The Extras: Teasers #13

The Extras Teasers

There are so many amazing books out there – released or soon-to-be-released – that have certain passages that just captivate.
Here are just a few of those that caught my attention in the past few weeks.


Another Little Piece


The writing style in ANOTHER LITTLE PIECE by Kate Karyus Quinn is so very different from most of the books I’ve read in young adult fiction. There is a beauty to it, but also an unpredictable rhythm. Which of course made me fall in love with it almost instantly.

There are two particular passages that stuck with me, but I decided to only share one as the other is a bit too long to tease.

At the deepest part of the almost forest, where the motion-sensored security lights of the houses can no longer penetrate, I slow my pace. I’m listening, looking for something. Then there it is, the crunch of dry leaves. Not the crisp crackle that even my softest footsteps produce, but a softer shuska shuska of the same leaves being ground into dust. Another step and I hear ragged breaths, interspersed with an occasional low groan. Not even lifting my feet, I slip closer, until they come into view.


Dance of the Red Death


I am sure there will be a ton of favorite passages in Bethany Griffin’s THE DANCE OF THE RED DEATH by the time I reach the story’s end. But as I just recently received a copy and only just started reading it, I haven’t yet had the chance to discover them all.

But I just had to share a short passage from the beginning of this already amazing book.


Elliott is right behind me. I feel him, though he doesn’t touch me. Not yet. I pull myself to a standing position, unwilling to let him see how afraid I am.

“It’s cold without you.” His voice is ragged, and I imagine that if I turn, I might see into him for once, but the ship lurches and I can’t do anything but hold on.


The Girl with the Iron Touch


I love this series by author Kady Cross and THE GIRL WITH THE IRON TOUCH is every bit as delightful as the other books in the series. Even more so in some ways because of….

This is a teasers post, not a spoilers post, so I won’t say why. But I will share just a couple of short passages from this awesome book. Because sharing just one was impossible.

“I don’t want to lose you.”

“You won’t. You won’t ever lose me, I promise.” And she meant it. “And someday, I’m going to make it so that all you want to do is smile.”

He kissed her again, and it was a long time before either one of them spoke.

No, I won’t reveal who the two characters in that particular scene are. I cut out some of my very favorite lines so as not to be too revealing. And no, I won’t say a word about just who the characters are in the scene below, either. I even removed the character’s name and replaced it with “she” so as not to give anything away.

When his lips touched hers [she] dropped the dressing gown. He kissed her like he thought he might never get another chance, setting her heart pounding at a terrible pace. His other arm went around her waist, pulling her against him.




There is quite the love triangle in this amazing series by author Josephine Angelini. And things get rather interesting in GODDESS.

Helen knew she would always look for a way to touch Lucas under the table, or brush up against him as she passed him in the hall. She wasn’t getting over him. In fact, she wanted Lucas even more now than she did weeks ago when she almost kissed him in his bed that first night after they fell.

But if you think that means she definitely chooses Lucas…

Orion caught her before her legs gave out and pulled her tightly against him. “That’s a yes,” he whispered.

Helen ran her fingers across the scar on his chest, and then fanned her palm out to touch as much of him as she could at once. He lowered his head and….

…then maybe that passage will plant a seed of doubt in your mind. Oh, and no, I’m not going to reveal the rest of that sentence.


The Beautiful and the Cursed


I’d heard THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE CURSED by Page Morgan was awesome. From the description I’d imagined it would be. And yes, the beautiful cover may have also made me think it might be. They were not at all deceptive.

I love this book and its characters. But I especially love the author’s writing style. And with passages like the one below, how could I not? It makes what could be a gruesome transformation seem absolutely beautiful.

As I didn’t want to spoil just which character this was for those who haven’t yet read it, I exchange their name for a “his.”

In well-practiced harmony, his pale skin rippled into a sheath of jet scales, his spinal column popped and cracked as it lengthened to support the rocklike muscles reshaping his arms, legs and chest. The cartilage and folded bones of a pair of featherless obsidian wings split through the plates on his back. They erupted like a charred black mountain and unfurled to a wingspan longer than [his] human height.


I decided to only share five teasers this time around. In part because eight teasers always felt like a bit too much. But also because I can’t tease one of my more recent reads as it was a beta. Which kills me. Because I have at least thirty passages in that particular book that I’m just dying to share.


If you have read any of these books I’m curious if the passages I did choose were among your favorites. And if you haven’t, I hope I only managed to tease, not torment.

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