Epic Fail Moments in Blogging #2: Bloogers


No, you didn’t read it wrong, that title does say “Bloogers” and not “Bloggers.” And no it isn’t a typo. Well, not this time, anyway….

There are certain words that I just always seem to mistype. I’m not sure why that is exactly, but whatever connection is made between my brain and my fingers on the keyboard, I know one thing for sure – it’s faulty.

And while there are quite a few common words that come out wrong, especially when tired – “their” versus “they’re” or “its” versus “it’s” – I like to think those are mistakes that most everyone makes. Brain sends signal, but it’s just a little bit off. A little bit tweaked.

But then there are words that I mistype that make me wonder whether it’s just me. Let’s take “thighs.” Even now, trying to type that word, knowing exactly what I’m trying to type, my fingers insist on typing “things.” Which, depending upon the circumstances, can completely change a sentence’s rating from “PG” to “X.”

Fortunately there aren’t many instances where I’m writing about someone’s things… darn it, thin… darn it, thighs. Only in the “for fun” short stories that I write… don’t ask… do I talk about someone’s thing… *sigh* thighs. I’m just glad I’m not a doctor or things would be much worse. And probably so would their thighs.

But while this is a FAIL on my part. It hasn’t reached epic proportions, especially as relates to blogging. Again, because I rarely need to type that particular word.

My EPIC FAIL comes into play when trying to type the word BLOGGER. It’s a word I type often – here in my blog posts, on twitter, on Facebook and in comments left on other blogs. How can I be a blogger and not use the word blogger? Even when not talking about the individuals who write the posts that word comes up. Because not only is it used to describe what someone does when they write posts online and post them on… yep… a blog, it’s also a particular type of blogging platform. There’s WordPress, and then there’s Blogger.

Or in my case, much of the time, it’s Blooger.

I don’t know why the ring finger on my right hand insists on double tapping the “o” key when attempting to type the word “blogger.” I don’t know why my left hand pointer, or index, finger chooses not to linger above the “g” key, ready to strike twice.

And I don’t know why my brain says “blogger” but my hands type “blooger” more than fifty percent of the time. I don’t imagine it’s based on some subconscious thought that bloggers are boogers, causing me to merge the two words. While I’ve heard people call others by that name – usually in some endearing way – it’s not a word that’s part of my vocabulary.

And while it is possible I used it in childhood at one point or another as some form of pre-kindergarten curse word, childhood was a long, long ways away and I’m doubtful it’s repressed latent trauma bubbling its way to the surface after all these decades.

While I’m sure I still suffer from some of those early childhood traumas, I am doubtful any of those involved thinking someone was a booger. And I’m confident that blogging about young adult books is not causing me to regress.

Perhaps my brain thinks I’m really trying to type a word that starts with a bee-el-oh-oh, a word like blood or bloom or blooper, from the moment I start typing the bee-el. There does tend to be a lot of blood in the books I read.

But I suppose it doesn’t really matter why it happens. Only just that it does happen. And that it’s annoying as heck.

It’s gotten me so paranoid that with each post I write in which I talk about bloggers, or the Blogger platform, I always make sure to do a “find” for the word “blooger,” just in case I have actually mistyped.

The minor inconvenience of running the quick search is nothing compared to the hours of mortification I’d feel if I hit “publish” with yet another “blooger” mistake. And, yes, it would be hours. I should know. It has happened before. More than a few times.

Of course none of this helps with comments I leave on someone else’s blog. In those instances I quietly step away  from the blog, hope that no one notices my FAIL, and try to convince myself that it never, ever happened.

Oddly enough….

In prepping this post, I decided to do a Google search to see if I was the only one with a “blooger” problem. And it turns out that the term “blooger” actually has a definition.

Blooger defined

Blooger defined

According to the “web definitions” that came up for Google, a blooger is “a blogger acting like a teenager or in an otherwise immature or boorish manner.” Yes. Yes, that’s what I must have meant all these years… maybe not.

Or maybe my subconscious is more in line with one of Urban Dictionary’s definitions – “the author of a particularly petty, hostile, web log, i.e., a Snotty Blogger.” I could see it… for about five seconds. Until the moment I’d remember that I often mistype the word when referring to the blogging platform, Blogger, which is the farthest thing from snotty.

But I fail to speculate on the “why’s” any longer. I just know that it’s been the cause of many embarrassing moments. Moments that were complete and total FAILs and still make me cringe to this day.

And what about you?

Do you have any “blooger” moments on your blog or around the blogosphere? Or are there any other words that you seem to mistype no matter how sure you are that you’ve typed them correctly in the first place?

If you’d like to share your mistyped word blogging FAIL, I’d love to know.

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