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If you’ve visited my blog before – or talked with me on Twitter, heard me ramble on The Annex, chatted with me on Facebook – you already know that I dread reading series-ending books. Not because I think the author will end the series in a way I don’t like – as that rarely happens – but because I will be forced to face the cold hard fact that I’ll have to say goodbye to characters I’ve met, loved, hated, cried or feared for, angsted, swooned or have become brokenhearted over.

I hate real-life goodbyes, I hate fictional ones nearly as much. So I often choose to delay the inevitable. Just because the author was ready to say goodbye to her characters and move on to something new, just because the characters were ready to say goodbye to their voyeuristic readers, doesn’t mean that I am ready to say goodbye to them.

But that’s all going to change in 2013…. Well, not the wanting to not say goodbye. That won’t change. But the willingness will.

So this year I’m challenging myself – and if you’d like to join in I’d love it! – to finish some of those series that have been lingering. And I’m only giving myself five months to do so. From Valentine’s Day to Bastille Day (February 14-July 14, 2013) I will be picking up and saying goodbye to at least six series that I’ve refused to say goodbye to.


The rules are fairly simple… at least I hope they are.

ONE… Read the FINAL book only in a series that you’ve been putting off, or dread reading.

This can be ANY series-ending book – YA or non-YA from ANY year – but only the LAST book in the series will count for this challenge. So if you have a few books to read to end the series that you’ve been putting off, only the series-ending book will count toward the challenge.

TWO… Write a review or post your thoughts about the book.

It can be on a traditional blog or website, on Tumblr, Goodreads or Facebook. Just somewhere that you can leave a link to, in order to share your thoughts.

THREE… Between February 14 and July 14 stop back and leave a link to your posts.

Each month on the 14th I’ll be creating a post with a linky list so that you can link up each of your reviews or thoughts posts. On July 14th there will be a wrap-up post with a final giveaway for “successful” challenge participants – those who read at least ONE series-ending book and shared their thoughts.


The details….

+ It is open to EVERYONE with a place to post their thoughts online.

+ It is for books from ANY genre, though if your title is not young adult, please make that note in your Linky entry each month.

+ It is for books from ANY year, including 2013.

+ It is ONLY for the final book in the series. (Full-length books only, no after-the-fact novellas.)

+ There is NO minimum or maximum commitment. There is NO requirement to read each month.

+ You can join in at any time by signing up in THIS post and leaving your thoughts/review links in the current month’s post.

+ Books you read for other challenges CAN count toward this one. It just has to be the LAST book in the series. And they have to be read during the months of this challenge.

Every month there will be a GIVEAWAY and one winner will be chosen from that month’s participants for ONE series-ending Book of Their Choice.


What to do….

1. SIGN UP by leaving a link to your blog, Facebook Page, Goodreads Profile or other. You can sign up anytime between now and July 14.

2. CREATE A SIGN UP POST. If you decide to create a sign-up post instead of just deciding to sign up, your link will count as FIVE extra entries into the sign-up giveaway.

3. GRAB A BUTTON. If you don’t have a blog it’s not necessary. There are no extra entries for doing so. But if you’d like to show your support it would be awesome. (The button is in the sidebar on the right.)

4. WAIT FOR THE CHALLENGE. The challenge doesn’t start until February 14th, so books read before then won’t count. So please wait until February 14th before you start reading.

5. STOP BACK EACH MONTH. On the 14th of every month there will be a new post for you to leave your links. Each link will count as an entry into that month’s giveaway.

6. READ. Don’t let sadness, fear or dread stop you from letting your favorite series end. Say goodbye to those characters so you’ll have room on your bookshelves and in your hearts for new ones.


Well, that’s pretty much it! Except for the GIVEAWAY details for this sign-up giveaway, which are below.

I’ll be doing this challenge whether on my own or along with you but if this is something you struggle with, I’d love it if you joined in! It has been almost a year since I posted my “Random Thoughts: Don’t Let It End” post – it will be just over a year by the time of this challenge – and I’m still struggling with the idea of saying goodbye.

But it’s time to say au revoir, adieu, sayonara, arrivederci, adios, auf wiedersehen and farewell. It’s been too long and The Dark Divine, The Immortals, Evernight, Wicked Lovely, Personal Demons, Hex Hall, et al are ready for me to move on.

And Soul Screamers, UnearthlyBlue Bloods and Unbound are just awaiting their tearful goodbyes, too. I shall not make them wait… too long.



For the SIGN-UP Giveaway, just leave a link to wherever you plan on posting each month’s challenge posts. If you plan on creating a Challenge Sign-up Post, leave that link INSTEAD as it will earn you FIVE entries into this giveaway versus just the one.

I will be awarding THREE Series-ending Books of Your Choice to THREE Winners which I will announce on February 14th, the day the challenge begins. All my standard giveaway rules apply.

You do not have to actually read the series-ending book you win for the challenge, so winners can feel free to pick a book they still aren’t ready to say goodbye to.


Just leave a link and I’ll choose the three winners and announce them on February 14th in the CHALLENGE BEGINS post.


A note….

After I posted my thoughts about starting this reading challenge on Facebook, I learned that another blogger, Nicole of The Reader’s Antidote had started a similar reading challenge called the “2013 End of the Series Reading Challenge.” I had no idea when I came up with the idea that there was this other challenge!

And I would have loved to have participated in hers and given up on hosting my own, except hers is ONLY for books ending in 2013… and my goal is to read those books I’ve been putting off since before 2013, like DARKEST MERCY, AFTERLIFE, SPELL BOUND, LAST RITE, FINALE, and on.

I also didn’t want to commit to a year. I kind of liked the five-month limitation and the fact that it just so happens that it can start on Valentine’s Day and end on Bastille Day.

For those of you who would like to participate in her challenge, just click on her button below for more details.

End of the Series Reading Challenge


There’s no reason you can’t participate in BOTH our challenges! I’m not trying to create a competing challenge, this is my own personal Mt. Everest and this is the year I’ve committed to doing it.

So while I could probably have put this challenge off until next year so that there wouldn’t be any type of conflict, I really wanted to make 2013 the year of moving forward and not putting things off.

And it’s highly likely that the EPIC READS “The End is Here” event that I’m participating in, is what gave me that final push to do so. Thanks HarperCollins!


I’ve gone on… too long… as usual. If you have ANY questions, leave a comment and ask.


Otherwise, just sign up below….

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