Don’t Let It End Reading Challenge – Month Three


If you’re just visiting here now and have no idea what this challenge is about, CLICK HERE for the post with all the details. It’s not too late to sign up!

To be a participant in this challenge you don’t have to read a series-ending book each month of the challenge. But if you do, and leave your links, you’ll have that many fewer series-ending books on your TBR pile and you’ll get an entry for each review link into the current month’s giveaway for a book of your choice to one winner.


But for those of you who have signed up and made it through month TWO…


I am so happy to see that a couple of you took the plunge and read WITH ALL MY SOUL by Rachel Vincent. And I can’t believe that BOUNDLESS and CLOCKWORK PRINCESS made a few of your reading lists this month. Both books are ones I haven’t been able to bring myself to say goodbye to. And believe me, I’ve tried!

And wow, Lena and Lis did so amazing this month! I’m more than a little bit jealous. Especially as, for me, this month wasn’t so great. I didn’t think it would be, but I hoped….

Many of the books on my pile were first and second books in a series, not series-enders. But to be fair, I had to read the Eve Trilogy for the Epic Reads event, so I couldn’t get to all the series ending books I’d wanted to.

Of course, the main reason I wasn’t able to read all three titles I’d hoped to read this month was that I just couldn’t say goodbye. It’s so hard! Especially with books you know will involve many tears. Like CLOCKWORK PRINCESS and FORETOLD.

But I hope I’ll be able to muster up the courage this month for both those books. I’m not wholly confident, but I’m going to try.


The only series-ending book I read (and reviewed) this month is…

RISE (Eve #3) by Anna Carey

And while I did manage to post my review for WITH ALL MY SOUL, I still need to post my review for A TOUCH MENACING.

So while I’d planned on reading CLOCKWORK PRINCESS and FORETOLD last month, this month I’m going to try and read GODDESS by Josephine Angelini and SPELLBOUND by Rachel Hawkins in addition to those other two.

Hey, I did say try not will….

But what books are you looking forward to dreading the ending of during this third month of the challenge? I’d love to know!


Just a reminder of what to do….

When you’ve read the book and shared your thoughts online – whether on Goodreads, Facebook or your blog – stop back and leave a link in the Linky. At the end of this third month of the challenge I’ll throw the names into Random and choose a winner for ONE series ending book of your choice.

The more books you link up each month means more chances to win. And it also means you’ve managed to overcome any fears of seeing your favorite series end. Which is a good thing. Right?!?



The winner for this month’s Don’t Let It End Reading Challenge Book of Your Choice is….

Katrina of Bookish Things and More 

Congratulations! You’ve won a series-ending books of your choice. Please email me – or fill out my contact form – with your book of choice and your address and I’ll order it from Amazon or The Book Depository – or pre-order them if they’re not yet released.


I wish you all the very best of luck, once again, for this third month of the Don’t Let It End Reading Challenge. If you’re like me, this is getting harder rather than easier, but if not… YAY!

This month’s challenge ends on May 13th and the Month Four post will go up on May 14th. As ever, I wish all your series-ending reads to end happily… or at least be bitter-sweet… and most definitely not end on the edge of a cliff.

Leave your links for your thoughts and/or review posts below.

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