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Jaime of Two Chicks on Books

Two Chicks on Books


I am super excited to welcome Jaime of Two Chicks on Books to the blog today to be my very first interviewee for a new feature I’m starting here on Fiktshun called “Playing 20 Questions with….”

As many of you know Jaime is one of the very first bloggers I met, my blogger BFF and co-owner with me over at Rockstar Book Tours. She also gets to be my test pilot when I have a new feature I want to try out. (Thanks Jaime!)

While the 20 Questions I asked Jaime for this very first post are all largely book related, I do plan on mixing them up. So I may have to ask Jaime back to the blog one of these days so I can ask her 20 more questions.

Instead of being a traditional Q&A or Interview with in-depth questions and wordy answers, the goal of “Playing 20 Questions with…” is the opposite. They will all be quickie – and hopefully fun – questions, and I’m limiting answers to 15 words or less.

Or at least I’m trying to. Jaime gets a pass because she’s Jaime. But she also doesn’t tend to ramble on like I do.

I hope to be able to have a blogger stop by each week or every other week. But as I’m still not very good at outreach, we shall see. Sometimes the questions will be the same. Sometimes they might be quite different. But hopefully the answers will be varied.

Anyway… enough of my rambling about the feature. It is pretty self explanatory if you keep reading. So, without any further ado, let’s Play 20 Questions with Jaime.


The 20 Questions

1. Favorite blogging moment?

Either having Richelle Mead RT my review of THE FIERY HEART which got me a crap ton of pageviews woot! Or meeting all of my blogger friends.

2. Favorite blog feature/meme to participate in?

Not a big meme fan but I’ll do Waiting on Wednesday every once in a while.

3. Favorite blog feature/meme to read?

I suck. I don’t really read memes.

4. Favorite book boyfriend of 2014?

You expect me to pick just one?? Not gonna happen lol. Nolan from THE LOVELY AND THE LOST, Wolf from THE RING & THE CROWN, Nox from DOROTHY MUST DIE, Rafe from THE KISS OF DECEPTION, and Malcolm from LIV, FOREVER.

5. Favorite read of 2014?

Again ugh lol not going to name one, but I know I’ll forget a few, too. THE KISS OF DECEPTION, THE RING & THE CROWN, THE FALCONER, DOROTHY MUST DIE, THE INVENTOR’S SECRET, and LIV, FOREVER.

6. Favorite 2014 post on your blog?

Hmmmmm, probably my FIRE & FLOOD Blog Tour post. I got a scene from Guy’s POV 🙂

7. Favorite tweet you received from an author in 2014?

Uh, don’t know. A lot of them are my friends or I work with them so… yeah, dunno.

8. Favorite 2014 book cover?

So far? ELUSION by Claudia Grey and Cheryl Klam is gorgeous!


Upcoming? THE PERILOUS SEA by Sherry Thomas.

The Perilous Sea

9. Favorite book you received for review?


10. Favorite post comment of 2014?

I rarely get good comments since I don’t post discussion topics. Most are comments for the authors I feature.

11. Most unexpected read of 2014 (good or bad) and why?

THE HERE AND NOW by Ann Brashares. I almost DNF’d it. Yep, it was that bad. And I had high hopes becuase I loved her Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants books.

12. Favorite heroine of 2014?

Kestrel from THE WINNER’S CURSE was pretty badass!

13. Favorite book quote/short passage of 2014?

I love this scene from DEFY by Sara B. Larson.

My eyes widened when I realized I’d been staring at his body. My cheeks flamed, making me grateful for the low light of the candles. “Sir, you’re covered in sweat. Are you taking ill?” I asked, keeping my voice low and gruff. Manly. It was as good a cover as I could come up with. No one looked like that unless they exercised—a lot.

“I’m in perfect health.” He shot me a wicked grin. “As you may have noticed.”

My mouth went dry and my face burned even hotter. But before I could think of any other way to dig myself into a deeper hole of humiliation, he continued, “You may go, Alex.”

14. Favorite cliffhanger ending of 2014?

ELUSION‘s ending kicked my ass!

15. Favorite series-ending book of 2014?

THE FOREVER SONG by Julie Kagawa. Chick knows how to write an ending. I cried like a baby!

16. Strangest review request you received in 2014?


17. Name one new blog/blogger you met/discovered in 2014?

Honestly? Haven’t discovered any new ones.

18. Favorite debut author of 2014?

Sara B. Larson – Twitter | Facebook | Website | BlogGoodreads

19. Favorite non-blogging, but book-related, moment of 2014?

Getting my new job 🙂

20. Ask and answer a question you’d have liked to have been asked in this interview?

Ummm can’t think of anything 😉


Thanks so much for playing today Jaime. I may have to beg you to come back one of these days so I can ask you all sorts of non-bookish questions. Congrats on the new job! You’ve officially made me terrified to finish THE FOREVER SONG, I’m going to have to leave a really bizarre comment on one of your posts, and OMG I loved that scene for FIRE & FLOOD.

As this is a brand new feature – it’s an idea that popped into my head last night and I ran with it – I’m still working on some of the logistics. But I thought I might try offering a sign-up form for any bloggers who may be interested in participating, in addition to simply reaching out by email. So… if you’d be interested in playing 20 questions here at Fiktshun, leave your details in the sign-up form HERE.

And thank you for stopping by to see just what Jaime had to say! I hope it’s been enlightening or fun or introduced you to a couple of books you might not otherwise have had on your radar… or all three.

Until next week-ish.

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