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This weekend turned out to be even more hectic than I imagined it would be so I am posting this quite a bit later than planned.  But as I haven’t even begun to start reading this week’s reading pile, this post isn’t too out-of-date.

And as I didn’t get the chance to check the mailbox until Sunday, I wouldn’t have the lovely photo below to include. So late isn’t always a bad thing…

MRP 140

[Credit for mailbox sharing goes to The Story Siren]

I didn’t get any physical books in the mail for review this week, but I did get a couple signed copies of FROZEN by Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnston thanks to the always amazing Mindy of Magical Urban Fantasy Reads. She went to a signing a few weeks ago and offered to get me a couple copies. One is signed personally to me and one I have for giveaway, which I hope to post later this week.

The Winner's Curse

I did receive one book for review, which I am so unbelievably excited about. I was invited to review an eARC of THE WINNER’S CURSE by Marie Rutkoski courtesy of the awesome publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux BYR. I immediately clicked to download it to my Kindle via NetGalley as I’ve been dying to read it ever since I first saw it in the publisher’s catalog.

The cover is gorgeous but the book sounds even more amazing. If you click on the book cover it will take you to Goodreads so you can check out the description. I have been anxiously awaiting this book’s release and am so tempted to try and sneak this one in later this week.

But since I am behind and I already have a couple books planned…

Here are the books I have in my reading pile this week.

(November 17, 2013 – November 23, 2013)


While You're Away Part VI


First up on the pile is WHILE YOU’RE AWAY PART VI: When I Heard the Truth by Jessa Holbrook. I am so excited to finally get to read the final part of this book. But I am also incredibly nervous about what is going to happen.

There was the potential for misunderstanding and mistakes to be made because of that… or everything could have been true. I keep changing my mind about what I believe is true, so I can’t wait to know for sure. Based on this part’s title the truth will be revealed but I have a bad, bad feeling that whatever that truth is, there will be tears.

As I don’t want to reveal too much more about what I think is going to happen in this last part of the story and plan to read it tonight and review it tomorrow, I’ll just stop my rambling. But this has been such a fun way to read this book and get to keep these characters in my life for just a little bit longer than they normally would be.

I also just have to add that I’m really, really hoping for a happy ending.

The Description…

Once a cheater, always a cheater?

From the moment Will and Sarah first set eyes upon each other, they know that what they have is special.

There’s just one little problem . . . each of them already has a significant other.

After flirting with danger, it becomes clear their passion is too strong to be denied. But even if they make their relationship official, there are plenty of challenges in store. Will leaves for college at the end of the summer, while Sarah faces her senior year of high school in their small suburban town. Long-distance relationships always come with their fair share of troubles—mismatched schedules, jealousy, and temptation are only the beginning.

Can cheaters ever change?

WHILE YOU’RE AWAY is a steamy story about a love triangle, a long-distance relationship, and learning the true meaning of commitment.



Next up on the pile is AFTERPARTY by Ann Redisch Stampler. I received an ARC and an eARC for review from Simon Pulse awhile back and I have been dying to read this ever since. I actually keep opening it up on my Kindle and start reading and then guiltily set it aside for later.

Well, I’m done with waiting. I want to meet Siobhan and Emma and Dylan and find out just what happens at this “infamous” Afterparty. I want to know how things lead up to the confrontation between them and what happens after. And I want to see if this book is every bit as exciting as I think it will be.

If things don’t get too crazy for me, I hope to be able to start…continue… reading this on Thursday. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

The Description…

Emma is tired of being good. Always the dutiful daughter to an overprotective father, she is the antithesis of her mother — whose name her dad won’t even say out loud. That’s why meeting Siobhan is the best thing that ever happened to her…and the most dangerous. Because Siobhan is fun and alluring and experienced and lives on the edge. In other words, she’s everything Emma is not.

And it may be more than Emma can handle.

Because as intoxicating as her secret life may be, when Emma begins to make her own decisions, Siobhan starts to unravel. It’s more than just Dylan, the boy who comes between them. Their high-stakes pacts are spinning out of control. Elaborate lies become second nature. Loyalties and boundaries are blurred. And it all comes to a head at the infamous Afterparty, where debauchery rages and an intense, inescapable confrontation ends in a plummet from the rooftop…

This explosive, sexy, and harrowing follow-up to Ann Redisch Stampler’s spectacular teen debut, Where It Began, reveals how those who know us best can hurt us most.


Wishful Thinking Reads

I wish I could read the book I received this week, THE WINNER’S CURSE by Marie Rutkoski. It looks so amazing.

I may have been lured in by the cover and title, but it was the last line of the description that makes this book a wishful thinking read this week. It says that THE WINNER’S CURSE is “…a story of deadly games where everything is at stake, and the gamble is whether you will keep your head or lose your heart.” Awesome, right?

But as this is still NaNoWriMo and I am still overwhelmed by the information I’m being asked to know in my Coastal Navigation course, reading this book can only be a wish, not a reality.


Those Left Behind

Like last week I was able to read the current installment of Jessa Holbrook’s WHILE YOU’RE AWAY. I also posted my short review. And I did end up finishing my re-read of AFTERGLOW by Karsten Knight, too. Which was even better the second time around, but no less easy to say goodbye to.

I was not able to get PAWN onto the pile but I am planning on reading it tomorrow and hope to have it completed by Thursday when I’ll pick up AFTERPARTY.

I was also not able to post any of the reviews I had planned – A LITTLE TOO FAR, A LITTLE TOO MUCH, AFTERGLOW, CRASH INTO YOU. I had very little time during the week to work on blog-related items and the two nights I had free I ended up spending them writing.

This weekend was a total bust as I ended up having to spend Saturday night doing homework, which took me until just after 5 a.m. on Sunday to finish. By the time I got home from class, I was completely wiped out. Too wiped to write reviews or finish the final few words I needed for my WIP.

The next two weeks are going to be a little bit more insane, so I’m not sure how on schedule I’ll be. I think if I am around next November, I’m going to try and schedule a few less things to do. Or plan ahead with pre-written blog posts.

We shall see…


NetGalley Pile Adds & Finds

I didn’t even look on NetGalley until just this very moment. It was such a crazy week and weekend that I didn’t spend much time online. And while there weren’t many new titles on NetGalley this past week, there were a couple and a sneak peek at a book I’m dying to read.

THE KILLING WOODS by Lucy Christopher (Scholastic, Jan 7 2014)

THE FIERY HEART (Bloodlines #4) by Richelle Mead (Penguin Books Australia, Nov 19 2013) ***Australian reviewers ONLY***

CRESS (The Lunar Chronicles #3) by Marissa Meyer (Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group, Feb 4 2014) ***Chapter One Sample ONLY***

THE MARK OF THE DRAGONFLY by Jaleigh Johnson (Random House Children’s, Mar 25 2014) ***Middle Grade***


I had every intention of writing this post on Saturday. I was even more hopeful when I came back from sailing earlier than anticipated as I would have had more time. But it was an incredibly stressful day on the water and by the time I felt relaxed enough to post I had to start my homework for the next day’s class.

As I have another sail planned for Saturday – this time with a group and an instructor versus The Dude – and class again on Sunday, I’m not entirely sure how focused on blogging I’ll be. Reading on the other hand has been a lovely distraction. So, hopefully I won’t get too sidetracked with writing… rather, re-writing… this week so I can get lost in a few of these amazing books I have.

I’m sure by now you’ve already posted your book hauls and have gotten started on your reading for this week. But if you’d still like to share what you’ve received and what you are reading, I would love to know.

Happy reading!


Do you create a reading pile?

If so, what’s in your reading pile this week?

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