Epic Fail Moments in Blogging #8: My Blogoversary

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Normally I’m pretty good with dates. I remember birthdays and anniversaries and other major life moments. I remember the day I moved in with my Dad. I remember the day The Dude first told me he loved me. I remember my graduation day… from grade school.

But for some reason I can’t quite keep the date of my blog’s anniversary in my head.

I know the month is November. It’s not like I’m so far off-base. But whenever I plot and plan to celebrate, I mark down November 10th in the random calendar in my brain. (Yes, I could use Google Calendar, but I have a whole other set of fails involving that device. But that is for another day, another post.)

I’m not sure why I keep getting it confused. It’s not like I’m thinking of the date in terms of numbers – 11-10-10 instead of 11-9-10. I could understand the error if that was the case. It’s not.

And whenever the month prior to the “big day” rolls around and I start trying to think about what I want to do about it, I begin the planning for the wrong day. Fortunately my designer is smart enough not to add the actual date to the graphics. Either she knows, or somewhere deep down inside I know I’d be wrong, so I don’t give her the date to use. It’s probably a little bit of both.

My blogoversary is November 9th. It hasn’t changed in the almost-three years since my blog’s inception. And since I have always opted to celebrate half-year blogoversary events, you’d think I’d have gotten that date committed to my long-term memory by now.

But no. That hasn’t happened yet, and I’m starting to doubt if it ever will.

So why is this a failure of epic proportions?

Well, I’d planned on putting up a post a month before my blogoversary date, on October 10th. I’d been waiting on a graphic from my designer, but I was still in the thinking stages about what I wanted so I wasn’t feeling particularly rushed. As long as I had that post up at some point on October 10th all would be good.

Three years is a huge milestone for me. I never really thought I’d be blogging this long. I mean, three years? Holy wow! So I wanted to do something different, go a bit out of my comfort zone – reach out to a few authors, put a sign-up form together to see if there would be any bloggers who would be interested in guest posting. I’m not very good with outreach and the thought of including a sign-up form seems so arrogant, it was a tough decision to come to.

But I was spurred on by the gorgeous and “whimsical” blogoversary banner my designer, Rachel of Parajunkee Design, created for me.


And so I began putting the post together last night. I figured as long as I had it posted before Midnight I’d be good.

I took a look back at my previous blogoversary posts, and that’s when I realized that no, my blogoversary is NOT on the 10th. It’s on the 9th. So the “one month until my blogoversary” statement was wrong. I missed it. It totally deflated me.

So, no, I did not put up that post. While I could have approached it with humor, I felt like such a total a** that I posted a planned giveaway I had for Friday instead.

I mean seriously, nearly three years down the road and I still can’t get the date right? Ugh.

And no, I do not consider that an epic fail. It’s not like I missed my actual blogoversary. This was just a FAIL.

Where it gets EPIC is…

Blogoversary FAIL

In my searching for previous blogoversary posts to ensure that I wasn’t being redundant, I came upon a post celebrating my one-and-a-half years as a blogger. I was so happy that I’d made it to the eighteen month mark that created a post and celebrated with a giveaway. On… and this should be no surprise… May 10th.

Which is bad enough. But it was the first lines in that post that really drove home my failure.

“Just yesterday I discovered that as of today I will have been blogging for one-and-a-half years.”

Um… no. That “yesterday” I was referring to was actually the day I should have been celebrating blogging for eighteen months. I should have created that celebratory post the day I made that discovery, not the day I decided to celebrate.

Had it been the first of my mid-year celebrations I still would have given myself a little leeway. But no, I celebrated my blogoversary at the six month mark, on May 9th, 2011 – heck I even celebrated my three months as a book blogger.

Forgetting the date beforehand is one thing, but posting and celebrating on a date that is not correct is another. It was public, not private. It was – and is – out there for the “world” to see. It is a complete and total FAIL of the most EPIC of proportions.

So, yes, after seeing that post last night I realized that when it comes to my blogoversary I am – and will likely always be – a total EPIC FAIL.

And what about you?

Have you ever messed up the date for your own blog’s anniversary? Have you ever happily celebrated a milestone moment-that-wasn’t on your blog?

Have you ever been called out about your FAIL by friends, co-bloggers, your blog’s readers?

And, if so, how did you ever recover from the mortification?

*whispers* Please say I’m not alone in this, please say I’m not alone in this, please….*sighs*

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