My Reading Pile #91

My review book is still MIA, but I did get a lovely stack of books in the mail thanks to Blackplume who won them in an awesome giveaway from Michelle Madow.

And apparently the one book I’d been waiting for since August that someone sent finally arrived on Friday. But it’s at the post office, with a few dollars in postage owed, so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to retrieve it. Especially as I’d traded for another copy of the book in the three-and-a-half months since I was originally expecting it. And as that particular post office closes early and has the longest lines at this time of year.

[Credit for mailbox sharing goes to The Story Siren]

The very lovely and amazing Blackplume won the three ARCs shown above in a giveaway but as they weren’t able to be shipped internationally, she offered to send them to me. I offered to send them along to her but she declined and suggested I give them away on the blog since I already own all three in eBook format.

So I will be doing that in the next few days over on The Annex, along with a few other books and ARCs I’ve had lying around. But it reminded me that I must read PARTIALS as everyone is raving about FRAGMENTS which is due out at the end of February.


I am expecting some amazing books and goodies next week as I am one of the End is Here Newbies at Epic Reads. And I can’t wait to start reading Anna Carey’s books for the challenge. But for now…

Here are the books I have in my reading pile this week.
(December 9 – December 15, 2012)

First up on the pile is INDIGO AWAKENING by Jordan Dane. I received an eARC for review earlier this fall from the author through NetGalley. But I’m also on the tour in a few weeks. And while I don’t have to read the book for – or before – the tour, I want to. And I am so excited to finally get this book on the pile.

I have been so curious about this world of Believers and Indigo teens. I want to meet Rayne and find out what her connection is with Gabriel Stewart. I want to discover what their powers are and just how Gabe’s power can “doom them all.”

This sounds like an incredibly exciting new series and I can’t wait to finally read it this week. I love the author’s writing and the unique style she brings to her stories. I can’t imagine that this new series will be any less captivating, but I can’t wait to find out for myself.

I love stories about psychic powers and it’s been awhile since I’ve read one. And I’m so looking forward to following the hunted Indigos as they try and steer clear of the Believers.


Next up on the pile is WINGS OF THE WICKED by Courtney Allison Moulton, which is a “back on the pile” read. I’ve actually read it before, but I’m re-reading it for the ANGELFIRE Read-Along hosted by Books Over Boys.

I’m actually adding it to the pile a little earlier than I should, because I’ve “somehow” managed to get too far ahead in my reading. I just couldn’t put ANGELFIRE down when I was supposed to. It was just too hard to stop reading.

So I’m just giving in and jumping right into WotW and will likely follow that up next week with SHADOWS IN THE SILENCE. Because I love reading series books back-to-back-to-back, letting the story continue from one book to the next. It makes that connection to the characters and stories even stronger without a year-long gap between.

I can’t wait to continue this story with Will and Cadan and Ellie… and even Bastian. I just have to remember that if I read ahead too quickly, I’ll come to the end that much more quickly. And there are no other books in the series to look forward to. Which is absolutely heartbreaking.


Wishful Thinking reads:

I am actually just wishing I could finish all the books I’m in the middle of right now. Never before has my attention been so divided between the books I’m reading. And never before have I started reading multiple books at once.

Fortunately I just finished ANGELFIRE. But I’m in the middle of reading EVERBOUND by Brodi Ashton, SHADOW’S CLAIM by Kresley Cole, WHAT THE SPELL? by Brittany Geragotelis, CARRIER OF THE MARK by Leigh Fallon and OPAL by Jennifer L. Armentrout.


Those left behind:

I left behind a little bit of everything, actually. I went completely off-pile last week to beta read GOLD by Talia Vance. Which was so freaking unbelievably amazing. You have NO IDEA. And ever since I read it I have been dying to read SILVER again. Hmmm…. maybe that should have been my wishful thinking read. But oh em gee that book… and that ending… Ugh. Okay, I can’t say any more. My lips are sealed. But yeah it’s a must read.

I then started reading OPAL by Jennifer L. Armentrout when I discovered it had downloaded a week early to my Kindle. But as I accidentally read the last line, thus spoiling the entire book, I ended up setting it aside at twenty-five percent, so I could get a little distance from the fact that I knew sort of how things would end.

Next, I picked up ANGELFIRE for the read-along, which I hadn’t added to the pile last week, and was supposed to stop after just the first eight chapters, but that didn’t happen.

And now I’m in the middle of both EVERBOUND and WHAT THE SPELL?, both books I hope to finish by early next week.

I’m not really behind on reviews, except for my review for SPLINTERED, but I plan on reading that one more time before writing my review. I decided to pass on writing reviews for CRAVE and COVET as too much time has passed since read each book. But who knows, I still remember the stories and I do have my notes, so we’ll see.

Hopefully I’ll actually finish a review book so I can have a review here on the blog this week. But as I have a fairly full schedule of posts, I might not even have room to post one.


NetGalley Pile Adds:

I did take a quick peek at NetGalley this week and noticed a few interesting books:

SUMMERSET ABBEY by T.J. Brown, THE DEAD AND BURIED by Kim Harrington – which I did request since my printed ARC still hasn’t shown up in the mail – WICKED KISS by Michelle Rowen and SHADOWHUNTERS AND DOWNWORLDERS edited by Cassandra Clare.

I’m sure next week I’ll find a few more, but I only took a quick peek around.

This week I totally fell back in love with reading. Again. It helped to have an amazing book like GOLD make me want to dive right back into the magical worlds the authors I love create.

My problem is having too many stories I want to read at once and only a small amount of time to do it. Hopefully I can remedy that situation by foregoing sleep. But we’ll see.

As I am now just dying to get back to any one of the stories I am currently reading, I’ll say farewell. But as always I would love to know what books you plan on reading this week and what exciting new books that you received that will make me green with envy.

Please feel free to leave a link in the comments as I would love to check out your posts.


Do you create a reading pile?
If so, what’s in your pile this week?

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