15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 11


Welcome to Day 11 of the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge hosted by Good Books and Good Wine, which brings us to the most challenging day yet – choosing “best” blog posts.

I thought about skipping this day of the challenge, but as I despise failure, I decided to post.

While there are just a few days left, if you still want to participate you can. Stop by Good Books and Good Wine’s “Let’s Get It Started” post for the details.


Day 11: Show off 5 of your best blog posts!


I wish it had said most popular, because that would be easy – Soul Screamers Reading Challenge. Or my favorite to read – character interviews FTW. But asking for my “best” post is impossible. Because I feel like it should be a review or discussion post. Something with substance.

And given my issues with self-doubt and lack of interest in self-promotion, saying that anything I’ve written is “good” let alone “best” is painful.

I tried to change it up with “my favorite” instead of “best” but even then, unless it was an author guest post, I couldn’t pick a favorite. Because I am not self-congratulatory that way. And I don’t tend to read my posts after the day they’ve been posted.

But I am going to take the easy way out, just a little bit. So that I can post this post I’m going to choose a couple of the top trafficked Random Thoughts posts and my favorite character and author interviews to conduct. Then I can go hide.


As many of you know, from seeing some of the blog tours I’m on, I love interviewing characters. As they seem like very real people when I’m reading the book… well, when the book is amazing, that is… it’s so much fun to be able to interact with them in the form of interview questions.

One of my favorite interviews was with Tod Hudson from Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamers series. I had the pleasure of interviewing him a couple of years ago when I was his rep in the YA Crush Tourney. It was a pretty popular post, but that’s because it’s Tod Hudson. Although his awesomeness may not have been readily apparent to everyone at the time – though as I had read it just a bit early I knew. This was an interview I conducted BEFORE the book IF I DIE was released. Now that the series is complete, I can’t promise that Tod would answer the same. CHARACTER INTERVIEW: TOD HUDSON.

Another interview I very much enjoyed was with Daemon Black of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Lux series. I actually had the pleasure of interviewing him twice, but the second time was my favorite. The first time he was all short answers, witty comebacks. But the second time he visited he was a bit more chatty. And as he is a character I absolutely adore, well, it was so much fun to get to speak to him twice. Though it’s been awhile. I miss him. CHARACTER INTERVIEW: DAEMON BLACK.

Back in 2012 I wrote a post about being a slow reader. It’s one of the things I struggled with as a book blogger, and something I struggle with to this day. And it was absolutely wonderful to know that there were other readers who felt just as I had. Of course the post did create a bit of controversy, whether from my post or the comments left. My intention was never to insinuate that those who read fast were somehow unable to absorb the material like I did. Everyone has their pace and their brain processes things differently. Mine does it slowly, unfortunately. But it seemed to spark a bit of that. Controversy, that is. Still, as it’s my second most popular Random Thoughts post I thought I’d include it here. RANDOM THOUGHTS: ON BEING A SLOW READER.

(My most popular Random Thoughts post was one I created prior to officially starting this as a book blog. Though I only think it’s popular because people land on it when searching for images of “old books.” So, obv, that doesn’t count.)

At the beginning of this year I wrote a post on whether this was a blogosphere or a battleground. Again I’m wondering if maybe because it could be seen as slightly controversial it was more popular than the posts that aren’t seen as such. It, too, was never meant to spark any kind of controversy or point fingers. It was simply a thought that had been rattling around in my brain. And, while nearly six months later this feels not quite as competitive an environment, I’m thinking that may be because I’ve had my head buried in the sand. People are competitive by nature. People do want to be the best, the brightest, the most popular. Not all, but some. And there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with competition. Well, healthy competition. It’s just not something I particularly enjoy. So, while I know it’s not my “best” writing or the “best” post or the most interesting or informative, for whatever the reasons it was one of my more trafficked ones. RANDOM THOUGHTS; BLOGOSPHERE OR BATTLEGROUND.

Interestingly, due to the fact that my thoughts have, on occasion, created tension, I’ve tended to keep them to myself more and more. Besides, everyone seems to have discussion posts these days that are far more interesting and engaging than mine.

Anyway… I haven’t done many author interviews here on the blog. They take me a long time to think up the questions and do the research. But that’s not why. I have not gotten over my fear of approaching authors and asking for favors. I have yet to invite an author to the blog to do something without it being initiated by a tour host or the author, or for the Authors Are Rockstars Tour. And as the questions I want to ask the author are ones that aren’t likely to be the most interesting or promotional in nature, it further justifies my reasoning for not reaching out. Yes, it’s a cop out. But what can I say, I’m not over my fear. I did, however, absolutely love the interview I did with Karsten Knight, author of the Wildefire trilogy. Not only because I loved his answers or because he didn’t cringe with the number of questions I sent him to answer, but because he also shared his top five favorite videos. AUTHOR INTERVIEW: KARSTEN KNIGHT.


Well, if I counted right, that’s five. And I’m so glad this day of the challenge is over. I love putting books in the spotlight, but I hate when it shines on me.

I am proud of the accomplishment of having stuck with my commitment to blog. I am proud of the fact that I take the risk and put myself out there (sometimes), even if it means opening myself up to rejection and ridicule. But I don’t put a higher value on one post versus another. They all take an enormous amount of time and thought. (Except the random giveaways. Those are easy.) And I don’t think slapping a label on a post like “best” makes it so. I put one hundred percent into all my posts. And I think it’s up to my readers to decide which they think are better, not me. So I chose a couple of the more popular posts and the ones that were a lot of fun for me to do.

And, of course I didn’t choose a review to highlight. I don’t like to read my reviews after they’re done. I’m likely more critical about them than anyone else. And the fear that I’ll be laughed out of the blogosphere if I were to choose even one of them, kept them from my five “best” list today.

I just hope this meets the challenge “guidelines.” I tend to be a stickler for the rules. *sigh*


If you’re as shy about putting your “best” in the spotlight, I won’t ask you to do so in the comments or to link your challenge post if you do one. But if you want to share a post that you had the most fun putting together, or an interview or guest post that made you fangirl, I’d love to know!

Tomorrow brings something a bit easier – something we’ve all likely dealt with if we’ve been around for more than three months – and that’s blogger fatigue. An interesting choice, since April might have mentioned that is part of the reason why she created this challenge.

That post will be much easier than today’s. I may have already rambled about that on more than one occasion. I have no problem doing it again.


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