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***New Feature***

I decided to start yet another feature here on Fiktshun that doesn’t center around me, me, me. Back when I first started blogging in November 2010 I posted about the reasons why I liked to read YA and had every intention of asking bloggers, readers and authors to stop by to tell me and my readers their reasons “Why YA?”

It’s only taken close to three years for me to do so. Yes, I move quickly don’t I?

And while I have decided to go ahead with this feature, I still haven’t quite gotten around to sending out more than two invitations. The first, of course, was to Jaime who I knew would tell me if my idea was absolutely ridiculous.

As she’s guest posting here on the blog today, I am going to assume that it got her thumbs up. So, my hope is to reach out to a few other bloggers, readers and authors over the coming weeks and see if they’d like to answer the question and be featured here on the blog.

The featured guest post is pretty simple. There’s just the one question, after all. I will add in all social links, book covers and links to books on Goodreads.

But the twist is that the featured guest has to come up with a title/theme for their post, such as: “The Epic Epicness of YA,” “The Endless Possibilities of Genres,” “The Awesome Authors of YA,” “Weaponry and Other Kick-a** Battles in YA,” “The Bad Boys of YA,” “The Hawt Guys of YA,” or “Triangles, Cliffies and Hotties, Oh My!”

Of course they are more than welcome to use one of my titles if it fits their post. But the titling, I think, tells a lot about the author. So I’m super curious to see what everyone comes up with.

While this post – I hope – will put the guest in the spotlight, my real motivation for having them on the blog is to satisfy my own curiosity. I WANT TO KNOW. Because in real life I get those funny looks when I proudly talk about the YA books I read with my friends, family and colleagues.

And when I mention that I enjoy writing YA stories, I get a look of derision and an earful of reasons why I should just “grow up already.”


I am not sure if this will be a weekly feature. I suppose it depends upon just how many invitations I have the courage to send out and how interested people would be in participating. So for now, it’s TBD.

But before this gets any longer, let me turn the blog over to Jaime so she can tell you “Why YA?”


Guest Post

“The Epic Epicness of YA”

So Rachel invited me over to talk about why I love YA and I’ve been thinking about it. A lot actually. And I am having a hard time nailing it down because there’s so many things that I do love about YA!

I mean sure I love the hawt boys (who wouldn’t and I want to marry Hector or Valek lol) but what I really love is the stories! I mean there are endless possibilities! I’m not a fan of contemporary stories so I’m going to focus on what I do love. Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, and Dystopian or a mix of them.

Vampire Diaries 1 to 4When I first started reading YA there wasn’t much out there (yes I am old) but one particular series drew me in and to this day is still one of my favorites. That series was The Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith. Now I was already in love with vampires from reading Anne Rice and Bram Stoker but, what I loved about LJ’s was the characters were my age and dealt with issues that I may have faced during that time in my life.

Then I grew up and took a reading hiatus……

When I came back to the world of reading I read a bunch of adult paranormal and then I got really bored because a lot of it just seemed the same after a while.

TwilightThen I saw a movie preview for get ready for it…… Twilight (collective groans) and I found out it was a book series. I bought all 4 and devoured them in 5 days! This spawned my love for YA I couldn’t get enough of it and what I realized was…. Twilight was just the tip of the iceberg and there were way better stories out there!

Whether it be Melissa Marr’s or Lesley Livingston’s Faeries, Becca Fitzpatrick and Lauren Kate’s Angels, Cate Tiernan’s and Nancy Holder/Debbie Viguie’s Witches, Tahereh Mafi’s, Lauren Oliver’s, Veronica Rossi’s, Joelle Charbonneau’s, and Veronica Roth’s, Ann Aguirre‘s, disturbing but amazing Dystopian/Sci-Fi stories, Elizabeth Norris’s and Jennifer Rush’s brilliant Sci-Fi, or Maria V. Snyder’s, Rae Carson’s, Leigh Bardugo’s, Marissa Meyer’s, Sarah J Maas’s, C.J. Redwine’s, A.G. Howard’s  fantastic fantasies; I just can’t get enough! The stories these amazing authors come up with are full of characters I want to be friends with and the worlds! If I could, I think I’d love to spend a little bit of time in each one of them. For Reals!

So why do you love YA? Is it the boys? Or the stories? Or the love triangles (I love a well done triangle not gonna lie)? Or the cliffies (I secretly love these lol)? Let me know I’d love to hear from you!



Meet Jaime

Two Chicks on Books


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