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The Liberator


WatchBOOK-2THE LIBERATOR by Victoria Scott will be released in the U.S. on August 27, 2013 in paperback and eBook formats.

It is currently available to pre-order online in both formats at AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE.

Published by Entangled Teen, the print edition is 352 pages.

THE LIBERATOR is the second book in author Victoria Scott’s Dante Walker series.


There are four million one hundred thousand three hundred and twenty-two books releasing the week of August 27th that I’m super excited about. Okay, well, maybe not quite that many. But there are a LOT. I’ve listed my very most favorites below. But those aren’t even all the books I can’t wait to read that are releasing that week.

And choosing just one book to spotlight this week has been more than impossible. But as DESCENDANT, DECEPTION, THE BITTER KINGDOM, CROWN OF MIDNIGHT and ORIGIN were all books in series I knew I’d love before reading them and THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING is a book I want to read but don’t yet know I’ll fall head over heels in love with, I chose Victoria Scott’s THE LIBERATOR as the book to watch this week.

Because it surprised me. Because I didn’t expect it to live up to the hype. Because Dante wasn’t a character I thought I’d fall in love with. Because it was amazing even with my initial reservations.

And I cannot wait for THE LIBERATOR‘s release in just a few short weeks. I can’t wait to see what will happen with Dante and Charlie. I can’t wait to meet Aspen and see if she’s a character I’ll like or if she is someone I’ll want to throttle for coming between them. I can’t wait to see if temptation proves to be too much. And I really can’t wait to get back to this world and these characters I’ve missed.

I don’t want to talk about what the description hints at. For those that haven’t yet met Dante the description will totally spoil what happens in THE COLLECTOR. But I will just say that I’m really curious about what’s been going on with Charlie. She went through a lot of changes in THE COLLECTOR and there was this one tiny thing in that book, right there at the end, that’s got me worried.

I have no idea if this is the final book in the series – I hope not – or if there are more stories planned – I hope so. I have no idea what the early readers have been saying – I didn’t even check its current ratings on Goodreads. And I don’t want to know! But I cannot wait to read THE LIBERATOR and find out for myself.

So while I am super excited for all of the books mentioned above, some of which I’ll be reading this week, as I had to choose just one, I chose THE LIBERATOR as the book to watch this week. I don’t know whether I’ll be as surprised by this second book in the series as I was the first, as I’m already certain I’ll love it, but I do know that no matter what happens, Dante’s got this. Whatever “this” may be.


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About the Book


Goodreads description:

Bad boy, meet bad girl.

Dante has a shiny new cuff wrapped around his ankle, and he doesn’t like that mess one bit. His new accessory comes straight from Big Guy himself and marks the former demon as a liberator. Despite his gritty past and bad boy ways, Dante Walker has been granted a second chance.

When Dante is given his first mission as a liberator to save the soul of seventeen-year-old Aspen, he knows he’s got this. But Aspen reminds him of the rebellious life he used to live and is making it difficult to resist sinful temptations. Though Dante is committed to living clean for his girlfriend Charlie, this dude’s been a playboy for far too long…and old demons die hard.

With Charlie becoming the girl she was never able to be pre-makeover and Aspen showing him how delicious it feels to embrace his inner beast, Dante will have to go somewhere he never thought he’d return to in order to accomplish the impossible: save the girl he’s been assigned to, and keep the girl he loves.


Other Amazing Books to Watch

Here are just a handful of the tons of other awesome books releasing the week of August 27th:

DESCENDANT (Starling #2) by Lesley Livingston

THE BITTER KINGDOM (Fire and Thorns #3) by Rae Carson

CROWN OF MIDNIGHT (Throne of Glass #2) by Sarah J. Maas

DECEPTION (Defiance #2) by C.J. Redwine


ORIGIN (Lux #4) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

CONSUME (The Clann #3) by Melissa Darnell

DON’T LOOK NOW (PERSEFoNE #2) by Michelle Gagnon

THE FALL OF FIVE (Lorien Legacies #4) by Pittacus Lore

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