Book Watch: Releasing This Week #107

Below are the YA books releasing this week that I am spotlighting for my “Book Watch: Releasing This Week” post.

These are books for the week of January 15th-January 21st that I have pre-ordered.


Gates of Paradise

GATES OF PARADISE by Melissa de la Cruz will be released in the U.S. on January 15, 2013 in hardcover and eBook formats. It is currently available to pre-order online in both formats at AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE.

Published by Hyperion Books for Children, the print edition is 368 pages.

GATES OF PARADISE is the seventh – and final – book in the author’s Blue Bloods series.


I did not know until the second I created this post that GATES OF PARADISE is the FINAL book in the series. I pre-ordered it without even checking the description and now I’m a little devastated that yet another series I love, love, love is ending. What is it with 2013 and series-ending books?

I am a little behind – I didn’t get to read LOST IN TIME just yet – but I am not so far behind I couldn’t catch up. But now I’m not sure I’m ready to. I don’t know if I want to know whether Schuyler Van Alen gets her happily ever after. Or if Lucifer succeeds in “storming the Gates of Paradise” and “winning the heavenly throne.”

I’m not certain I want to know what Jack must do to hide where his loyalties lie. And I’m terrified about just what choice Schuyler will have to make. The description – yes I took a peek – mentions that this book is “epic” and “heartbreaking” and also talks of “unbearable sacrifice.”

Which makes me very, very nervous. I have yet to read a series by the author that has ended, and so I have no idea if she’ll say goodbye tragically, tearfully or happily.

If I get caught up on this series this winter, then I don’t think I’ll be able to resist the urge to find out.

Shades of Earth

SHADES OF EARTH by Beth Revis will be released in the U.S. on January 15, 2013 in hardcover, audio and eBook formats. It is currently available to pre-order online in all formats at AMAZON and in hardcover and eBook formats at BARNES & NOBLE.

Published by Razorbill, the print edition is 400 pages.

SHADES OF EARTH is the third and final book in the author’s Across the Universe trilogy.


I cannot believe this series is ending and that SHADES OF EARTH is its farewell. I feel like it was just yesterday when I was so excited for the first book to be released and here we are at the third and final one. And I still have the series on my TBR pile.

I own both books in eBook format, have book one in print and will be adding this third book to my eBook collection when it downloads on Monday Midnight. So there’s no excuse for me not to add this to the pile this year.

I will not be taking a peek at the description for this final book, because I don’t want to have the final book spoil my experience of the first. I haven’t yet met Amy or gone aboard the spaceship Godspeed. I haven’t found out why she was awoken from her slumber too soon.

And I haven’t yet found out what Godspeed’s secrets are or who attempted to kill her.

So there’s no way I would ever peek ahead until I’d found answers to all those questions. Which I very much plan on doing this year with the 2013 TBR Pile Reading Challenge.

I also have been keeping an eye out for AS THEY SLIP AWAY – a short novella in this series – which was revealed in bits and pieces on a blog tour this past week.

The full version was made available from Penguin Teen just the other day. Find it HERE.

And you can check out the author’s website for more details about the tour HERE.

Level 2

LEVEL 2 by Lenore Appelhans will be released in the U.S. on January 15, 2013 in hardcover, audio and eBook formats. It is currently available to pre-order online in all formats at AMAZON and in hardcover and eBook formats at BARNES & NOBLE.

Published by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, the print edition is 288 pages.

LEVEL 2 is the first book in a new series by debut author Lenore Appelhans. The second book in the series, LEVEL 3, is slated for release in 2014.


I promise to be really brief when talking about LEVEL 2, which will be downloading to my Kindle this week. Because I’ve talked about it A LOT already. Just yesterday, in fact. Because I plan on adding it to my reading pile this week.

But I also talked about it in my Book Watch post a couple of weeks ago. And in one of my Top Ten posts at year end over on The Annex. I also talked about it months ago on My Reading Pile, but as I’ve retired that blog, I won’t link that post here.

So I will just say that LEVEL 2 will be releasing this week. And it makes me ALL sorts of happy. I’m not sure if this book is a hyped book, but in my mind I’ve been hyping it like crazy. So for me it is.

And I cannot wait to dive in. Finally. After all this time.

Summerset Abbey Cover

SUMMERSET ABBEY by T.J. Brown will be released in the U.S. on January 15, 2013 in paperback, audio and eBook formats. It is currently available to pre-order online in all formats at AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE.

Published by Gallery Books, the print edition is 320 pages.

SUMMERSET ABBEY is the first book in a new series of the same name by author T.J. Brown. The second book in the series, A BLOOM IN WINTER, is slated for release on March 5, 2013.


I am also so excited for the release of SUMMERSET ABBEY which might not have ended up on my radar if I hadn’t “met” the author through my book touring endeavors.

But it did. And the more I checked out that description, the more curious I became. And the more I felt like I just had to meet these characters and discover this world for myself.

And I am so glad I did. Because I fell in love with this world – and most of its characters. I’m still on the fence about Rowena. Loved her story, not sure whether I love her, though.

I cannot wait for the sequel to be able to continue the story. I loved stepping away from the hectic pace of modern life to a time that, while not completely ideal, definitely had its charms.

While I have read and reviewed SUMMERSET ABBEY, I wanted to have the finished copy for my Kindle. Which I will have when it downloads on Monday Midnight. And I cannot wait!

Other Books of Note


VORTEX (Tempest #2) by Julie Cross

Pub. Date: January 15, 2013

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin



Return to Me

RETURN TO ME by Justina Chen

Pub. Date: January 15, 2013

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers



Uses for Boys

USES FOR BOY by Erica Lorraine Scheidt

Pub. Date: January 15, 2013

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin




Released on January 10th

(And yes I have this one pre-ordered!)


SALVATION by Anne Osterlund

Pub. Date: January 10, 2013

Publisher: Speak



While I already included SPLINTERED in my post when it released on January 1, 2013, I just thought I’d mention that the eBook will finally be ready to download at AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE this week. Which makes me so ecstatic.

Especially because I haven’t been able to track down a print copy at my local Barnes & Noble. So I’ve been without a finished copy of SPLINTERED for nearly two whole weeks. And that is a travesty!

So even though there are only four books listed in my pre-orders above, I have five books pre-ordered this week, including SPLINTERED….

Well, actually, I pre-ordered Anne Osterlund’s SALVATION when I discovered it this past week. But as it technically should have been included with last week’s releases, given that it released on the 10th, I refuse to say I have six books pre-ordered this week. Because that’s A LOT.

I was so sure there were almost no new releases this week. I was clearly wrong.


I hope to get to read at least a few of them – and possibly re-read SPLINTERED which I’ve been dying to do. But that remains to be determined. Especially as two of these books are series-ending books.

Though I will definitely be reading LEVEL 2. Just in case I didn’t mention it before. Or that I’m really, really, excited that it’s finally releasing.

And as always, I hope you have some new reads to add to your collection this week. And I hope that not too many are series-ending books insisting that you say goodbye.

I don’t think I missed any of the new releases this week – I checked practically everywhere. But in the event I did, please holler at me in the comments. Because I’d hate to miss acquiring an amazing new book just because my book-stalking skills were less than stellar.

Until next week… Happy Reading!

As always, I would love to hear what you’re hoping to add to your collection this week!

And if you have any great suggestions of “must read” books to buy that are releasing this week, please let me know!

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