Bloggiesta Starting Line 2013: The To-Do List


I’ve been meaning to join Bloggiesta since September 2011 but for some reason I always miss out. And that almost happened yet again this year.

But I’m told it’s not too late to join in. So here goes….


The To-Do List

I’m going to try to be brief so that I can spend more time checking items off my list than writing up this post. But I’m not entirely sure I’ll be able.

  • Write 2 reviews
  • Finish The Quick & Dirty Q2 post for The Annex
  • Clean up sidebar
  • Backup all WordPress databases and download/backup all blogs
  • Locate blog files for Bloggers Corner and upload to WordPress
  • Delete old/unused random free themes from all WordPress blogs
  • Eliminate/delete old Blogger blogs
  • Decide which writing blog to eliminate and cancel hosting (Completed late)
  • Email/Invite bloggers/authors/readers to participate in “Why YA?” post
  • Add additional div coding to theme to allow for more TextBox options
  • Finish looking through all old posts and fix all wonky formatting
  • Participate in a Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge
  • Learn something new about coding/html/plugins, etc.
  • NEW: Update plugins and WordPress on all blogs
  • NEW: Update formatting and copy on all site pages
  • NEW: Find lost FTC Disclaimer and add
  • NEW: Locate files for MRP and upload to WP
  • NEW: Forward domains to BC and MRP
  • NEW: Figure out how to get Favicons on BC and MRP
  • NEW: Participate in the Bloggiesta Twitter Chat

If for some reason I manage to do all that, though I’m slightly skeptical given the rate at which I write reviews, I’d like to…

  • Clean out email inbox
  • Write 2 more reviews


Well that wasn’t too painful. Or too long-winded. Fortunately I just updated my Guest Posts, Interviews, Random Thoughts and Reviews pages the other day. Though I probably should do another check if my Bloggiesta To-Do List allows.

And I really need to update my bookish statuses on Goodreads but I’m not feeling GR at the moment so I’ve left it off the list this weekend.

I’m hopeful of being able to participate in the Twitter Chat on Sunday as I’ve missed out on tonight’s and tomorrow’s will be way too early in the a.m. But as it’s midday here for me on Sunday, I’m not entirely sure I’ll be around. But I’m going to try.

And if you want to find out what Bloggiesta is all about, just click the link below. This event is one of those great ways to meet new bloggers, discover new blogs, learn a few things about the technical and social aspects of blogging and get all caught up with your own blog.

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