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UNDONE by Elizabeth Norris was released in the U.S. on March 5, 2013 in eBook format only. It is currently available to order online at AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE.

Published by Balzer + Bray, the story is 105 pages.

UNDONE is a novella in the author’s Unravelling series set between the first and second books.



Before the accident. Before their universes collided. Before they fell in love.

Riveting and romantic, Undone: An Unraveling Novella contains three short stories set in the world of Unraveling, the first book in the gripping sci-fi duology by Elizabeth Norris.

Before Ben Michaels saved Janelle Tenner’s life, Janelle saved Ben when he stumbled through an interuniverse portal into a completely new world. That day, he fell in love with the girl of his dreams. And he never forgot her.

Through three stories told from Ben’s point of view, learn how Ben and his friends discovered their ability to travel between worlds, how Ben first met Janelle, and how he pined for her for years before he actually got the chance to meet her, save her life, and capture her heart. And find out what happens to Ben between the cliff-hanger conclusion to Unraveling and the beginning of its heart-stopping sequel, Unbreakable.


UNDONE is an exciting, fast-paced novella told from Ben Michaels’ perspective that bridges the gap between the events that took place in book one, UNRAVELING, and those that take place in UNBREAKABLE, the final book in the series.

The story also gives readers a quick peek at events in Ben’s life that took place prior to the start of UNRAVELING up through everything that readers had experienced through Janelle’s eyes in that book.

While much of the earlier part of the story had already been revealed, UNDONE let’s readers see just how Ben felt about those things that happened, how he reacted and just how important Janelle was to him.

The beginning of the story jumps rather quickly from moment to moment, only allowing for a glimpse, but the pace slows a bit to allow readers to connect to the new events, those exclusive to this novella.

Where the first part of the story offers a heartwarming and heartbreaking look at Ben’s life, the latter part of the story adds excitement and suspense to the mix. It introduces new characters, reveals that not all is as was expected for Ben and Eli, and sets the stage for things to come.

For those that read this story in sequence, the ending leaves off at a place in the story that will make them anxious to find out what happens next. For those that read it after both full-length novels, while there won’t be that same level of anticipation, it may just prompt a re-read of that next book.

UNDONE is a must for those that want to take a longer look at the world, to find out exactly what happened with Ben and Eli before Janelle’s arrival, or to get to know a little bit more about Ben – his feelings about Janelle, his attempts to return home, and his reasons for what he did after he got there.

And for those that wish to continue the story for just a little bit longer, this eNovella also includes a short two-chapter sneak peek at UNBREAKABLE.

Reviewer gives this novella…


On a personal note…

I am always a fan of getting to see a story from another charcter’s POV. And I loved getting to experience this story through Ben’s eyes. Even if it was only a brief peek.

As I did read this out of sequence, there wasn’t quite the same tension build as there would have been had I not already read the series to its conclusion. But I still enjoyed getting to see what was going on with Ben during the time that led up to everything that happened in UNBREAKABLE.

Of course my favorite part of this novella was seeing what Ben thought of Janelle from the moment they’d first met. Yes, I may have swooned once or twice. And I loved getting to know what was happening with him during those moments from UNRAVELING as seen from Janelle’s POV.

And yes, reading the novella made me want to re-read UNRAVELING so I could match up those previously revealed moments with what I now know about Ben.

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