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I am totally stoked to welcome Jenna of Jenna Does Books to the blog to participate in this week’s “Playing 20 Questions with…

Jenna has a fantastic blog with a super fun and awesome design, a ton of fab reviews, and some really cool features. So be sure to check it out.

I can’t remember exactly when I met Jenna but I’m pretty sure the “where” is on Twitter. I believe we were having a discussion about the frequency and merits of tweeting blog posts. She was much more comfortable with self-promotion. I am still uncomfortable with it.

And even though I’d “met” Jenna ages ago, it was still terrifying to reach out to ask her to participate in this new-ish feature of mine. So I was over the moon when she said yes and sent back her almost 15 words or less answers.

As Jenna was one of the very first bloggers I reached out to, a number of the questions I asked will be similar to my first week’s post. But the answers are definitely different.

Anyway… if you haven’t a clue about what this feature is about it’s pretty simple…

Instead of being a traditional Q&A or Interview with in-depth questions and wordy answers, the goal of “Playing 20 Questions with…” is the opposite. They will all be quickie – and hopefully fun – questions, and I’m limiting answers to 15 words or less.

So while Jenna may have exceeded the 15 words or fewer guidelines with some of her responses, she at least tried to keep her answers brief. But there are those times when gushing just can’t be limited to a handful of words, so I completely understand the need to bend the rules.

Anyway… in keeping with this theme of being brief, let me stop my rambling and turn the blog over to Jenna for a short intro before we start playing 20 questions.


An Intro from Jenna…

I love this idea, Rachel, and am so honored to be featured on your blog! But I think I broke all the rules and my responses below are probably much too long… Ha! I cannot help it! I am 1) very excited about books and blogging in general and 2) I become a chatter box when I get excited. Please understand that when you see that I have gone over 15 words in at least half of the questions below.

I hope that you all feel that you know a little bit more about me by the end, though. (And bless your heart if you make it all the way to the end.)

The 20 Questions

1. Favorite blogging moment?

This is such an UNFAIR question! — All of them, naturally! But if I had to limit it to just one item, it would be going to the Miami Book Fair for 3 days in 2012 and finally meeting the fabulous Laini Taylor (DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE). I may have a bit of a (not-so-secret-anymore) girl crush on her and her writing.

2. Favorite blog feature/meme to participate in?

I don’t usually participate in memes, but when I do, I choose What’s Next? by IceyBooks. (It’s so helpful!)

3. Favorite blog feature/meme to read?

I am a random blog reader. Specific features don’t particularly grab me, but I do enjoy reading discussion posts as they cross my feed.

4. Favorite book boyfriend of 2014 (must be a 2014 read & release)?

Bodee Lennox the “Kool-Aid Kid” from FAKING NORMAL by Courtney C. Stevens. I love that he got his own novella called THE BLUE-HAIRED BOY!

5. Favorite read of 2014 (must be a 2014 release)?

DREAMS OF GODS AND MONSTERS by Laini Taylor. Hands down. Followed by FAKING NORMAL by Courtney C. Stevens.

6. Favorite 2014 post on your blog?

Discussion Post: Mid Week Musings – When Books Make You Angry

Book Review: FAKING NORMAL by Courtney C. Stevens

7. Favorite tweet you received from an author (2014)?

No specific tweet. Except THANK YOU to all of the authors who wished me well when I had my tonsils out in mid-March!

8. Favorite book cover (must be a 2014 release)?

I know that I’m mentioning this book a lot, but I ADORE the cover of FAKING NORMAL by Courtney C. Stevens. The bare tree branches looking like scars on her face and neck? Brilliant.

Faking Normal

9. Favorite book you received for review (mail/eGalley)?

DREAMS OF GODS AND MONSTERS by Laini Taylor! (A month early! Ahhh!!!)

10. Favorite post comment (2014)?

It’s always nice to see comments that include stuff like the following: (By “Zoe” on my book review of AFTER THE END by Amy Plum) “Oh my goodness! Can I just say how much I love this review and your reviewing style in general? You seriously rock!…”

Jenna’s review can be found HERE.

11. Most unexpected read of 2014 (good or bad) and why?

ONE MAN GUY by Michael Barakiva. I was actually enjoying this book (mostly) until the climax. It’s the first time a climax has ruined the entire book for me. Dull and disappointing overall.

12. Favorite heroine of 2014 (must be a 2014 read & release)?

Zuzana from DREAMS OF GODS AND MONSTERS. She is the almighty neek-neek!

13. Favorite book quote/short passage of 2014?

“I love vengeance like normal people love sunsets and long walks on the beach. I eat vengeance with a spoon like it’s honey. In fact, I may not even be a real person, but just a vow of vengeance made flesh.”

― Laini Taylor, Dreams of Gods and Monsters

14. Favorite cliffhanger ending of 2014?


15. Favorite series-ending book of 2014?


16. Strangest review request you received in 2014?

I received a request to review a kind of fish oil…? Not sure if they were serious or not.

17. Name one new blog/blogger you met/discovered in 2014?

Jen from Pop! Goes the Reader. I ADORE her and her blog and her reviews and just… yeah… She’s awesome.

18. Favorite debut author of 2014?

TOO. MANY. GREAT. AUTHORS. But have you all met Lynne Matson, author of NIL? Her first name is my middle name (it’s spelled the same way, too!) and her debut is fantastic!

19. Favorite non-blogging, but book-related moment of 2014?

Um. I really DO blog about all of my book-related moments. How can I not connect them to the blog?! But since it hasn’t happened yet, and I know it will be my favorite, can I say finally going to BEA this June? (I cheat.)

Oh wait! I don’t think I blogged about finally meeting Marissa Meyer (CINDER) in Orlando this past February! So that. Definitely that.

20. Ask and answer a question you’d have liked to have been asked in this interview?

Can you alliterate why you like to blog in 15 words or less?

Books and blogging brings bountiful bliss before my big blue eyes. (Bet’cha couldn’t alliterate better!)

Thanks for having me on the blog!


If I hadn’t wanted to before, I would definitely want to now. And that is to read FAKING NORMAL by Courtney C. Stevens. I am also that much more excited and nervous to read Amy Plum’s AFTER THE END due to its killer cliffhanger ending.

Thank you so much again, Jenna, for being a part of my feature. In answer to your second to last statement here on the blog, there is no way I could have alliterated any better than that.

And the quote you chose… it’s perfect. Ab-so-freaking-lutely perfect.

I am a tad curious, however, about how you managed to wrangle a review request opportunity for fish oil. Followed by the more pressing question… “Why?” Though maybe that’s best left a mystery.

I love your enthusiasm for the books you’ve mentioned you adore. I hope to be able to read them all one of these days. And I hope it was half as much fun to answer my questions as it was for me to read your responses.

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