My Reading Pile #177


I received three surprise books in the mail this week and the lovely part was that they showed up on three separate days making for a very happy reader.

MRP 177

I received an ARC of 100 SIDEWAYS MILES by Andrew Smith courtesy of the publisher, Simon & Schuster. I hadn’t heard of this book’s release before it showed up at my door, but I have heard of the author and I’m very interested in checking it out before its release on September 2nd.

I also received an ARC of RUMBLE by Ellen Hopkins courtesy, once again, of Simon & Schuster. It’s been awhile since I’ve read something by this author, but I’m very excited to read her latest book which comes out in less than a month, on August 26th. Ellen Hopkins has such a distinctive style and I cannot wait to check it out.

And at the tip top of that pile is an ARC of WINTERSPELL by Claire Legrand, which I received thanks to the folks at Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. I’ve been dying to read this book thanks to Jaime who said it’s an absolute must and who invited me to be on the tour. I’m totally stoked I don’t have to wait for the date that the tour book might have arrived and can read this much, much sooner.

Blind cover

I also received an eARC for review of BLIND by Rachel DeWoskin courtesy of the publisher, Viking Juvenile. It’s a little bit different from the stories I read, but I’m very curious about it. And as it will be releasing this week, I will be adding it to the pile this week.

Edelweiss & NetGalley

While I hadn’t planned grabbing any books on Edelweiss or NetGalley, I couldn’t resist picking up just a few titles that I will be reading this summer from Edelweiss and I was approved for a title on NetGalley that I’d requested quite awhile ago. I’m just trying so hard to resist temptation to make this gallery an even six by grabbing another eGalley that caught my eye.

Courtesy of HarperTeen via Edelweiss


I find myself quite fascinated by this book’s description. It’s not quite my typical read, but there’s just something about it that appeals. I can’t wait to read it and find out whether Hallie is able to “close the distance between being lost and found.”


Cynthia Hand is an amazing writer and I can’t wait to read this, her latest, book. Though I know it’s going to be completely heartbreaking, and there will be many, many tears. The subject matter – death, loss and moving on – is one that always tears me to pieces. But I just know this author’s story will be worth every moment of heartache.

A WICKED THING by Rhiannon Thomas

My first thoughts when reading the first few lines of the description were, “Oooh, this is a fairytale.” So of course I had the desperate wish to read it. Kingdoms and princes and magic and true love…. and revolution. How could I not want to meet Princess Aurora and find out what happens? And how could I not want to find out how this title relates to the story?

RED QUEEN by Victoria Aveyard

If the title and cover didn’t pique my curiosity, the description surely would have – and did. Oh my gosh this book sounds epic. A world divided by blood? How awesome is that. I am curious about Mare’s ability, about the rebellion, about the two princes and about this story’s outcome. It may not be releasing until February, but I will be reading this in August.

Courtesy of Point via NetGalley


I’d requested this book awhile back but I just got approved for it this week. As I have actually purchased the eBook, I will likely be reading that version. But either way I’m excited to have a copy. With alternate POVs, romance and secrets, I just know this will be a wonderful summer read.

So I have nine new books for the pile. Yikes. That’s a lot of reading. But hopefully I’ll be able to read each and every one of my ARC and eARCs (with the exception of Lisa Schroeder’s book) before their release. I’m definitely going to try.

Once again I got very little reading done this past week, so I’m only going to officially add one book to the pile. Especially since I went off pile on Friday during my mostly sleepless night to read a book I couldn’t resist reading early.

Here are the books I have in my reading pile this week.

{August 3, 2014 – August 9, 2014}

Blind cover

Add to Goodreads

Once again I’m just adding one book to the pile this week and it is BLIND by Rachel DeWoskin. I just received the eARC for review from the publisher, Viking Juvenile, this week and I can’t wait to dive in.

I cannot imagine a world without the ability to see. I cannot imagine having my future altered so drastically. I can only imagine the questions that Emma must have about her future. And I cannot wait to see how the author tells her story.

The description promises a “heartfelt and heart wrenching story” and I can’t wait to see just how emotional it will be. As it releases on Thursday, I hope to have this read – and possibly reviewed – by then.

The Description…

When your life as you know it is taken from you, how do you go on?

Imagine this: You are fourteen, watching the fireworks at a 4th of July party, when a rocket backfires into the crowd and strikes your eyes, leaving you blind. In that instant, your life is changed forever. How do you face a future in which all your expectations must be different? You will never see the face of your newborn sister, never learn to drive. Will you ever have a job or fall in love?

This is Emma’s story. The drama is in her manysmall victories as she returns to high school in her home town and struggles to define herself and make sense of her life, determined not to be dismissed as a PBK – Poor Blind Kid. This heartfelt and heart wrenching story takes you on Emma’s journey and leaves you with a new understanding of the challenges to be faced when life deals a devastating blow.

Wishful Thinking Reads

My wishful thinking read this week is WINTERSPELL by Claire Legrand. If this week is anything like last week, chances are I will be turning this wish into a reality. But as I have a number of reviews to write I really should hold off for just a little while.

Those Left Behind

I didn’t get the chance to finish reading THE ARTISANS this past week. I ended up devouring FORECAST by Rinda Elliott which had been on an earlier pile and as expected I fell madly in love with it and am already dying for the third and final book in the series.

I’d started last week’s read and read the first quarter of it, but instead of picking it up during a bout of sleeplessness early Friday morning, I ended up choosing to read WILD by Sophie Jordan instead. I was so sure the steamy, sexy romance would make it that much easier to fall asleep. I was totally wrong. I couldn’t stop reading it.

I only posted one review this week, though I hoped to write and post two or three. But things were busy IRL and I just didn’t have much time to write. As I plan on writing and posting my reviews for DARK SKYE and FORECAST on Monday and Tuesday respectively, I’ll definitely have two reviews posted next week, though. And if things go really well, I’d love to be able to have four reviews written and posted.

We shall see.

As I’ll be on a bit of a mini vacation from the 7th through the 11th, I may be a bit late with this post and a little slack with my reading and reviewing. If I receive any books by Wednesday I’ll write it up then and schedule it, but I won’t necessarily know whether I’ll have read this week’s book on the pile by then.

NetGalley Pile Adds & Finds

Except for downloading the eARC I was approved for this week, I didn’t stalk NetGalley. But there are a few amazing-sounding books that are very, very tempting.

Here are this week’s finds…

FAMOUS LAST WORDS by Katie Alender (Scholastic, Sep 30 2014)

CHASING POWER by Sarah Beth Durst (Bloomsbury USA Children’s Books, Oct 14 2014)

ETERNAL (Shadow Falls: After Dark #2) by C.C. Hunter (St. Martin’s Griffin, Oct 28 2014)

LOVE IS THE DRUG by Ayala Dawn Johnson (Scholastic, Sep 30 2014)

FIRE ARTIST by Daisy Whitney (Bloomsbury USA Children’s Books, Oct 14 2014)

THE ONLY THING TO FEAR by Caroline Tung Richmond (Scholastic, Sep 30 2014)

RIVAL by Penelope Douglas (Little, Brown Book Group UK, Aug 26 2014) **UK Reviewers Preferred**

UNSPEAKABLE by Abbie Rushton (Little, Brown Book Group UK, Feb 5 2015) **UK Reviewers Preferred**

LIES WE TELL OURSELVES by Robin Talley (Harlequin UK Limited, Oct 3 2014) **UK Reviewers Preferred**

THE VIEW FROM WHO I WAS by Heather Sappenfield (Flux, Jan 8 2015)

WAITING FOR GONZO by Dave Cousins (Flux, Jan 8 2015)

I will still be posting reading pile posts each week as long as I get books for review. At least until the time when all my tour obligations have come to an end, and reviews I’ve agreed to write and post have been written and posted. This will probably be some time closer to the end of October.

And I may still post reviews here on the blog for books I received for review, so I may end up sharing a reading pile or two until the RPRC ends at the end of December.


This week has been a little less upsetting than the last. I was able to take some advice I received on Twitter and dive back into an old favorite read earlier this week, which got me back into reading again. Thanks Coranne and Tammara!

I’m still just so upset with all that went down, that the person who did this has the ability to do this again to someone else because I am keeping things quiet. But I can’t deal with another public battle and I don’t want to harm an innocent party who is caught up in everything. So my ability to concentrate on posts and books and blogging continues to suffer.

For that I apologize. But I hope that by continuing to blog just a little, I’ll be able to keep on keeping on until that day I say farewell.

If you are still stopping by and would like to share the books on your TBR pile I would love to know what you’re reading this week and what you received for review.

Happy reading!


Do you create a reading pile?

If so, what’s in your reading pile this week?

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