When I’m Not Reading: I’m Binge Watching TV Series


I have always been an avid watcher of television. My interests are constantly changing, so one day I could be in love with a program and the next I could be so over it, and months later I’ll fall back in love.

TV doesn’t hold my attention the way books do, so while watching I am usually doing at least one other thing like researching book release dates, formatting blog posts, responding to email, playing Candy Crush, checking out my favorite blogs.

But lately I’ve become an avid binge watcher. I’ll find a series on Netflix, On Demand, or on iTunes and devour it from start to finish in a matter of days or weeks. I become obsessed with the storyline and the characters and can’t stop watching until I’m done. Even when a little voice is screaming inside my head to please, please, PLEASE stop.

In the past couple of years I’ve discovered and devoured quite a few series. Some I’ve loved, some I loved at first, some I didn’t really like but just had to keep watching anyway.

Here are just a few of those…

It took me three days to devour seasons one through three of GAME OF THRONES. I’d tried getting into it a year ago but couldn’t. But with all three seasons available to watch all at once I had to give it a try.

Now I’m hooked. Though I’m not loving the week-long wait between each episode of Season Four. I’m not connecting with it as much as I did when I had the entire season to watch all at once. I’m thinking it might be wise to stop watching now and just wait until the season ends and binge it.


I very recently became acquainted with 24 and got the chance to meet Jack Bauer. This was another show I could never get into because I’d missed the early episodes. And while it took a couple of weeks I was able to watch every single episode – no I didn’t sleep much. And I was so excited to learn that Jack is back!

And of course I’m super curious if he’ll be saying “damn it” or “please” or “where’s my…” as often as he did the first time around.



I feel like I’ve known about and loved SUPERNATURAL for years, yet I only discovered it late last year. And it took only a matter of hours before I became hooked. Now I suffer the wait each week for a peek at my latest addiction.

And in between I stalk YouTube for random clips to keep me entertained.



Pretty much anything and everything is a potential binge watch for me. Especially if it has a continuing storyline.


Prison Break 1BreakoutKings


Teen WolfRoswell-TV-Series


Nikita Dollhouse

If it has even the remotest of possibilities of holding my interest, I’m all over it.

And while there are a number of series that I watch real-time, it’s nice to have the option to discover something new and be able to do so without having to wait.

How about you?

Are you a binge watcher? Do you find that watching a show all at once, or whenever you feel like it, versus having to wait is so much better?

Have you discovered shows you might not otherwise have watched due to binge watching? And are you now hooked and suffering like I am having to wait each week – or longer – for new episodes to release?

Is binge watching the only way you watch television? Can you not stand being tortured each week with just a tiny peek at a show? Or do you love the tease of having to wait for a new episode’s release along with the rest of the world?

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