Random Thoughts: Reviews or Page Views


For almost as long as I’ve been a book blogger I’ve heard bloggers lament about how few page views reviews get as compared with other posts. They talk about how much effort goes into those posts and how they don’t pay off in the form of views or comments.

And I agree, at least in my experience, that they don’t generate a high number of views or interactions on the blog. Not typically, anyway.

But the reason I haven’t added my voice to the mix, bemoaning how few views and comments I get on reviews I labor over, is because I try to remind myself that there are benefits to writing and posting reviews. Even if they aren’t readily apparent.

And while it’s not always easy to see the positives, when site traffic dips to an all-time low on review posting days, these reminders of said benefits do help… most of the time.

So I thought I’d share a few of them here. And since I’m all about nice, round numbers, I thought I’d share ten.

1. Writing reviews allows me to share my thoughts about the books I read. Isn’t that why I’m blogging in the first place?

2. Writing reviews allows me to challenge myself to organize my thoughts, improve my writing, think about books in a different way. I love a challenge!

3. Writing reviews allows me to request (or grab) other eGalleys for review without feeling too guilty for doing so. Yes, I still feel guilty when I don’t review them all, but I don’t feel as guilty.

4. Writing reviews gives my blog a legitimacy it might not have if all I posted were promotional marketing materials that don’t allow my voice to be heard. How would my blog be different from any other blog if my voice wasn’t a part of it?

5. Writing reviews gives my blog some variety so that it’s not just one thing all the time. Who wants to hear my random rambling thoughts all the time? Not me!

6. One single “nice review” comment makes me a million times happier than thirty comments attached to a blog tour post with giveaway.

7. Writing reviews keeps me focused and away from the television for just a few hours. Yes this is a benefit. I watch way too much TV.

8. Writing reviews let’s me stop and think about a book before moving past it and diving into another. Devouring book after book without pause doesn’t let me appreciate them as much as I could/should.

9. Every so often a review I’ve written gets read by the author, who then might tweet it, thank me for my thoughts, or reach out to me to review another book they’ve written. This allows me to secretly fangirl. Oops… cat’s out of the bag on that one.

10. And the obvious benefit: Writing reviews allows me to call myself a reviewer. It lets me describe my blog in ways that others, who don’t know what blogging is, can understand. “No, my blog is not simply a promotional vehicle, it’s a platform where I share my thoughts and opinions, as well as help spread the word, about books I adore.”

There are a ton of reasons why writing reviews is beneficial. I’ve just named a few.

It’s possible that by writing reviews you’ll get approved to review more books, you’ll be sent books for review without having to ask for them, you’ll receive review requests from authors to read their work, and you might even get blurbed in the praise section.

I don’t like to list those as benefits as they aren’t guaranteed and they are likely to make you feel worse if your reviews don’t produce those hoped-for results. But maybe the chance that they could happen is enough to make writing reviews worth the sacrifice of views.

But if none of those seem like benefits and you’re still unsure about the costs (page views, time, effort) versus the benefits, just ask yourself the following two questions:

When you write a review and post it do you feel a sense of accomplishment for doing so? Do you feel the same sense of accomplishment when formatting a promotional post, participating in a meme, participating in a blog tour?

If the answer to the first is “yes” and the answer to the second is “no,” then I’d say sacrificing page views to write and post reviews is definitely worth it.

How about you?

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