The Fool’s Challenge: Day Three

Today is Day Three of Parajunkee’s THE FOOL’S CHALLENGE. And I’m so glad that finally the topic is much, much easier.

This challenge runs for 11 days and Day Three’s topic is, “Be a ‘Fool for Books’ discuss why you like books more than people.” All the challenge post topics are listed below, but if you’d like to learn more about the challenge, head over to Parajunkee’s blog and read the Announcement post.

  1. Play a book or blog related prank, tell us about it.
  2. Tell everyone about how big a “Fool for Books” you are.
  3. Be a “Fool for Books” discuss why you like books more then people.
  4. Most foolish act you have committed for a book…fandom or in pursuit of a new book.
  5. What characters do you secretly loathe? But, don’t like admitting, because they are so popular?
  6. What do you consider the most “heinous” crimes committed to books or book readers?
  7. Fun phrases and sayings you’ve picked up from books.
  8. Book’s you’ve read that have changed you mentally…
  9. What you consider are “serious” problems (in your reading life) but other non-readers would just think you are mental if you spoke them out-loud?
  10. The tropes you love – but have a hard time admitting to other book lovers.
  11. Which series are you a fool for? That you can reread over and over again and will always buy the next book, no matter how mental the author goes – or how strange the characters become?

I love this topic and I have a LOT to say. Although thinking about it, some of what I’m about to say could sound a little sad, depressing even. But that is not my intent.

Why I like books more than people

Books have always been my best friends. They’ve been there when I’ve needed an escape. They’ve been there to expand my world. They are more often comforting than upsetting.

People have a way of letting you down, of putting you down, of shrinking your world instead of allowing it expand. More often than not they’re the reason an escape is needed.

Books provide hours of entertainment. People… not so much. Minutes maybe. Moments. Hours? Rarely.

Books are forever. People are not.

If I imagined a life without most of the people I know in it, I could deal. If I imagined a life without most of the books I’ve read, I couldn’t.

I have liked hundreds of books. I have liked a handful of people. Books FTW.

Book characters do not get insulted when you talk smack about them. When they act like a douchenozzle you can tell them so and they accept your words with silence. Try telling that to a friend who is particularly irksome, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a spouse. Yeah, not so silent are they?

Books demand only your time. They may hope for your heart, your attention, your love, but the only thing they require of you is your time. People ask for so much more. Demand it more often than not. Get prickly when you don’t meet their needs, even when they don’t meet yours.

Books have a long shelf life. People, if not expire, turn quickly. While you may keep them around for months, years, decades, a lifetime, chances are you probably should have tossed them out with the trash long before. People, that is, not the books. Books are for keeps.

While books make me cry – oh the tears I’ve shed – people have made me cry longer, harder, and for no good reason.

And so that this doesn’t end on a completely depressing note….

I’m allowed to have the plus one hundred book boyfriends I can currently name off the top of my head. If I were to have as many real life boyfriends all at once, there’d be some less than stellar names I would so rightly deserve.

That’s why I like books more than people.

But what about you?

Do you like books more than people? People more than books? Or are you divided?

Have you tried making a list of pros and cons to help you decide who you love more? Have you counted the number of books you loved versus the number of people you did? Who wins?

Could you imagine a life without half the books you’ve read and loved? And could you imagine a life without half the people you’ve met? Which seems more realistic?

If you do like books more than people, what is it about these tomes that fuels that decision?

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