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Tumble and Fall


TUMBLE & FALL by Alexandra Coutts will be released in the U.S. on September 17, 2013 in hardcover, audio and eBook formats. It is currently available to pre-order online in all formats at AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE.

Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR), the print edition is 384 pages.


I hadn’t realized that there were so many awesome books releasing the week of September 17th until I started working on this post. Every single one of the books listed below are ones I am super excited about. And it was nearly impossible to narrow down the list from my top six contenders.

But in the end I decided to choose TUMBLE & FALL as the book to watch this week. Because it is the book that I’ve been dying to read for just a little bit longer than the other five books I can’t wait for. And because the premise is one that fascinates me, haunts me, and intrigues me the most.

Based upon the description, this is not going to be a story with a happily ever after. This is not going to be a story where a hero rushes in and saves the world. This is going to be a story that ends in disaster, but that promises “courage, love and hope” anyway.

I cannot wait to meet the characters in this book and see how they decide to spend the time they have left, how they handle knowing the exact moment of their end and whether they are able to make peace with it or if they rage against it.

I have always been equally fascinated and horrified by the notion that things come to an end – relationships, people, species, worlds. It’s always so easy to be distracted by the day-to-day minutiae. And so I’m always drawn to stories and films that address issues of mortality.

When I read TUMBLE & FALL‘s description I was immediately curious about who these characters were, what it meant when it talked of “surprise beginnings” and how this author would approach this idea which could potentially be incredibly depressing.

If this story is anything like what I imagine it to be, I have a feeling I’ll be in tears for the entire read. Just thinking about it now makes me tear up. But I am holding out hope that there will be moments that make me smile, too.

TUMBLE & FALL sounds like it’s going to be an amazing, heartbreaking and heart-warming story. It sounds like it will be a story that makes me think…. actually, it already has. Because it reminds me of a line in a film that has stuck with me for over a decade – “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” – one that I continue to remind myself of every single day of my life.

So, while I am excited to discover Sherry Thomas’ THE BURNING SKY and continue Maggie Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle and while I am absolutely loving Gretchen McNeil’s 3:59, the book whose release I am most eagerly awaiting is TUMBLE & FALL by Alexandra Coutts. Which is why I’ve put it in the spotlight this week.

(Oh, and the quote is by Gandalf from “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.” And yes it makes me tear up every single time I watch that scene.)


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About the Book

Goodreads description:

A novel about the end of days full of surprising beginnings 

The world is living in the shadow of oncoming disaster. An asteroid is set to strike the earth in just one week’s time; catastrophe is unavoidable. The question isn’t how to save the world—the question is, what to do with the time that’s left? Against this stark backdrop, three island teens wrestle with intertwining stories of love, friendship and family—all with the ultimate stakes at hand.

Alexandra Coutts’s TUMBLE & FALL is a powerful story of courage, love, and hope at the end of the world.


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THE DREAM THIEVES (The Raven Cycle #2) by Maggie Stiefvater

THE WICKED WITHIN (Gods & Monsters #3) by Kelly Keaton

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