2014 Don’t Let It End Reading Challenge


Hey everyone, I’m happy to announce – at least I think I am – that I’m bringing back the Don’t Let It End Reading Challenge for a second year. The timeframe is going to be exactly the same – FEBRUARY 14TH through JULY 14TH. And all the rules will be the same, too.

Just like last year, there will be a sign-up giveaway, and a giveaway for each month of the challenge, with an end-of-challenge giveaway at its conclusion.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be more successful this year than last year, but that remains TBD.


The Goal

To say goodbye to some of those series that have been lingering on your TBR piles or to say goodbye to series ending this year that you’re terrified of saying goodbye to.


The Rules


Read the FINAL book only in a series that you’ve been putting off, or dread reading.

— This can be ANY series-ending book – YA or non-YA from ANY year. But ONLY the LAST book in the series counts for this challenge. So if you have a few books to read in order to reach that final book in the series, only the series-ending book will count toward the challenge.



Write a review (or post your thoughts) about the book.

— You can do this on your blog or website, on Tumblr, Goodreads, Facebook or any site that allows you to leave a link in the Linky List each month.



Between February 14th (Valentine’s Day) and July 14th (Bastille Day) stop back and leave a link to your posts.

— Each month on the 14th there will be a post with a Linky List so that you can link up each of your reviews or thoughts posts. If you forget to leave a link during the current challenge month you can post it in the next month’s Linky List. BUT you can only post a link once.

— On July 14th there will be a wrap-up post with an end-of-challenge giveaway for “successful” challenge participants. (Those who sign-up and read, review and link up at least ONE series-ending book will be automatically entered into this giveaway.)


The Deets

— Open to EVERYONE with a place to post their thoughts online.

— For books from ANY genre.

— For books from ANY year.

— ONLY for the final full-length book in a series.

— NO minimum or maximum commitment. NO requirement to read and review each month.

— Join at any time by signing up in THIS post and leaving thoughts/review links in the current month’s post.

— Books read for other challenges CAN count toward this one. But only the LAST book in a series will count for this challenge. And ONLY books reading during the months of this challenge count.

— In addition to the sign-up giveaway and end-of-challenge giveaway, there will be a monthly GIVEAWAY in which one winner is chosen from that month’s participants for ONE series-ending Book of Choice.


What to Do

sign up

Sign up by leaving a link to your blog, Facebook page, Goodreads profile or other. Sign-ups are open until July 14th.

create a sign-up post

OPTIONAL. If you decide to create a sign-up post instead of just signing up, your link will count as FIVE entries into the sign-up giveaway.

grab a button

If you don’t have a blog it’s not necessary. There are no extra entries for doing this. But if you’d like to show your support it would be awesome.

The button and coding are in the sidebar on the right.

wait for the challenge

Don’t start reading yet! The challenge begins on February 14th. Books read and reviewed before then won’t count.

stop back each month

On the 14th of every month there will be a new post for you to leave your links. Each link counts as an entry into that month’s giveaway.


The point of this challenge is to say goodbye to those end-of-series books. So don’t let your fear of saying goodbye stop you from finishing. If you say goodbye now you’ll have more room on your TBR piles to say hello to some awesome new series.


The Sign-up Giveaway


To Enter…

Leave a link to wherever you plan on posting each month’s challenge posts. It will earn you ONE entry.

If you plan on creating a Challenge Sign-up Post, leave that link INSTEAD. It will earn you FIVE entries.


There will be TWO winners for two end-of-series books of choice (not to exceed $35 USD) to be ordered from Amazon or The Book Depository depending upon location.

Winners will be announced in the Challenge Begins post on February 14th. All my standard giveaway rules apply.



& Good Luck

I know there are a ton of challenges to participate in, so I can’t thank you enough for joining me in an attempt to tackle those series-ending books. And while this challenge doesn’t begin for just over a month, in advance I want to wish you luck… not that you’ll need it!

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