. That smirk came back as he leaned close, reached out and ran his thumb over my lip. When he pulled it back, there was a smear of melted marshmallow on it. His gaze didn’t waver from my eyes as he stuck his thumb in my mouth.

My stomach started doing somersaults and I ran my tongue over my lip in case he’d missed any.

“I got it all.” He grinned. “But I can do that, too, if you want me to make sure.”

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